New Capital One Lounge BETTER Than Centurion?…

New Capital One Lounge BETTER Than Centurion?...

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So this is the Capital One lounge and Then this is some food from the Centurion lounge and I I would say that It looked at least on par with the Centurion lounge if not better hey Credit Warriors welcome to the show and Yes this is a video talking about the New Capital One Lounge at DFW in Texas And asking the question is it actually Better than the Centurion lounge and to Do this video I have a special guest uh Jasmina from the channel Venture with Jazzy welcome to the show Jasmina Thank you Ben I've been very excited to Actually talk to you about credit cards So yeah I'm Jasmina I do a YouTube Channel called Venture with Jazzy about Credit cards and some personal finance Tips that's awesome and yeah I wasn't Able to go to Texas to check this Lounge Out yet but you have been there and uh You have a video on it and your title of Your video you actually called it uh Centurion Lounge killer or something a Little bit Sensational for the algorithm I think but it is it is um from from the Footage I thought it looked very very Good and certainly on par maybe even Better than the Centurion Lounge in some Aspects so do you want to take us Through uh what the experience is like Yeah so I've actually never been to the Centurion lounges but I've heard a lot About them and especially about nowadays

The lines are kind of crazy all right so You you mentioned the lines because I Want to pull something up here a few Photos from Reddit so this one uh is the One in Miami okay lions at Miami Centurion Lounge uh you can see it's Pretty long if you can't see it the Centurion Lounge is that silver thing You see there's a sort of silver round Thing in the distance um that's where The lounge is but actually there's a lot Of them if you search on Reddit uh Here's one at Las Vegas Airport Las not LAX Las but Las Vegas and that's the Line there which is pretty long and then I think there was another one as well at LaGuardia the new Centurion Lounge at New York's LaGuardia let's check out the Line for this one actually not super bad For this one but still one two three Four five six seven eight nine ten two Yeah you're looking about 15 to 20 People uh lining up for that one as well So Um you know Centurion lands are getting Pretty busy what is the entry experience Like at the Capital One Lounge Yeah so I've I've only been to the Capital One once so I went there last Month on a Tuesday at like 6 p.m so I Guess that kind of contributes to why There was less people when I went but I Basically went up the elevator and then The lounge was there there was one

Couple in front of us but after a minute We were able to get in and basically the Entire interior was probably half empty So yeah there was just plenty of space To sit Louis noise level was relatively Good to get into this Lounge you if you Want to get in for free you should have The Venture X credit card by Capital One And basically if you have that credit Card you can bring in two more people And actually I found that if you add an Authorized user who which is free for The Capital One uh credit card they can Also bring two additional people so That's like bringing in six people Including yourself for free but yeah Yeah otherwise is uh you have to pay 65 Dollars to get in but how is that for The Centurion Lounge then I think uh Well centurions I think you can only get In if you have the AmEx platinum or the AmEx Centurion Um and the guest fee uh you don't get Free guests anymore unless you spend Over 75 000 a year on the Platinum or Business Platinum Centurion members get Free guests uh but I think they're Spinning over that anyway Um and I guess the I think is I seem to Remember is fifty dollars uh I'll put it On screen uh whether that's right or not But um yeah guest fees a little bit Lower Um than the entry fee for the Capital

One but obviously you get free guests if You're uh if you're on the The Venture X Card Um and the the higher rate uh for the Day pass versus the guest fee kind of Suggested to me that the quality of some Of the food and amenities might be even A little bit better Um in the Capital One Lounge Yeah so after the wait time we wanted to Talk about the food and drink what are The options between the two but before We talk about that if you use credit Cards to build up points rewards and Cash back which let's face it you Probably do if you're watching this Video then you will love the sponsor of Today's video Kudos Kudos is a free Browser extension for Chrome on the Desktop and for Safari on your iPhone That after you've set it up will Recommend the best card from your wallet To earn the maximum rate of points or Rewards whenever you shop online like Here on it pops up Recommending my Chase Inc preferred for Three points per dollar on travel but The best thing is Kudos now has Kudos Boost which at least doubles your Rewards on over 15 000 sites so with Mother's Day just around the corner Before you buy your present online be Sure to use kudos to get the most cash Back and right now they're running a

Flash sale that adds an additional 4X on Your rewards as select flower Merchants Like the books just in time for Mother's Day so for the cards I have in my wallet That increases the rewards to five Percent and if you're getting three Percent back on online shopping with the AmEx Blue Cash every day for example You're now going to earn 15 with Kudos With Kudos you can buy your mama present And put more cash back in your own Wallet at the same time it's basically a No-brainer guys use the code Shifu and Get kudos for free by clicking the link Below or going to join Shifu That's join Okay yeah so like actually in your video A lot of the food look really nice and We should put on I'll put on screen some Comparison uh between the food so this Is the Capital One Lounge Um and then this is some food from the Centurion lounge and I I would say that It looked at least on par with the Centurion lounge if not better if not More more selection certainly more Selection than what they have at Phoenix But yeah what did you find it how did Yeah um actually I read some reviews on Some people either have a like or Dislike for the Centurion versus the Capital One so for example I've so I've Seen that in photos that the Centurion Lounge is more of a buffet type where

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There's just those little plates and Then you just pick up the food so you Can cherry pick what you like but for The Capital One Lounge everything is in Little bowls or little containers so I Think the benefit there is that the Plates look a lot nicer like nobody Messed with the food and then you can Take a nice photo of your whole tray of Food and yeah it's not that much food That you get and you can always get more So I think there's some pros and cons There it's better for YouTubers right You get a better presentation of the Food yeah it's better for YouTubers I Also think that it's good for those who Have allergies because sometimes people Take like the spoon from one dish and Put it in the other and then things are Combined but this way I think things are Kept clean okay yeah that makes sense Yeah definitely Um so yeah so the food I from judging by What you're saying the food looks easily On par with the Centurion Lounge Um obviously we'd have to have both gone To both to really be the judge but um You guys in the audience like look at The look at the footage that she took I Mean it it certainly looks maybe you can Comment below on what you think let's Move on now to some of the other Features Capital One Lounge versus a centurion

Both of them have showers so I guess we Can talk about the showers first um Capital One only has one shower but I Didn't have any weight and then you have 30 minutes in that shower uh going into The shower you can see some of the Footage here that there is a Dyson hair Dryer and then you also get the shampoo The conditioner you know the normal Supplies and then a towel so the Centurion lounges I've been to actually Don't have showers uh the one at Phoenix And the one at um LaGuardia that I went To they did not have showers I'm not Sure of some of the other bigger ones do I'll put the I'll put the info on screen Um because I was just looking and I Couldn't find it Um but yeah I I would say was there just One shower room or were there multiple Yeah there was only one shower so I Imagine when it gets to like the end of The day when they're about to close That's when you can't really get a Booking for a shower but you get yeah 30 Minutes which is pretty nice that's Pretty good so my theory my feeling About shower rooms in lounges though is That if you have a sort of crappy shower Room that's not very nice people are Gonna shower much quicker so I actually Love the Air France Lounge at JFK Because you can uh you don't book the Shower it's just like first come first

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Serve they give you a towel and you wait In line outside and the room is not very Nice uh but the water pressure is really Good right so you get a good purpose Maybe they did that on purpose yeah so You get a good quality shower that you Don't really have to wait very long for And uh you're not going to spend too Much time in there either because it's Not that great Um but it serves its purpose so I think Having a really nice shower room Although it's great it can sometimes be A disadvantage because people spend that Full half hour in the shower and if There's only one room Um it's it's gonna get booked I mean as Soon as this Lounge starts getting busy Uh probably you'll turn up and you'll be Like oh yeah it's a three hour wait for The shower and you're like oh my my Flight has departed by then I've been to Also some other ones like in Taipei ever Air lounge and some in Dubai where they Have a really nice shower room that you Have to book but those ones typically You have to wait for so and I've been to The Aspire Lounge in London where you You try to wait you try to get a shower But it's normally like a 40 minute wait Which might be too late so Um the the shower room though it looked Really nice I remember you saying that The towels are really thick

Yeah the tile towels are thick and you Can get five towels if you want because They're all there nice nice nice okay so I mean that's definitely a point that it Scores Um versus the uh the century Announcement but um I think you know We'll have to see if there's only one Shower room for the whole Lounge it's Probably as the lounge gets more popular It's probably gonna get booked up yeah Uh hopefully more people won't get just Kidding people should get the Venture X Credit card but yeah there was actually A uh Meditation or prayer room at the one you Went to as well wasn't there yeah Yeah so there was just One multi multi-faith room where you can Wash your feet and there wasn't really There was like a bench but not really a Place to actually meditate because I Meditate too but yeah I guess you can Try if you wanted to in addition there Was also uh the fitness room and there Was also another thing that you showed Uh in the Capital One rounds which I was Very curious about was that um chair That yeah so uh I think some lounges Actually have nap rooms so I think this Is capital one's version of a nap room But a little bit more high-tech so Basically this chair it kind of offers a Little bit of a massage it's more like

Some vibrations on your back and then it Plays some very nice music and then the Room gets dark and then if you look at Actually on the sky there's not the sky The ceiling there's some lights that Looks like some Stars so you feel very Relaxed in a very dark room and Basically you get 30 minutes you have to Book this room there's two rooms so you Can not have to wait for someone else Really unless the lounge gets well gets Very busy but yeah this is a really nice Snap room that I went into yeah that Looked awesome and was there a wait for That or not uh no there wasn't a wait so I booked it and then right when so I Booked it someone else came in so Whoever was behind me had to wait uh Okay yeah nice and things like that can Really uh they're really good especially If you are transferring planes like if You're just about to take off maybe it's Not so important but if you just came Off one long flight and then you've got Like a three hour layover at DFW and you Can go for a massage I mean that kind of Thing is is awesome so Um and also space and noise level maybe We can talk about that Oh So a lot of times people like to go into Lounges to actually work and so there it Was basically quiet I didn't see any Like people talking very loud lots of

Space for sitting tables and even Charging rooms charging spaces sorry and Then the Wi-Fi was really good Um but I think for centurial lounges I Also heard that sometimes it gets pretty Packed maybe you can't even find a space Or even an outlet do you have any Experience to draw from that yeah They're normally packed for the the Times I've been to them there's been no Line to get in but once you're in They're packed yes and actually even in Phoenix it was at the end of the Pandemic so they were still they were Still seating you like they were giving You a spot you couldn't just casually Find a seat at that time really like Just yeah they'd give you a spot but Pretty much all the spots were taken Um so it was like yeah sometimes it's Like one in one out you know at the Centurion and people are kind of getting Annoyed with that because of the uh you Know they got a luxury credit card 6.95 A year for the platinum and you get Turned away you know or you have to wait An hour to get in or something so Um that's why I'm curious about the Capital One lounge and if it offers a Good alternative Um yeah yeah the Venture X has only been Around since 2021 people are just Getting used to it and seeing all this Footage of how the lounge is it might

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Actually push people to get the credit Card or I think it might even make the Centurion Lounge feel like hey we should Step our step up our game and actually Expand or do something about all this Crowd so hopefully that happens Hopefully that happens yeah go get the Venture X guys okay and I think that's a Nice conclusion it's a nice way to end It um it's definitely some stiff Competition for AMEX Amex has the Legacy Brand uh but Capital One that's not Really known for luxury is making some Great strides from what I've seen at Creating a luxurious experience with Good food and all that kind of stuff so Uh thanks a lot thanks very much yasmina For coming on the show thank you Ben I I'm very excited no it's cool and uh you Guys can check out our Channel you can Go and watch the original video I'll put It on screen in just a moment and go and Check out her channel uh Venture with Jazzy and a subscribe as well and you Can also check out our sponsor Kudos Where you can have a plug-in for Chrome And Safari on your iPhone that will give You the best credit card that earns the Best points and miles or cash back from Your wallet uh for whatever website you Are shopping at and you can earn extra Points with Kudos boost as well my link For that is below thanks again yasmina For joining us please subscribe you're

New guys we'll see you next time Thank you [Music]

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