NEW Venture X CHARGE CARD? + Last Chance: 100k BONUS On This card

NEW Venture X CHARGE CARD? + Last Chance: 100k BONUS On This card

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have an action-packed video Coming up for you today is Capital One Now offering a charge card version of Their very popular Venture X credit card People have been getting emails inviting Them to switch to a charge card then we Have a load of bonuses for redeeming Chase points in different ways including Discounts on a variety of popular gift Cards and higher values when you redeem Points for Apple products for the month Of May only we’ll tell you all about That and it’s the last chance for the 100 000 Point bonus on the Air Canada Aero plan card Air Canada is a useful Partner for booking United flights and This bonus actually ends tomorrow so Let’s talk about the Capital One Venture X charge card so on Monday this post was Made on the Reddit r slash credit cards Forum the person is saying they received An email giving the option to convert Their existing Venture X card to a Charge card now I was a bit skeptical at First because they didn’t show an actual Screenshot of the email now but later on They did post one so here that is and You can see it says break free from your Fixed credit line make your Venture X Credit card a charge card and thus that Would mean that the card would then have No preset spending limit like many of The other charge cards on the US market

And presumably this would mean that you Could then spend a lot more than your Previous credit limit as long as you Paid it back each month and if you don’t Know a charge card you have to pay in Full every month you can’t carry a Balance now it seems the benefits of the Card would be exactly the same except For the fact that you’d have to pay in Full every month it does seem that there Would be a 2.99 late fee if you missed Two consecutive payments in a row so That makes it look like you could Actually miss one payment with no Penalty no Financial penalty although I Guess it would still probably be Reported to the credit bureaus as a Missed payment if it was 30 days or more Late and as to why Capital One may be Doing this I think this person has the Right idea if I had to Hazard a guess It’s probably just trying to make the Cards seem more alluring to their higher End and customers and maybe get more Monthly spending on the card the only Way to make more money off your Transactors after all is to try and get Them to spend more and net you more Interchange fees I can’t imagine this Will ever trickle down to Quicksilver or Venture one so they’re probably looking At people’s transactions and for the People who already pay in full every Month anyway they’re not making interest

On those people so they’re trying to Think of a way to make them spend more On the card and so they’re hoping that If they’re given the higher limit Associated with a charge card okay no Preset limit it’s in general charge Cards have much higher spending limits All right they adjust with your spending And on the monthly basis you can spend Way more as long as you pay back so with The higher limit they’re hoping that These people will give them higher Spending and thus a higher amount of Transaction fees it’s actually pretty Smart and also if you didn’t know Capital One does actually already have a Business version of The Venture X which Is in fact a charge card you can however Only get that card if you have a Relationship manager with Capital One so What are the benefits of switching into A charge card if you do receive this Email well first of all like we said you Will very likely have a much higher Limit since the fluctuating limit on Charge cards will often be way higher Than it would be on a debit card I have One charge card that I’ve checked the Spending power on and I can swipe it for A single transaction of up to a hundred Thousand dollars which is insane I’ve Never done that but good to know that That’s there secondly it turns a Revolving credit line on your credit

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Report into what is called an open Credit line where utilization will have No effect so you won’t need to worry About if you rack up a high balance one Month it having a negative effect on Your credit score so I would say that This is going to be a good deal for high Spenders who always pay their balance in Full if your spending is low there’s Pretty probably no benefit to it all Right before we get into talking about The chase month of more and the hundred Thousand Point bonus on the airplane Card this week saw the JPMorgan Chase Takeover of First Republic bank it’s one Of the biggest bank failures in U.S History and the third large Bank to fail This year experts fear a return of the 2008 financial crisis which cut the Value of retirement accounts in half we Could be facing a global meltdown of the Financial system with hedge funds the Most bearish on the stock market they Have been since 2011. if the pros are Worried you should be too fortunately There is a way to protect yourself but You must act quickly now is the time to Call the only precious metal dealer We Trust American Hertford gold they’ll Show you how to protect your savings and Retirement accounts by diversifying your Portfolio with physical gold and silver During the 2008 financial crisis when The market crashed gold surged in value

By 50 American Hartford gold has Thousands of satisfied customers and They are the highest rated firm in the Country with an A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau tell them we sent You and they’ll give you up to five Thousand dollars worth of free silver on Your first order order so call them now On 866-352-3075 that’s 866-352-3075 you can also text my name Hedges H-e-d-g-e-s-265532 or you can click the Link below and get a free guide to Investing in Precious Metals so let’s Talk about the chase month of more now This is something that I remember they Did last year as well and for Chase card Holders you will get a whole month of Extra deals in may now if you have the Chase Freedom Card there are five to ten Percent extra cash back rates When Shopping through the chase shopping Portal I.E when you click through Chase’s website to some of your favorite Merchants like Walmart or Lowe’s Lowe’s Is actually 10 and lows is one of the Five percent categories this quarter Anyway so does that make it 15 maybe and For those deals you can go to the Landing page that is on the screen now I’ll link it in the description too you Can also save up to 15 on popular gift Cards then in addition and this isn’t

Just for the freedom cards this is for Other Chase cards as well you can get a Higher a Redemption rate when you redeem Chase points for Apple products for the Whole of the month of May so for the Chase Freedom cards it’s 1.1 cents per Point for the Chase Sapphire preferred And ink preferred it’s going to be 1.25 Cents per point and for the Chase Sapphire Reserve you will now get 1.5 Cents per Point redeeming for Apple Products for the whole of the month of May just a quick note on buying Apple Products through Chase it’s done through A special Apple Store that is set up for Chase and the products do seem to ship a Little bit slower at least they did in The past I bought an iPhone from them a Few years ago it took several weeks to Arrive okay that was a about two or Three years ago not sure if it’s exactly Like that now but just be aware that Could be the case but if you can afford To wait uh this is actually now the Highest value you can get out of your Points for something other than travel Now that the pay yourself back feature Has been gutted of all its good Categories all right now let’s move on To the hundred thousand Point bonus on The airplane credit card which is also From Chase and this bonus actually ends Today so this is one of those two part Bonuses you can get sixty thousand

Points for spending four thousand Dollars in three months and then if you Spend a total of twenty thousand dollars In the first twelve months they give you Forty thousand more points for a total Of a hundred thousand now this card Earns Air Canada miles and Air Canada is A member of Star Alliance so you can Redeem the miles on any Star Alliance Airline including United which will be Useful for U.S domestic flights and Anyone whose departure point is Somewhere in the US especially here on The East Coast with Newark being a United Hub but they also brought in the Pay yourself back feature on this card Recently as well and travel is a Category for pay yourself back on the Chase airplane card the rate you get is 1.25 cents per point so that hundred Thousand points could be worth one Thousand two hundred and fifty dollars When you use it to erase travel Purchases or pay yourself back for Travel purchases uh made on your card But arguably that’s really just the same Thing as redeeming points through the Travel portal for that value on on The Chase Sapphire preferred so is this card Really good value well I guess if you’re A high spender it’s okay the first half Of the bonus is 15 points per dollar and The second half of the bonus that’s just 2.5 points per dollar so it’s not the

Best value that second half personally I Would say the 80 000 points on the Chase Sapphire prefer that’s currently Available is a better offer to be honest And you could transfer those points to Aero plan or you could transfer them to Any other Airline including United the Only situation I can see the airplane Card being good value would be if you Already had a bonus on a Sapphire card Within the past 48 months so you can’t Get another one and your spending is Relatively high so if you do put twenty Thousand dollars on the card it won’t Interfere with any other bonuses you’d Want to get on other cards but hey if You do have a lot of spending and Especially a lot of spending in the Bonus categories on this card like at Restaurants even the second half of the Bonus can actually provide okay value Because the card earns three points per Dollar at restaurants and then you’d be Earning 2.5 points per dollar for the Bonus that second half of the bonus so That’s a total of 5.5 points per dollar That beats the AmEx gold which is just Four points per dollar so there are some Situations where it might make sense but Uh your mileage may vary I’ll put links To both this airplane card and the staff I preferred in the description below for You to check out and a big thank you to The sponsor of today’s video guys

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American Hartford gold do click the link In the description to access your free Precious metals guide you can also call Them on 866-352-3075 or text my name Hedges H-e-d-g-e-s to 65532 and get up to five Thousand dollars worth of free silver When you make your first purchase please Subscribe to the channel if you’re new We’ll see you next time bye

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