NEW BONUS! Get a Southwest COMPANION PASS Almost Immediately…

NEW BONUS! Get a Southwest COMPANION PASS Almost Immediately…

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The Southwest Companion Pass it's one of The most sought after loyalty benefits Out there it effectively gives you two Flights for the price of one on Southwest Airlines for a whole year or More depending on when you get it we Have some new welcome bonuses on the Southwest credit cards one of which Could get you the Companion Pass almost Immediately hi I'm Ben Hedges aka the Credit Shifu and on this channel I Upload videos on credit cards personal Finance and how to use credit card Points for free travel if you like the Sound of that do subscribe on YouTube You can also follow me on Tick Tock Instagram and what's the other one Facebook and I'm really trying to build My other social media platforms right Now so if you use one or more of those It would mean a lot to me if you'd Follow me there too so the Companion Pass requires you to accumulate 135 000 Southwest points in one calendar Year it used to be 125 5000 but they Raised it to 135 000 I think it was Starting this year and just to be clear You're not exchanging those points for The Companion Pass you can still use Those points for free flights but once You pass that threshold you get the Companion Pass as well now once you have The Companion Pass it lets you choose One person you only get one so normally

It's going to be your spouse or Boyfriend or girlfriend or maybe a Friend who you want to do a load of Traveling with and that person gets to Fly with you for free no matter whether You're paying with cash or booking Flights with points and if you book with Points they do have to just pay the 5.60 One-way taxes now like we said you do Have to accumulate 135 000 Southwest Points to get the Companion Pass in a Year you can also fly a hundred one-way Flights all right but I don't think That's happening for most people 50 Round trips I mean you'd have to be some Crazy businessman who's always traveling Um to do that that's like one trip a Week so most people I think are doing it By accumulating the points and crazily Points earned on the Southwest credit Card odds do count towards the companion Part it sounds like a glitch in the System or a bug don't tell them I think They know anyway because it's legit okay It's not a bug they do count and it's Advertised on their website that points Earned on the credit cards do count for The Companion Pass so let's now look at The new welcome bonuses on the Southwest Airlines credit cards from Chase and one Of these bonuses in particular will let You earn the Companion Pass as soon as 30 days from getting the card we'll save That one till last first we'll talk

About the three personal Southwest Credit cards from Chase now these cards Are pretty similar but they go up in Annual fee as you go up the tiers and They give you a few more benefits with Southwest although the point earning on Them is quite similar and they all have The same bonus which is 50 000 Southwest Points for spending one thousand dollars In the first three months now these Personal cards earn between one and Three Southwest points on your spending In different categories let's just pick An average in the middle of two points Per dollar so if you spent one thousand Dollars that would be two thousand Points plus the bonus that you get of Fifty thousand points that takes us to Fifty two thousand points ah but what's This ten thousand Companion Pass Qualifying Points each year so current Card members receive ten thousand Companion Pass qualifying points on January 31st every year and new members Will get it 30 days from when they open The account but that takes us up to 62 000 points just under halfway to what we Need for the Companion Pass and if you Think you could make up the rest 135 Minus 62 73 73 000 points from spending On the card and taking Southwest Airlines flights in 2023 then this card Could get you the Companion Pass for However much of 2023 is left by the time

You've got all the points and the whole Of 2024 but there is another Southwest Card that could basically get you the Companion Pass as early as 30 days from Account opening and that is the Southwest Premier business card this Card features a limited time offer of a Hundred and twenty thousand points in Two stages earn 60 000 points after Spending three thousand dollars and then Another sixty thousand points after you Spend a total of fifteen thousand Dollars in nine months but remember if You spend fifteen thousand dollars on The card you're gonna earn at least one Point per dollar on your spending Probably more but let's just say one Point per dollar which takes you to Fifteen thousand points add that to the Hundred and twenty thousand Point bonus And you've already got 135 000 points Which qualifies you for the priority Pass I mean the the what is it called The Companion Pass it qualifies you for The Companion Pass you don't even need To mention the ten thousand companion Past qualifying points that you get each Year that's just a bonus that would take You to 145 000 points so you can see That as long as you have that level of Spending you would be able to get the Companion Pass as soon as when your First statement closes after you've Opened the card as long as you do all

The spending within the first month okay Fifteen thousand dollars in one month And you can think of clever ways to do That such as paying taxes or estimated Taxes with a credit card that does incur A fee but it doesn't matter if you're Getting a huge welcome bonus and a Companion Pass that's gonna weigh Outweigh any fee so you know think it up Maybe some people's businesses do Actually even have that spending but Some people who are perhaps Freelancers Or they don't have a huge business you Can still qualify for a business card Right you don't have to some massive Company but you could think of Intelligent ways uh to add more spending To your car now this offer is a limited Time offer it is only available until August 28 2023 so if you want it I Suggest that you act fast I will put a Link to this card and the other three Personal Southwest cards in the Description section below so you can Learn more about them of course don't Feel obligated to use our links but we Thank you very much if you do as always Please subscribe subscribe to the show If you're new follow me on other social Media Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook And we'll see you next time bye-bye

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