New Chase Sapphire Lounge w/Private Suites + NEW 70k BONUS on This Card

New Chase Sapphire Lounge w/Private Suites + NEW 70k BONUS on This Card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I am going to cover Two things we have the new Sapphire Lounge that just opened in New York it Features a new $1,000 per hour private Suite for celebrities and CEOs we'll Give you all the information you need About the lounge not just the private Suite but the regular Lounge that Everyone can access as well in this Video we'll show you some photos tell You how to get in ETC then we also have A new 70,000 M plus a companion Fair Bonus on the personal Alaska Airlines Credit card from Bank of America we'll Go through that too and if you like the Sound of credit card and luxury travel And personal finance tips and tricks Almost every day do subscribe to the Channel for more videos like this we'd Love to have you all right let's Actually start with the alasker airlines Card and I'll go through this quick cuz I know you guys want to hear about the Lounge so they just upped the welcome Bonus from 62,000 mil to 70,000 mil this Chart is from Us credit card guide by The way and you can see the spending Requirement hasn't changed it's still $3,000 in 3 months but the bonus amount Has just gone up to 70,000 again it was 70,000 for a period last year then it Went down to 62,000 now it's gone back Up again Us credit card guide puts the

Value of the bonus at $1,120 valuing the miles at 1.6 cents a Piece the Points Guy values Alaska miles At 1.4 cents a piece so that would be $980 in value if you went with his Valuations then we have a companion fair In addition to the welcome bonus now the Companion Fair on Alaska Airlines allows The card holder to purchase a roundtrip Coach ticket for their travel companion For $122 that's $99 plus $23 in taxes so it Could be a $300 or $400 ticket but you Get it for $122 now you do actually get A companion Fair every anniversary with This card as long as you spend $6,000 on The card in the year before which you Know it's not too high I think a lot of People would it's only 500 bucks a month But with this bonus deal you get one in The first year as well after you Complete the welcome bonus spending now I guess I should probably mention here The elephant in the room the Alaska Airlines flight that just had a door Blow clean off after takeoff with four Passengers now suing the airline for the Terror they experienced you might think That I'm sitting here like yeah guys go Fly Alaska you have a very exciting time And not really caring about your safety But you know it seems the door issue is A problem with the plane the 737 Max not Necessarily Alaska's fault but probably

More the fault of Boeing's quality Control my advice though is just don't Fly on the 737 Max I've held that view Ever since two of them crashed and I've Actually never flown on one myself but Other Alaska Airlines flights on other Planes in my opinion are not going to be A problem and don't forget Alaska Airlines joined One World Alliance in 2021 and the miles can be used to book Those aspirational flights like cath Pacific first class to Asia for 70,000 Miles for example which just happens to Be the amount of the Bon bonus uh you Also get free stopovers as well I'll put A guide by our friends over at upgraded Points in a pin comment below on the 12 Best ways to use Alaska miles there's a Load of interesting stuff in there all Right guys let's now move on to the Chase Sapphire Lounge but first if you Are in the market for a new credit card Do check our credit card guide below Where we have links to many of my Favorite cards if none of those interest You go right to the bottom and you can Click through this image to my page on our partner website where We have even more recommendations and if You still don't find what you're looking For you can use their search tools and Search by category and pretty much Almost every Us credit card is on there If you apply through our links we really

Do appreciate it we obviously do get a Commission and it's a great way to Support our show and keep us providing Upto-date credit card information to our Audience at no extra cost to yourself Just make sure that the welcome bonus Available through that site is as good As what you can get through the bank's Website publicly I wouldn't want you to Get a worse bonus just just because you Used our link all right so Chase just Opened the new Sapphire Lounge at New York's LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday it's A 21,000 ft Lounge so it's like 10 times The size of my house and it spans two Floors this is their second Us location After Boston and third overall their First Lounge was actually an International Lounge in Hong Kong the Lounge is located in terminal B which is The terminal that American United Southwest and Air Canada fly out of and This is the brand new terminal at lag That was just completed a few years ago As part of a transformation of the Airport costing $8 billion and in that Terminal the sapphire Lounge is actually Right next to the Centurion Lounge it's Open from 4:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. we have A load of pictures that are marketing Photos from Chase to show you there is This very stylish bar with their Signature cocktails a lot of plants Around probably fake plants cool

Lighting they seem to have some vintage Arcade games too which is really cool They have a buffet and also an alicart Menu where you can order dishes through QR code the chef is new york-based Joe Leonard the cocktails are by apiki and Their coffee comes from Joe coffee Another New York based brand now on top Of that and this next thing is what I Think you really want to hear about they Have three what they call Reserve Suites The two largest Ones cost $3,000 to book For 3 hours and the smaller one is $2,200 now the points guy had some Photos of them that we can show you I Guess he had a tour or something and as You can see they are pretty luxurious And I guess this kind of thing you know It's similar to that private terminal at LAX that celebrities and public figures Use so that they can wait for their Flight completely out of public view so If you're a celebrity that'd be pretty Useful and a company may want to book it For a group of Executives traveling Together if the cost is spread across a Few people and it's a business paying For it anyway it probably wouldn't be You know too much of a big deal the Suites also feature stunning bathrooms Where you can take a pre-flight shower There's even a PlayStation and obviously You get unlimited food and drink I mean Obviously look are those mother of pearl

Knives and forks I've actually never Seen something like that before now I Know that most people won't be booking These but if you are one of the ones who Would like to just know that you have to Book them 3 days before your flight Through the benefits and Travel section Of the Chase mobile app but what about The rest of the lounge how do we get in To the areas that are for us regular People well if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve you get unlimited Visits through your priority pass Membership and you get up to two free Guests it's the same if you have the Ritz Carlson card you can also get in Through priority pass on other cards Like the capital 1 Venture X the AMX Platinum Etc but with the catch that you Only get one free visit per year and Then you will be charged $75 each time This is Chase's way of giving you a Little taste so you get used to the Sapphire lounge and then of course you Have to go and apply for the sapphire Reserve to get the unlimited visits you Can also buy a day ticket for the lounge If you don't have a card that get gets You in but that's going to cost $100 per Day which as Lounge day tickets go is Very high all right guys I hope that has Been interesting to you if you try out The sapphire Lounge at LaGuardia do let Me know what you think especially if

You're lucky enough to go to one of the Reserve Suites let us know in the Comments below don't forget if you're in The market for a new credit card and Want to support our show do browse the Credit card guide below and you can Click through like I said at the bottom To bank rate where you'll find even more Options we thank you very much if you do Support us in this way as always guys Please subscribe to the channel if You're new we'll see you next time [Music] Bye-bye A

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