NEW Capital One Lounge Opens TODAY! Here’s how to get in…

NEW Capital One Lounge Opens TODAY! Here's how to get in...

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And Capital One has just opened its Third airport lounge this time a Denver International Airport you know the weird One with all the conspiracy theories About It now the lounge actually opened today And it is located on Concourse a where American Airlines Frontier and Delta Flights leave from you can still access It from other concourses but is a longer Trip you have to take a little train now This Lounge adds to the two that they Already have ones in Dallas Fort Worth That was the first one and then you have The second one that opened at Washington IAD in this video we are going to show You a few photos and talk about what Immunities this new Lounge provides and Then we'll go into how to get access Right at the end so Capital One is Pretty bad at getting press releases out There with photos that the media can use Their most recent press release is about Some Art Exhibit in Miami from October And there is a press release about their Previous Lounge opening in IAD but not Any release for this one so anyway I'm Going to go through some photos I did Manage to find and an article from the Points guy that has a load of photos in It as well that we can show you and if You want to check out that original Article I'll put it below in a pin

Comment so the lounge is located near Gate 34 in Concourse a and it's open From 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. although Since it's in a soft opening right now Until November 12th the hours are Shorter currently it's 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 P.m. Capital 1 did provide a couple of Photos so here is what the main bar and Seating area of the lounge looks like And here are two workspaces with closing Doors that you can reserve at the front Desk they have a 30 minute maximum Though and to be honest I think they're Going to get booked up pretty quickly You'll probably have a long wait if you Want to use one and youd probably miss Your flight so I doubt that many people Are going to end up using these now the Food on the other hand looks really nice The points guy had a few photos of it Like their other lounges everything is Individually plated so you don't need to Serve yourself anything with a serving Spoon maybe that's a leftover policy From the pandemic but it does make more Sense to do it like that so perhaps That's a good thing that will be made Permanent they also have a load of tog Go food as well which is a really smart Move if you have unlimited access from a Capital One credit card you won't care About just popping in for a few minutes Right it's not like you're wasting a Lounge entry fee so if you haven't got

Long until your flight it could make Perfect sense just to grab and go and The food is probably way better than you Could buy on the plane and you may have Noticed the plaza premium logo on the Wall there this Lounge is in partnership With Plaza premium although you cannot Access it with a credit card that gives Plaza premium lounge access we'll talk About access in a bit then on the drinks Front there's a big selection of Signature cocktails and capital ones Sky High IPA which they say is the perfect Airport beer I guess that's probably Debatable but it looks pretty good the Bar at Denver is actually the largest Bar of all three Capital One lounges so Far this Lounge does also feature shower Suites which are lacking at Washington IAD I really value having a shower in an Airport lounge right I think it's an Essential service that should always be Provided in addition to the bar that has Windows onto the Airfield there's also Another area of the lounge that faces The interior terminal with more seating In total this Lounge is 10,000 square ft And they also have the relaxation rooms With the famous relaxation chair that we Saw in our video about the First Capital One Lounge at DFW so guys how do you get In well if you hold the Capital 1 Venture X card or the business version Of that card you get unlimited access

With up to two guests authorized users Also get access as well then the regular Venture Card and the spark miles Business card each get two compliment Passes per year and then you can pay a Daily rate of $45 once those passes are used up but if You have none of those then you can Actually get in by just paying $65 for a Day pass now obviously the most Convenient way to get access is with the Capital 1 Venture X it's currently one Of the most popular travel credit cards On the US market it also does currently Have a 75,000 Point welcome bonus which Could get you a load of free travel I Feature it in my credit card guide where I show you recommended cards many of Which I personally use I will put a link To that down below if if you want to Learn more about it using my links is a Great way to support our show at no Extra cost to yourself so we thank you Very much if you do in total I am very Happy to see another Capital One Lounge It's great that there is now way more Competition in this space with more and More credit card issuers opening their Own lounges guys let me know what you Think about this in the comments Below Have you been to this or any other Capital One Lounge I'd love to know what You think of them please subscribe to The channel if you're new

And we'll see you next time bye-bye

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