NEW Travel Credit Card (W/ Transfer Partners) Coming THIS Month

NEW Travel Credit Card (W/ Transfer Partners) Coming THIS Month

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In this video we look at the Wells Fargo Autograph Journey, a new travel credit card.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a new credit card that just Hit the market this is the long awaited Wells Fargo autograph Journey Card we believed and it's finally here And in this video I want to take you Through all of the benefits of the card It is quite impressive and of course we Have the Wells Fargo Transfer Partners Which have now finally been revealed Okay we've been waiting since like October for those trans transer Partners But let's first see what Wells Fargo Itself says about this new card Autograph Journey designed for frequent Travelers and complement Wells Fargo's Other consumer credit cards offering Customers real transparent value no Matter what they're looking for in their Card and they go on to say that it's Their best card ever right that's the Propaganda from their press release Let's now do our own analysis of it First let's start with the points Earning multipliers which to be honest They are pretty good you get five points Per dollar on hotels four points per Dollar on airlines three points per Dollar on other travel three points per Dollar on dining and one point per Dollar on all other purchases with no Spending caps it's actually pretty Impressive and for Airlines on hotels You don't need to be booking through the

Wells Fargo travel portal no you can get Those points multipliers when you book Directly with the airline and hotel Other cards like the Capital One Venture X or the Chase Sapphire Reserve they do Require you to be looking through their Respective Banks portals their travel Portals in order to get those higher Multipliers on flights and hotels the Card then gives you an annual $50 credit For airfare purchases and again you can Book directly with that and that credit Takes the annual fee down from 95 to 45k Effective annual fee annual fee minus The benefit amount and then there are a Load of travel protections apparently Which include trip cancellation Insurance up to $115,000 I'm assuming That it's also going to have cell phone Insurance since the regular autograph Card does have that and there are also No foreign transaction fees let's now Look at the welcome bonus and then we Will get into talking about the Transfer Partners and when this card will be Available so the bonus on this card is Going to be 60,000 points sus spending $4,000 in 3 months now that would Previously be worth $600 okay at 1 cent Per point but now Wells Fargo has added Transfer Partners and most of those Transfer Partners transfer at a 1:1 Ratio in fact there's only one that Doesn't and that's because it is a hotel

Chain where the points are worth less so It actually transfers at a 1 to2 ratio So here are the Transfer Partners we Have Choice Privileges hotels Air France Km which is flying blue that's like one Program together avian LIF miles British Airways Executive Club Air Lingus Air Club and Iberia plus now Choice Privileges is a hotel chain and that's The one that is one to2 transfer ratio Which is cool because AMX also has them As a Transfer Partner and the transfer Rao IO is just one to one then we have Air France km that gives us an airline In the Sky Team Alliance so if we wanted To book any airline in that Alliance Including Delta for example we could Potentially do it through Air France km Then we have avian which gives us Star Alliance so if you want to book any Star Alliance Airline for example for us in The US maybe United uh you can in theory Do it through avian obviously depending On availability and you know how much They're charging for a United ticket and Then the last three are are in my Opinion really just one since once you Transfer your points to say British Airways you can transfer them out to Either of those two other airlines Air Lingus or Iberia so it's all avos right It's the same points currency but okay They list them as three Transfer Partners and British Airways gives you

The Credit Pros

One world Alliance so you can in theory Book any airline in one world Alliance Through British Airways including like Cafe Pacific and a loot of other great Good ones and of course you also get the Ability to book American Airlines using British Airways avos cuz American Airlines is in one world Alliance as Well well and you often get a better Rate when you book American Airlines With British Airways avos than with British Airways own miles another thing That we can point out as well is that You can actually transfer British Airways avos over to Qatar airlines too Uh so you're actually kind of getting Qatar airlines as a Transfer Partner as Well is just a two-step process Qatar Airways is also in one world Alliance Anyway so I'm not sure how useful this Is going to be you could just probably Directly book Qatar airrise with British Airways but you know then maybe some Sweet spots uh or better award Availability or something if you're Booking uh directly with qatar's own Points than booking them from another um Airline in one world Alliance of course Qatar Airways has the famous Q Suite With the single Suites and also what They call uh the quad where you can have A family of four or a group of four all Sitting and dining together it's pretty Cool now these Transfer Partners are

Launching on April 4th okay and they Will be available on the regular Autograph card as well so there's two Two cards that can now transfer points Out to Airlines and on top of that You're going to be able to transfer Rewards from the active Cash Card which Is an unlimited 2% card over to the Autograph or the autograph Journey where It's going to become points and then you Can transfer it out to Transfer Partners So we really have the making of a Wells Fargo Trifecta here now all they need is A 5% rotating category card as well so When will you be able to apply for this New card well it will be available in Branch on March 9th and it's going to be Open to to everyone as an online Application on March 20th and lastly What do I think about it well I think It's pretty cool I always like to see More competition in the credit card Space I was actually surprised doctor of Credit's analysis of it was they were Saying yeah it's good to get for the Bonus but after that not very useful Personally I disagree with that I think Those points multipliers uh 5x on hotels Booked directly and 4x on flights booked Directly um what other card has that I Mean AMX has 5x on flights booked Directly to Airlines but if you want 5x On hotels it has to be through AMX Travel okay so this actually is pretty

Competitive and then the other cards Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Capital 1 Venture X they give similar Multipliers on Airlines and hotels but It has to be through those portals and Those three cards I all mentioned are Higher tier cards they're what I call Tier four premium travel cards with Annual fees ranging between $400 and $695 okay that's significantly higher This is a tier three card it is a Midlevel card with a $95 annual fee yet You're still getting those really great Points multipliers of 4X on flights and 5x on hotels plus 3x on dining which is Pretty good as well so it's a really Good everyday card and 3X on regular Travel so personally I think it's very Strong now you might think oh there's Only six Transfer Partners or if you Bundle those three together right British Airways Iberia and uh Air Lingus If those three are bundled together That's just one so it takes you down to Like four Transfer Partners really in in My opinion but they have been pretty Strategic about it putting one from each Major Alliance okay I think they Obviously thought about that okay that's Not by accident and they did say in Their press release that more Transfer Partners are going to be added Throughout the year so I do not think They're going to stop at these six I'm

Sure we're going to probably get up to Like probably 10 Transfer Partners by The end of 2024 so it looks like they Really are ramping up to compete with The big boys and uh it's great to see This card may be a good alternative to Someone who already banks with Wells Fargo Instead of getting you know popular car From Capital One or chase or whatever uh And it does in my opinion look like an Enticing offer really great points Multipliers low annual fee um something That's yeah definitely tailored to Inviting new card members in um will it Stay like this forever I think well I Think the Transfer Partners will Increase but I think some things might Change like maybe that Airline Credit Might disappear in the future because That's obviously costing them $50 per Year per card member who knows um but Yeah it's definitely designed to be a Competitive offering and I think it does Achieve that if you compare it to other Cards in this tier like the Chase Sapphire preferred the Capital One Venture not the Venture X just the Venture and the city premere as well it Does actually really compete with them And it's probably better than them in Some regards so guys those are my Thoughts about it this is sort of first Look and a little bit of analysis on

The Credit Pros

This new card leave your thoughts below As well I'd love to hear what you think I wish I had an affiliate link that I Could drive you guys to but uh obviously For this card we don't have that if you Do uh want to check out some of the Cards that we recommend you can check Out my credit card guide below I have a Load of cards on there and then you can Click the little graphic at the bottom Which takes you to my recommended page On bank rate where I have even more Cards we do thank you very much if you Use our links because if you use our Links for your applications it does Support our Channel and it makes us Being able to keep doing content like This on YouTube so thank you very much If you do use our links Please Subscribe If you're new we'll see you next time Bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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