New BLACK CARD Offering Helicopter Benefits ($999 AF)

New BLACK CARD Offering Helicopter Benefits ($999 AF)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a new credit card on the Market with an insane annual fee you Thought 550 695 was bad oh no you Haven't seen anything yet this new card That we are going to look at is the Atlas card and it has a $999 annual fee and it builds itself as The beginning of a journey to a world With no limits well in this video I want To go through the benefits of this card And figure out if that is true or not And hey let's give them the benefit of The doubt if the card is really worth $1,000 a year then good on them this Video is brought to you by Mumu but more On that later all right so the atlas Card is a Rebrand of the Titan card by Point that card was $399 a year it offered Bitcoin rewards And a few other benefits but Bitcoin Isn't as cool as it was a few years ago And probably for some other reasons as Well they have rebranded into an Invitation only charge card targeting The high end of the market Market this Fits into tier five in my five Tier Credit card ladder System since it is Invite only that is the main criteria For that tier I applied and they were Like thank you Benjamin we'll contact You maybe but probably not this very Stern woman is deciding how to word your Denial email right now so anyway it

Jokes aside what are the core benefits Of the atlas card well it gets you Access to the atlas supper club which is Their dining program and that gets you Reservations at exclusive restaurant That may be sold out if you didn't have Access through their concierge basically They are a concierge service that can Get you in without a wait it's great if That is true but obviously you know the Card isn't launched yet so we'll have to See let's now look at some of the Credits that the card provides and there Are a few of them I mean you got to Offset that $1,000 annual fee somehow Right so we have a $189 credit every year towards clear Membership clear is a program that lets You whiz through airport security it's Also available at some some sports Stadiums and concert venues too then we Have a one medical membership which is $199 statement credit per year one Medical is a streamlined and highly Efficient network of primary care Doctors you'll still need insurance but This just gives you a membership to Access their services which are Available in many US cities if you live In the countryside then you'll be out of Luck with this one but that isn't really Who this card is aimed at anyway next There is an iroan Cafe membership worth $100 now iroan is a very pretentious

The Credit Pros

Cafe in the LA area where you can get Haley Bieber's strawberry glaze skin Smoothie for $18 yeah $18 for a Non-alcoholic drink I think this comment On Reddit about iroan was very funny I Like to think that iroan was founded by Lucil Blu and its pricing system was Just her guessing at how much she Thought things would cost referencing This clip from Arrested Development I Mean it's one banana Michael what could It cost $10 you've never actually set foot Supermarket have you kind of like being Oblivious to society basically let's Just make some amazing looking food and If it's good enough people will pay Unrealistic prices for it but the food Does look amazing so if you have money It's definitely a cool place to go and The $100 per year membership lets you Save 10% so it could end up being some Really big savings if you live in LA and Go there a lot then we have a $300 Future Fitness credit this is dished out As $25 per month Future Fitness is an App where you can have a personal coach Take you through training routines it's Going to be useful for some people but Utterly useless for others it's probably The kind of thing a high-powered Business executive would use kind of Person who's on the go constantly and Wants a fitness coach who can fit in

Around them on Futures web page they Even give the example of a coach calling Your hotel to make sure their gym has The required equipment for your workout Okay so if we add all those credits Together we get $788 That takes the effective annual fee down To $211 but that really depends on whether You can use them or not and it's going To ER on the side of not for the average Person but hey maybe out of the people Who they actually invite to this card a Lot of those people probably would Benefit let's now move on to talking About the point earning on the card Because this card does have a 5x and a 3X earning category but first I know you Guys are watching this channel because You like to get amazing value out of Credit cards and financial products and The sponsor of this video Mumu is Offering some really great value to new Users Mumu wants you to start investing With them so bad that they're willing to Give you an additional 3% apy while you Get comfortable with their platform just For opening an account you'll be able to Get 5.1% apy plus an additional 3% for 3 Months on your uninvested cash so you Are looking at effectively 88.1% apy for 3 months and then down to 5.1% after That which is still great but it gets Even better if you make a qualifying

Deposit in your new account you can get Up to 15 free stocks if you deposit $100 You get five free stocks worth between $2 and $2,000 and Free level two data And if you deposit $1,000 you get 10 More free stocks also valued up to $2,000 each for a total of 15 free Stocks that works out at a minimum value Of $30 in total if each stock was just $2 a piece but it could be worth a lot More apart from the intro bonus Mumu is A fantastic commission free investing Platform that features over 100 Technical analysis and drawing tools my Personal favorite Candlestick patterns Where you can search for stocks with Specific bullish or bearish patterns oh Look Google is exhibiting a bullish Continuous triangle that's a positive Sign so check out Mumu today in the link Below and get up to 15 free stocks and 5.1% apy plus an extra 3% apy for your First 3 months on your uninvested cash All right let's now look at the rewards That the atlas card earns and then we Will go into some other benefits after That so the card earns 5x points per Dollar on blade helicopter flights blade Is a helicopter charter company here in New York for example you can fly from Manhattan to JFK or New York airport in 5 minutes highly convenient if you're Some high-powered board member of some Company who needs to go on a business

The Credit Pros

Trip so earning five points per dollar On blade it should be like a 5% discount If the points are valued at 1 cent per Point which is pretty normal minimum Value for points now obviously if you do Spend money on blade helicopters that's Going to be a significant amount okay Helicopter rides are not cheap so Actually 5% is a really generous rate if You spent $20,000 a year that would be $1,000 saving and that pays for the Annual fee then we have three points per Dollar on your higher spending category And that is from this list of categories Dining flights hotels ride shares Nightlife fashion groceries Wellness Health home and auto services now it Isn't super clear what is fashion for Example any store that sells clothes or Does it literally mean you have to be Buying tickets for a runway show or only At the Balenciaga store for example but You know you do on the other hand have Some pretty main ones out there like Dining flights hotels groceries those Are some really big spending categories To earn 3x back in then on top of that You earn one point per dollar on Everything else there's another really Interesting benefit on this card and That is a $600 per year credit for Flight cancellation fees basically if You cancel a flight for any reason and Have to pay a cancellation Fe you can

Get reimbursed up to $100 per instance Up to $600 per year I didn't include This in the credit section that offset The annual fee since it's more like an Insurance you don't really plan on using It under normal circumstances but it is Certainly an interesting benefit that I Don't see on other cars normally you Would have trip delay or cancellation Insurance where an airline cancels your Flight or the insurance covers you for Hotels and food if your flight is Delayed but this is just a flat coverage Of your cancellation fee up to to $100 When you cancel for any reason but then When you think about who this card is Aimed at high net worth individuals Would they really care about a Cancellation fee or they may have Airline status or be on a ticket that Gives them flexibility to cancel anyway The card also features Visa infinite Benefits which include a priority pass Membership and at $1,000 annual fee it Better be unlimited but no apparently It's just two free Lounge visits per Year then lastly the card is metal it Weighs 21 G which is almost an ounce so A little on the light side most Hefty Methal cards like the Ritz Carlton card Are 1 o which is 28 G also get your own Little engraving next to your name like This little star thing here I think They're talking about this you can

Apparently decide what you want engrav There and yeah this benefit really means Nothing to me whatsoever all right let's Actually come to a conclusion about this Card here we go my opinion is if you Have to think hm would I make this card Work how would I offset the annual fee Would it benefit me then this card is Not for you it is targeted at a specific Group of people in New York La maybe Silicon Valley who drink $18 smoothies From iroan who fly to the airport by Helicopter and who really value being Able to book any restaurant maybe to Impress clients or highflying friends The people targeted by this card know Who they are and when they see the Benefits they will think oh that would Be really helpful but I'm wondering Whether there are enough of these people For this card to make a significant Amount of money and be successful but It's definitely interesting to see a new Invite only tier Five Card hit the Market we don't see that very often and It offers completely different set of Benefits to cards like the MX Centurion For example which would be probably the Direct competition of this card now if You're interested in this card which is Probably not a huge portion of you but If you are you can request an invite on Their website a big thank you To the sponsor of today's video Mumu get

The Credit Pros

88.1% apy on your uninvested cash for 3 Months and up to 15 free stocks with my Link down below please subscribe to the Channel if you're new we'll see you next Time bye-bye

The Credit Pros

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