NEW Citi Transfer Partner + $1500 BONUS On This Credit Card

NEW Citi Transfer Partner + $1500 BONUS On This Credit Card

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Hey credit Warriors and welcome to the Show and in this episode we are going to Talk about several cool things that you Can get value out of in the form of Credit card welcome bonuses and more Options for luxury travel redemptions With credit card points so coming up we Have City adding a new hotel Transfer Partner to their thank you point earning Cards a 75,000 mile welcome burnus on a Certain American Airlines credit card And how you can get up to $1,500 cash back as a welcome bonus on Certain Chase credit cards and if you Stay right to the end I'm going to show You how you can get an easy 4,000 AMX Points in your account too so stick Around for that okay let's first look at This new city Transfer Partner which Would be leading hotels of the world now This is a collection of five-star luxury Hotels that has its own loyalty club and Points currency I hadn't heard of it Before but browsing their website had me Drooling over luxuri curious Swiss ski Resorts Caribbean island getaways and British luxury properties in London and If you browse the map yourself you will See that they literally have five star Properties all over the world on pretty Much every continent except Antarctica I Guess and now they are a city Transfer Partner so you can transfer thank you Points that you have earned on cards

Like the City premiere Etc two leading Hotels of the world now points transfer At a 5 to1 ratio okay five City points To one leading hotels of the world point Now don't be alarmed by that that may Sound like a terrible ratio Until you Realize that points redemptions start at 4,000 points which you'd have to Transfer just 20,000 City points over There to get and these are all five-star Hotels right so you can actually get About 8 cents in value per laders Club Point which would translate to about 1.6 Cents in value for each city thank you Point that you transferred over to them And that's a similar value to high Points typically the value comes out About 1.7 cents with high points so They're one of the most valuable Hotel Points out there and we're almost at That level with this now obviously this Collection only features five star Hotels so for those looking for Something a bit more mid or lowbudget This isn't for you but for those looking For something really high-end I think That this is a great addition to City's Portfolio of Partners and it's going to Be well worth browsing the map on their Website and seeing what you can find I'll put a link to the site below where You can check it out all right let's now Move on to an awesome welcome bonus on a Credit card that's actually also issued

The Credit Pros

By City And that would be the American Airlines Advantage City business Platinum select World Elite Master Card City always makes the name such a Mouthful anyway this is a limited time Offer and it is for 75,000 American Airlines miles for spending $6,000 in Your first 6 months from account opening So that's $11,000 a month not really That big of a spend requirement using a Point Sky valuation of 1.5 cents per AA Mile that gives you $1,125 in value for this bonus now this Card gets you things like first check Bag free and priority boarding on AA Flights and it is a business card so People who are W2 employees may find it Hard to get approved for you are going To need at least some kind of side Hustle or to be employed as a freelancer But the advantage of business credit Cards is that they don't show up on your Personal credit report so do remember This is a limited time offer you can Search the card online if you want to Get it I don't have an affiliate link For this one all right let's move on but Before we do if you have a lot of credit Cards the sponsor of today's video max Rewards is a great way to keep track of Data on all your credit cards in one Place the free version of the app gives You transactions balances points and Rewards balances allinone easy to use

Dashboard and also useful things like Welcome bonus spend trackers but for American Express cards it's even more Useful if you get the premium version Max rewards gold you then get the Function where Max rewards will activate All of your AMX offers for you and you May even use AMX offers without Realizing it and come home and get an Email saying you save some money that Has happened to me several times before And when you activate all of your offers New offers you never knew existed appear In your account guys you can get a free Month of Max rewards gold with my link Below or just download the app check out The free features and speaking of AMX Points don't forget we're going to give You an easy way to get 4,000 MX points In basically just one click at the end Of this video but let's first look at Another welcome bonus so right now there Is an in Branch targeted bonus on the Chase Inc business Premiere and Inc Business unlimited now this isn't Guaranteed if you go into a branch but Some customers may be targeted for it Okay you have to to ask a banker see if They can pull it up on their system and Here are what these bonuses are so on The Inc Premiere it's $1,500 cashback after $110,000 in Purchases on the card in your first 3 Months and on the Inc unlimited it's

$1,200 cash back after $6,000 in Purchases in the first 3 months notice That it says select clients right so you Do have to be targeted for it but if you Are interested you might as well go into A branch and try your luck now on the Incon limited the cash back can also be Converted into Ultimate Rewards points So $1,200 in cash back is equal to 120,000 points and that can typically Get you more value I personally do have The Inc unlimited I think it's a great Card it also has a 0% APR deal for the First 12 months so it's a great card to Use if you want to finance something for A business and as long as you can pay it Back within 12 months all right we don't Want you going into debt and paying Interest all right now we did say that We were going to show you an easy way to Pick up a cool 4,000 AMX points and that Is through the shopping portal Rakuten Now this is a website where you can Click through to some of your favorite Merchants like Macy's Adidas Dell sax Fifth Avenue Etc and you can earn extra Cash back or extra AMX points on top of What you already earn on your credit Card now there are normally loads of Deals around Black Friday like 15% Cashback sl5 AMX points per dollar That's interchangeable by the way you Just have to decide whether you want to Earn cash back or AMX points um but

Right now they are doing a limited time Sign up bonus where if you sign up using My link below spend $40 at any of the Merchants that you can click through From their site too you then get $40 or 4,000 bonus MX points in your account on Top of any bonus points you'd earn just For making that purchase so if you Haven't signed up for their site before It's really a no-brainer and it's good To be a member in the leadup to Black Friday since we'll go through all of the Black Friday deals on the site in late November too so if you want you can use My link which I will post below or Alternatively if you have a friend who's A member of reton you could reach out to Them for a referral link and they get a Little bonus for referring you too now This deal is only sticking around though Until November 16th so if you are Interested in using this site on Black Friday to pick up those Black Friday Deals and earn a load of extra cashback Aramic points through the site I would Recommend signing up now before November 16th so you get in at the $40 bonus Otherwise you might be getting $30 or $20 if you sign up later so again link For that is below but if you prefer to Use a friend's link go and ask a friend About it all right guys that is the Video for today don't forget to get a Free month of Max rewards gold with my

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Link below they are the sponsor of Today's video links to all the other Stuff mentioned in the video will be in The description or down in a pin comment As well please subscribe if you're new And we'll see you next time [Music] Bye-bye A

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