NEW Chase Card, Pay Yourself Back Changes, Earn 10X Southwest Points per $

NEW Chase Card, Pay Yourself Back Changes, Earn 10X Southwest Points per $

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In this video we look at the new Chase Freedom Rise and some other news.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a Chase video for you today So there is a new Chase card that has Just hit the market we actually did a Video about this a few months ago when Chase had just trademarked the name but This card is now out so we're going to Tell you all about that then we have Some positive changes to the chase pay Yourself back system and also a way that You can earn 10 yes 10 Southwest points Per dollar spent but you've got to act Fast but first if you do like getting Great Value why not get up to 12 free Stocks from our sponsor the stock and Crypto trading app Weeble the minimum You will get is six stocks at a minimum Value together of thirty four dollars When you fund your account with any Amount of money and if you're lucky you Could get up to 12 stocks at higher Values worth up to thirty thousand Dollars you can also get five percent Interest on your uninvested cash for the First month and then it goes down to 4.1 Which is still pretty good anyway so I'll put the link to that deal with Weibo or in the description box below For those that are interested so let's Now look at this new Chase credit card The Chase Freedom rise and when this Name was trademarked we did a video Chase just filed a new trademark a Couple of days ago for Chase Freedom

Rise and that is for quote Banking and Related Financial Services namely credit Card transaction processing and credit Card payment processing services and Back then one of our guesses about this Product was that it would be a credit Building card I mean the name rise gives It away right I mean it's like rising up Like your credit score rising and that Is indeed what it is this is Chase's First ever dedicated credit building Card and I'm gonna give you a full Rundown of the benefits of this card Kind of like a first look so first of All to apply obviously you don't really Need a high credit score because this is A credit building card but Chase does Say increase your chances of getting Approved for Chase Freedom Rise by Having a Chase checking account with at Least 250 dollars for applying and that Indeed has always been the case that if You had a checking account with Chase You could go into a branch and typically A banker would help recommend you to the Credit card department because they Could see that you had a checking Account with money going into it so they Recommend you whereas you'd otherwise Probably you know get denied but it Seems that now this has just been made More of an official thing and if you Have a Chase online account and you log Into your account and apply it will link

Up that you have a Chase checking Account with more than 250 dollars in it And that will influence your application And you should get approved even with no Credit score and they really go on to Hammer it home on their landing page for This card visit or a branch Location to open a Chase checking Account once opened you can then apply For the freedom rise only just stopping Short of saying you have to have an Account to apply but this may really be The situation anyway because in the Terms and conditions they say applicants Who have never had a credit card Including as an authorized user can Improve their odds of approval for Chase Freedom rise credit card by have having An eligible Chase checking account with Qualifying funds of at least two hundred Fifty dollars the eligible Chase Checking account must be open prior to Submitting the credit card application And qualifying funds must be deposited Into the eligible Chase checking account Within 48 Hours of submitting the Application so people who've never had Credit in the past would be the only Ones interested in getting this card Anyway because there's other better Cards out there if you have a credit Score and it is those people okay the Ones who've never had credit who chase Is saying will massively increase their

Odds of you know getting the Chase Freedom rise if they have a Chase Checking account with 250 in it so Realistically in the end I think Everyone who applies for this card is Going to end up having a Chase account All right let's take a look at the Credit building features of this card And then we'll have a look at the Rewards and yes there are rewards but Other features first and then we'll get Into the rewards so the card will give You a 25 statement credit when you Enroll in autopay within the first three Months that's like the welcome bonus or The equivalent of the welcome bonus Since this card isn't advertised as Having a welcome bonus and having Autopay enabled is a great feature for People building credit because it Ensures you'll never either harm your Credit score with a missed payment or Get hit with a late fee for a missed Payment which on this card it says is up To forty dollars then it says you'll Also be considered for a credit limit Increase six months after you get the Card presumably as long as you pay on Time hmm I wonder where Chase got this Idea from but anyway it makes sense and Also the Capital One Platinum doesn't Earn any rewards whereas the Chase Freedom Flex does it earns 1.5 cashback On everything it's kind of what the

Freedom unlimited used to be before they Started adding extra categories and that Cashback is tracked as points so as far As I know if you later go on to get the Chase Sapphire or Chase Ink cards you Want to develop in the chase ecosystem You will be able to transfer your points Over to those cards and it'll take on Higher value when booking flights and Hotels through the travel portal is okay One point two five percent per point on The sapphire preferred and the ink Preferred 1.5 Cent per point on the Sapphire reserve and also you will be Able to transfer out to the airline Hotel Transfer Partners another cool Thing about this card is that there are A few partner benefits so you get three Months of complimentary dash pass from Doordash you get five percent cash back On Lyft rides through March 2025 and Also you get three months of instacart Membership and a 10 statement credit for Instacart per quarter through July 2024. So a good set of benefits for a no Annual fee card and I would say it's a Great card to start off with especially If you want to be in the chase ecosystem Obviously having to have a Chase account Could be seen as a downside to some I Mean you can get the Discover It Card Which also earns cashback with no credit Score and you don't have to have a bank Account with them but despite that I

Would say that this card has risen pun Intended to be one of the top credit Builder cards out there Um already and it's only just launched So this the Discover It Card I guess the Capital One Platinum even though it Doesn't earn uh rewards it's still an Easy card to get and a good credit Builder so those three would be kind of My recommended credit Builder cards now All right let's now look at some other Topics still related to chase so the First one we have is the pay yourself Back feature now this is a feature that Was brought in during the pandemic but Then kept in place on many cards Although some of the you know the good Stuff has kind of been gutted but what It does is it enables you to pay off Charges on your card in certain Categories at higher values values Higher than one cent per point so we're Talking values like 1.25 cents per point On some cards more like the values you'd Get through the travel portal pay Yourself back is available on the Ultimate Rewards earning cards but also On some of the co-branded cards as well Now Chase has recently made some Positive changes to pay yourself back on The United co-branded Airline cars that They issue and they probably saw the Recent United devaluation where they Devalued their points by up to 30

Percent when used to book some routes And they were like oh man we gotta do Something good for people to stop them Canceling their United cards and so They've done this they're now letting You pay off your annual fee on your United cards with United points at some Pretty good rates miles to Memories had An article where they list all of the Cards and the different values you get So I'll just quote it for you from that You can check out the article as well I'll probably put it below somewhere so Which cards are eligible the United Club Infinite card that's their highest level Card and you can use 30 000 miles to Cover the 525 annual fee that works out At 1.75 cents per Point okay and then on The United QUEST card you can use miles Again to cover that annual fee that Works out at 1.6 cents per point the United explorer card that works out at 1.52 cents per point and the United Business Explorer card it works out at 1.5 cents per point so those are Actually some really good rates on the Miles okay better than flights if you're Someone who does a lot of economy Flights and you're getting like 1.2 1.3 Cents per point in you know for booking Economy but they're also better than Using Ultimate Rewards for travel around Exemptions through the travel portal Okay because you're getting like 1.75

Cents per Point 1.6 cents per point Highest you can get through the travel Portal with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Is 1.5 cents per point the only better Value you could get with United miles Would be redeeming for like Polaris Business class on International routes Like I did okay I got a flight for 60 000 points just before the devaluation Same flight is now 80 000 points but um You know I got six cents per point you Could probably still get four or five Cents per point if you're doing those Specific routes but you know not Everyone is necessarily in the position To do that you might be looking at Economy on a U.S domestic route all Right now for our final story how you Can earn 10 points per dollar if you Have the Chase Southwest cards they're Always doing promotions on these cards It seems there's like a new promotion Every single month now what this one is Is that you need to register for this Promotion on this landing page between June 12 and June 18th and then if you Book a Southwest flight during that Seven day period you will earn 10 points Per dollar on up to 500 in spend then it Just goes down to the normal rate that Your card earns on anything you spend Above 500 so anyway that's it ready with That one I mean very useful if you were You know going to book a Southwest

Flight like this week you can earn 10 Points per dollar for it okay up to 500 In spending so if that is you I'll put a Link to this in a pinned comment you can Click in and you can register for the Promotion and well hey there you go 10 Points per dollar thank me later but Obviously if you weren't planning on Booking a Southwest flight this week Then completely useless but don't forget To look out for more Southwest Promotions because they really are doing Them all the time also another thing you Shouldn't forget is that you can get up To 12 free stocks when you set up an Account and deposit any amount of money With the stock brokerage app Weeble link For that deal is below please subscribe To the channel if you're new and we'll See you next time bye

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