New WF Travel Credit Card Coming VERY Soon + Transfer Partners

New WF Travel Credit Card Coming VERY Soon + Transfer Partners

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a new credit card launching Very soon according to rumors on Reddit Okay but you might as well take them Seriously because they do often turn out To be true and this is a rumored card From Wells Fargo that people have been Talking about for a while the autograph Journey now we did do a video on this And the autograph Beyond a while back Where we talk about more details that we Know um about the card so consider this An update I'll put a link to our Original video uh on the end card of This video now we have some details About this card and we even have a Picture of the card that we'll show you A little bit later in the video now the Name autograph Journey was trademarked Back in 2023 okay in October so people Have known that this card will likely Come out in 2024 although that is not Always the case Banks do sometimes Trademark names that they don't end up Using remember the city strata Elite Yeah haven't heard anything about that For a while have you and then you also Have amx's tier one that everyone Thought was going to be some new kind of Black card or something didn't turn out To be a credit card it was some loyalty Program for high spending businesses That most people don't even have any Idea exists but anyway we do have some

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Information from a seemingly inside Source on Reddit about the autograph Journey card let me read through the Post and this also involves Wells Fargo's long awaited Transfer Partners Too so here we go as a followup to my Earlier post about the upcoming Autograph Journey card I have info Surrounding the signup bonus and Additional benefits I'm still waiting to Hear about trans Transfer Partners but Hopefully they are coming at launch in March there will be two different signup Bonuses $60,000 points for $4,000 in Spend in 3 months and 70,000 points for The same spend for Wells Fargo premier Clients additionally there's a $1 Million in travel insurance provided Cell phone insurance and trip Cancellation delay coverage I will Follow up with any more info as I get it From my friend so he seems to think that Transfer Partners will be coming at Launch for the whole of Wells Fargo's Credit cards okay they are originally Supposed to come last fall and they Would have applied to existing cards but Then it was pushed back to December 15th And then it was pushed back even further Maybe because Wells knew they had a Launch coming and it just made sense to Launch them at the same time as this new Card of the two signup bonuses he talks About one is a regular bonus for

Everyone and then like he said the other One is for Wells Fargo premier clients And that's 10,000 points more Wells Fargo Premiere is basically the same as Chase Private Client you need a balance Of over 250 $50,000 across all your Accounts with Wells Fargo and it gets You some extra benefits like no ATM fees Worldwide a discount on mortgages and Some other stuff doctor of credit seems To think that you will be able to pull Points between this and other world's Fargo cards not sure where they got that From but if that is the case that'll be Great it'll be like the chase Tri Vector You can earn on cards with different Earning rates in different categories And pull them all into this card and Then transfer them out to Airline or Hotel Partners now for the Transfer Partners which hopefully launch in March With the card I really hope that they Are the same as the built Transfer Partners which is all the ones that you Can see on screen now flying past you of Particular note are American Airlines And Hyatt Hotels if you didn't know the Built card is now issued by Wells Fargo So it would be plausible that they could Be the same Partners since there is an Existing business relationship there Then in the Reddit post the guy Ends by Saying that he has a photo of the card Which appears to be a photo that someone

Took of the card art on another screen And you can see here it says beginning In March Bankers will be able to share Information about the new autograph Journey card which suggests to me that This is from an internal email at Wells Fargo and this guy's friend works there As a banker and he shared it with him so Guys what do you think about this card Do you think it looks like a good deal Leave your comments below I'll put the Video on screen uh with all the other Details that we knew from before about This card and other new cards that Wells Faro is launching and we will have a More detailed video about it when we get The information until then if you guys Want to check check out my credit card Guide where I have links to many of my Recommended cards I will put the link Down in the description below you can Also get six free stocks for depositing Any amount of money into a new brokerage Account with Weeble even like five bucks And you can get 20 free stocks for a Deposit of $500 or more obviously that $500 remains your money you can trade With it buy stocks do whatever but you Get 20 fre stocks I'll put the link to That below as well Weeble of course is The Great Commission free investing Platform with better charts than Robin Hood I like to call it Robin Hood for Grown-ups if you guys use any of our

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Links you are supporting us through Supporting our sponsors so we do thank You very much if you do thanks for Watching we'll see you next time bye-bye

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