Our Luxury Cabin is ALMOST Finished…

Our Luxury Cabin is ALMOST Finished...

Follow the cabin on IG: Our luxury air bnb cabin is almost complete. The newest items installed are the cedar shiplap liding on the front and the LP Smartside board and batten siding on the sides and back. Join us on a house tour to see inside and out.
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Foreign Hey guys well we are at the cabin and uh And I gotta say it's looking pretty Amazing Check that out That is the Ceda front and uh it's Really looking beautiful actually Kind of uh even better than I expected Oh [Music] Hey guys so we are inside the cabin now And uh what was taking us a long time Was waiting for this huge 15-foot window Which we now have Um so it's pretty beautiful it's kind of Like our forest view window you'll be Able to sit here chill out the hot tub Will be just outside there we've already Picked out our hot top and put down a Deposit on it's going to be delivered in Like six weeks but let me show you some Of the rest of the cabin let me show you Some of the rooms in the kitchen and Stuff So this is where the kitchen's gonna be This will be the breakfast bar where You'll be able to sit and eat breakfast Like this and you get this view out the Window right here So you'll be eating breakfast and you Have this beautiful view of the forest This will be your sink here so you've Got some some rough plumbing in there Um which is done when you're when you're

Washing up you also have this window To look out of very very very cool very Beautiful you can see all the plumbing We've got in the wall so this over here Obviously this is going to be the Bathroom in here just behind that those Two by fours behind that wall So yeah we got our bathtub [Music] Yep there you go and uh this this down Here Guess what that's going to be Yep You guessed right that is the toilet and Uh let's now have a look at the master Bedroom So this is the master bedroom we'll have A king bed right here it's gonna be Awesome and you'll have this great view Out the window uh great view of the Forest and stuff we're gonna build some Of the land up there so it's a little Bit higher obviously this excavator will Have gone by then you won't have an Excavator outside your window Um the vents here I think I'm actually Going to move these I told the guy don't Put them above where the vet where the Bed is going to be and you put the vent Right above where your head is going to Be when you're sleeping so I think That's ridiculous I've already organized With the guy to come to the site and Change it so we're probably going to

Move it over uh over onto that side that It does so you don't have air blowing on You while you sleep which is kind of Crazy uh these are the closets here so You can yeah you can come in and out of The closet like that and then we have The secondary bedroom over here So yeah this will be where the kids Sleep or wherever any other guests sleep And this one's kind of a little bit like A box room so we will probably fit a Queen bed in here but it's It's going to be a little bit tight guys A little bit tight but the cool thing is You'll have this window kind of right Above your head of the bed and that's Facing East so that will like get the Sun in the morning so the sun will kind Of like come through the window in the Morning wake you up and then you are you Also got this smaller window here which Uh you know looks out to the forest in a Really nice way Um so that's Pretty cool too Yeah and then lastly we got this utility Room over here So this will just have like the washer And dryer in it and uh you know the Propane heater and stuff and then if you Look up you can actually see the uh the Heating system up here the furnace and Stuff that's like the the main uh return Vent and uh then you've got the rest of

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The HVAC system all up there which is Pretty cool So this Um on the outside this is the cedar Board and Baton Um horizontal shiplap siding now Originally I wanted to do the entire House in this it's very expensive and Also it's not actually the best in this Climate which is a bit moist a bit more Moist than say somewhere like the desert Like Arizona or something so we decided Not to do this on the whole house and so You got this on the front we're going to Varnish this as well protect it from the Weather and stuff but it is beautiful I Mean look at that it just looks you know A house when you pull up in the car it Is you know absolutely what I dreamed of So the builders did a great job with This but then I'll take you around here And show you what we used around here This is a product called LP smartside Engineered wood uh Um is it board and Baton no it's uh what Is it yeah it's board and Baton vertical Siding Um this product it took me a while to Find what this was but this is actually What a lot of the cabins in New York State in the Catskills use I kept seeing Pictures of cabins with this stuff on The outside this board and Baton so These are the boards neither batons and

It's actually it's engineered wood so It's like wood pressed together and Imprinted with this wood grain design so You know it's sort of it has the feel of A wood cabin but it's actually not quite Um what you think and so we got this all The way down the side but then if you Look up we've got this little soffit in This color Buckskin which actually Emphasizes the color of the cedar on the Front so you get a little bit of that Color all the way down it's very very Cool the only thing we haven't done on The outside is put the gutters on which Are going to be these brass gutters or Or Um what's it called copper not bronzer I Wanted real copper gutters but they're Very expensive so I'm probably gonna Have imitation copper gutters but They're just going to make the design Pop as well on the outside so on this Side you can see we got the board and Batten siding done on this side too just Follow me so yeah this is our massive 15 Foot window this is what it looks like From the outside nice and black to match The side of the uh of the cabin And then just about here this is where The hot tub is going to be So you can come right out the door and You'll have a hot tub right here and Then if you look down there you've got a View of the forest there's actually a

Road down there so probably we're going To build up the land a little bit higher So you're basically at this level all The way out and we'll plant grass so You'll have you'll have kind of a little Lawn area before it drops away so it Actually as long as we build up the land To the right level you shouldn't be able To see the road at all and we'll Probably plant a few plant a few extra Evergreen trees just dotted around to Obscure the view even more so it'll be Totally private you'll be able to sit Here in your bathing suit or completely Naked if that's your thing in the hot Tub no one will be able to see you and You'll have a great time so yeah it's Going to be awesome right let's now head Back inside and talk about a couple more Things all right guys so that is the House tour I'm pretty pleased with it I Think the outside is looking beautiful Obviously we got to do the inside now That's going to take us about six weeks Or so Um but it's kind of you know it's going According to plan Um I you know we'll probably be renting This out by August at the latest so if You want to stay here do follow the Cabin on Instagram all right at Minnewaska cabin Um for Instagram followers you know you Will probably do like deals and stuff

Discount codes there will be discount Codes for subscribers also another thing I've been thinking um if you want to Learn about how to do an Airbnb Um I'm thinking of doing a little course Here at the cabin approximately two Hours from New York City if you would be Interested in that let me know it would Be like you know maybe five hours Something like that I've got another Airbnb host in the area who's already Making like 10 grand a month renting out A very similar property I could get him To come and give some insight to and we Basically have you guys here at the Cabin and we will talk about the entire Business plan how to buy land build a Cabin how it all works uh you can bring Your swimming trunk so you can go in the Hot tub maybe have a barbecue or Something so if you guys would be Interested in that Um do let me know and we may consider Doing some events like that at this Property this summer so leave comments Below if there's enough interest maybe I'll set it up and I'll have like a Little event that you guys can come to So let me know in the comments guys as Always please subscribe to the channel If you're new and look out for new Updates on the cabin coming you know Maybe the next one will be probably when It's finished a full house tour in about

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Six seven weeks or so all right see you Later Thank you [Music]

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