New Travel Credit Card in 2024 – Rumors VS Facts

New Travel Credit Card in 2024 - Rumors VS Facts

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And there is a new travel credit card Coming out from Wells Fargo in 2024 now Since I've already said Wells Fargo I Know that we are already going to have Some trolls writing comments about how They would never bank with Wells Fargo Etc because of the fake account Scandal That is okay don't give your money to Them but this is a credit card it is you Spending their money so it's it's kind Of different anyway whatever whatever Your opinion is that's fine but Wells Fargo did announce on credit cards Statements about a month ago that they Would be adding Transfer Partners to Their autograph card we don't know what These Transfer Partners will be yet but Hopefully they will be a good set of Partners and at a one: one ratio so that Wells can compete with the big boys the Likes of Chase City Etc they were Supposed to be announced on November 15th and then they got shifted Back to December 10th but now according to an Interview that business insiders Personal finance Insider publication did With a representative of wells Fargo Wells Fargo will not be announcing Autograph card Transfer Partners for Hotels and Airlines in 2023 so when will They actually be announced well maybe Still on December 10th since sometimes These credit card company reps actually

Don't know what they're talking about Although it was like a senior vice President so it's probably accurate so I'm guessing probably next year at the Same time as they announced the launch Of a new travel credit card since at the End of October it became public that Wells Fargo had filed two new trademarks The autograph Journey and the autograph Beyond and these trademarks are related To quote issuance of credit cards now it Is the autograph Journey that has got Everyone talking since Wells Fargo Briefly made some information about this Card public on a landing page Unfortunately all information has been Scrubbed from this page now but you can Still see that the URL is autograph Journey Visa guide to benefits what was Supposedly on this page before they took It down was the following and yes I did Try to view it with with Wayback machine But there was nothing on there maybe it Wasn't online long enough to be indexed But anyway here you go $95 annual fee 60,000 points welcome bonus after Spending $4,000 in your first four Months three points per dollar on Entertainment food drink establishments Fuel charging stations telecommunication Services transport and travel so from That we can see a couple of things it Fits into what I call my tier three Cards in my five Tier credit card ladder

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System system that I designed to give You a clear ranking of credit cards in The US market so you know which one is Right for you if you want you can see The latest version of the video going Through that which I released this year It looks like this I'll put it on the End card of this video and that tier Three ranking is due to the $95 annual Fee standard for tier 3 cards and the 60,000 points welcome bonus which Typically would be worth at least $600 Depending on the value of the points and Which Transfer Partners they can be Transferred to and it's in tier three That we normally start to see the big Bonuses worth $500 or more the only Thing that seems to be a little bit Strange to me from this leaked info is The point earning categories which seem To be exactly the same as the current Autograph card so how is this new card Going to stand out how do they justify The annual fee well maybe they're going To add some other benefits like priority Pass Lounge passes Global Entry or Perhaps these aren't the points Multipliers after all and they just put Up some information from the current Autog card on the site just to test out The page that article from Business Insider seems to be trying to set the Record straight on this too they start Off Wells Fargo is officially launching

A new autograph credit card in 2024 but What you've heard about this product so Far might not be accurate they then Continue rumors about this particular Card have been swirling this week but Wells Fargo told personal finance Insider that the official rewards Earning structure on the autograph Journey will will be more robust than Speculation suggests basically meaning It's going to be better than what has Been leaked so Business Insider were Able to clarify a few things with the Wells Fargo media relations people first It will have an annual fee that part is True but the points earning structure That has been leaked out is not accurate Apparently it will be better so I'm Guessing the autograph card the current One that's on the market will stay as Their low tier card okay so think Chase Freedom Flex or city double cash City Custom cash Etc then this autograph Journey will be their mid tier card and The autograph beyond that we don't know Anything about yet would be their tier Four highlevel card with full airport Lounge access maybe car rental or hotel Status Visa infinite benefits something Like that and obviously an annual fee of $450 or more and Bam you've got the Makings of a trifecta if you don't know Trif fector is sort of a buzzword in the Credit card industry here in the US the

Chase Trifecta being the most famous It's where you use three credit cards From the same bank together to earn Different points multipliers on each and Pull them all together and book loads of Free travel I'm also thinking that Possibly the regular autograph card the One that's on the market now will have Some negative changes coming to make it Fit into the no annual fee load Tier Credit card space a bit better currently With 3x on so many categories it'll be An amazing card once they add Transfer Partners especially if they're Ono one So I'm guessing that they might pull it Back a bit and this new autograph Journey will be slightly better than the Current autograph card in its Point Earning but for now it seems we'll have To wait until early 2024 for the Announcement on the new card and the new Transfer Partners which will benefit the Current autograph card too we'll still Look out for what happens on December 10th but I'm guessing it's going to be Early next year guys if you're in the Market for a new credit card and you Can't wait for this new one or you just Want something different do check out Our credit card guide below where I Share with you information on cards that I personally recommend and often talk About on this show you can also get up To 70 free stocks for signing up for

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Weeble a minimum of six then more Depending on how much you deposit in Your new account with the other link Below minimum value for the six three Stocks is $34 but obviously if you luck out and Get a load more it could be worth a lot More Weeble is a fantastic commission Free brokerage account where you can Invest in stocks and crypto as always Guys if you use any of our links we do Earn a commission from that but it does Help us keep this show going so we thank You very much for supporting us if you Do all right please subscribe if you're New leave your comments about this card Or just type I'm out of the game you Know who I'm talking to below and we Will see you next time bye-bye

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