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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we are standing in a very special Wait wait wait wait go on then you might As [Music] Well this is a $110,000 hot Tub really high ceiling I think it's Like 19 ft it is lit at the front so it Shines the light on you but it also is Back withd so it gives you that Beautiful like skirt of Light so this is basically my finished Mountain cabin and this has been a long Time coming guys I bought this piece of Land back in the year 2020 for $28,000 and that's lucky cuz it would be Worth a lot more now with all we've been Through since then I keep getting Letters from investors offering to buy It then at the end of 201 22 we started To build on the lot you guys may Remember the video I made last year on November 30th when we just started Cutting trees down that's pretty much Exactly a year ago well we then went Pretty silent on the project because we Had delay after delay we had some Communication issues with the builder on The design of this window and it had to Be replaced with this new 15 Ft this new 15 ft patio window which is Not carried as standard in window Showroom so we had to wait about 6 weeks For this window to be manufactured and

Delivered to the site we then had delays With electrical inspections where the Inspector didn't show up for weeks and The project couldn't move forward but Finally we can see the Finish Line the House is almost complete we're just Installing the last few appliances we Need another two coats of varnish on the Floor but it's complete enough for me to Give you a tour let's go so this right Here is 30 truckloads of soil that we Had to put in front of the house to Actually level it out otherwise it would Just you know be a hill uh and also You'd see the road uh you can see the Road down there but this soil kind of Blocks your view of the road so you Don't see it it feels like you're right In the middle of the Wilderness this Cost me 10 grand though 30 truck loads Of soil is expensive it had to be Brought from a place about 25 minutes Away and those trucks you know they take Diesel they they're not very fuel Efficient so that was 10 grand for 30 Truckloads of soil this patio here this Was done by one guy and he did a great Job I paid for the materials $3,600 for All these pavers and all of the cement And everything and then he did the labor For $2,500 so for $6,100 we got a 46 ft long patio you can See it's it comes out $9 ft from the House and then over there where we got

The hot tub um it comes out to about I Think it's 14 ft cuz you have to have The hot tub about um five uh at least 5 Ft away from the breaker which is that Uh that great wire you can see on the Wall I didn't know that at first I Designed it so the hot tub was like Right next to the house and at the last Minute I found out about the nework Building code for hot tubs and I was Like oh yeah and I had to redesign the Patio and give the guy a new design and We figured it out anyway so now the hot Tub is uh 5 ft away from the breaker and Speaking of the hot tub let's go check It out since I believe it's one of the Best investments that we made in this Property but speaking of Investments if You guys are into investing and I know You are since you're watching this you Going to love the sponsor of today's Video Mumu it is a fantastic investing Platform and you can get up to 15 free Stocks for signing up and making a Qualifying deposit we'll tell you all About how you can get that in just a Moment but first Mumu lets you invest in The US and some other markets with an Advanced interface and a ton of features You have a load of technical indicators For each stock you have things like Industry chains where say you want to Invest in the AI boom you can look at All the companies involved in every step

Of that industry and click through to Invest in them there are also investment Themes where say you want to invest in Suppliers to another large company that Is doing well like Tesla suppliers for Example well you can do that another Feature I like of the app is that you Can look for specific bullish or bearish Patterns and it will display all of the Stocks that have exhibited that pattern Look we have a double bottom on Domino's Pizza that is a bullish sign meaning it Could be about to Trend up Mumu also Offers new users 5.1% apy on your Uninvested cash now if you sign up to Mumu using my link and you make a Deposit of $100 you get five free stocks Worth between $2 and $2,000 each if you Deposit $1,000 you get 15 free stocks Also worth between $2 and $2,000 each so If you do the math the minimum value you Can get for the 15 free stocks is about $30 but if you're lucky it could be Worth a lot more click my link below if You're interested all right let's look At this hot tub so this is a brand new Sundance Edison 680 and uh there's Actually a pretty cool story about how I Got this for about $11,000 cheaper than It could have been so this is a $10,000 Hot Tub and uh it's a little dirty inside OB So I got to clean it up because my kids Jumped in it with their dirty shoes um

But yeah when I was quoted a price for This from the deal on email um she told Me $893 well when I went into the store she Was like oh I can't find that price it Turns out she had the eight and the nine Mixed up she should have written 9,831 but you know what's incredible she Said oh since I told you that I will Honor that price which is amazing so I Got about $11,000 off this brand new $10,000 hot tub and um well you can have A look inside it's uh it's a seven Seater it's got a load of jets it's got Got jets for your feet so you can get a Little bit of a foot massage uh we got The cover with it free I'm probably Going to put an umbrella over this so Even if it's like raining or snowing um Which it will be snowing quite a bit in The winter you can still go in the hot Tub um but yeah pretty nice tub and this Is one of the things you can definitely Charge more for on Airbnb we'll talk About that in a little bit here we've Got the wiring for a car charger so if We got hipsters coming up from Williamsburg and Brooklyn with their Teslas uh we will be ready for them but Not yet cuz we haven't actually added The card charger yet uh we just got the Wiring for it so we can add the actual Charger for about $800 a little bit Later on we were kind of running out of

Money so I didn't want to do it right at The start but we got it there so be Patient hipsters we'll be ready for you And then over here we've also got the Wiring for a SAA you see that white wire Sticking out there that was another Thing that we didn't really have the Money to do right at the beginning but a Sa is another thing that you can charge A lot more for for with a short-term Rental so the idea would be to have like A a really nice Cedar Barrel saer right Here so you can you know come out of the Hot tub and you walk around here you go To the sauna you have big windows so you Can look out onto the forest just up There all those trees and stuff the Mountain side very very beautiful and Then we also thought to have an outdoor Shower as well so that like in the Summer you come out of the sauna you Immediately have a cold shower right Here and then you can jump in the hot Tub anyway it's getting a bit cold out Here guys so uh let's go and [Music] Side so this is what we call the great Room uh that's what you call a room That's like a living room dining room And kitchen or whatever apparently the Great room and yeah you can see we went For this really high ceiling which uh I Think it's like 19 ft or something it's Like ridiculously high excuse the noise

Cuz we still got some people people Working on other rooms of the house we Were actually originally going to have a Loft up there above uh in that Triangular section there and if I think If I Ed this design again to build Another cabin I will actually put that Loft but this time cuz Lumber was so Expensive and stuff we had to uh cut Back on it and not have it but what it Would be would be a spiral staircase Kind of near that wood stove goes all The way out bed up there and stuff all Right so this one here this is our Kitchen countertop and we got this Beautiful Granite here it's kind of like Kind of like the reverse of marble right Marble would be white with like black Veins this one is like the opposite it's Like black with white as you can see as Well we've got all our appliances there The uh refrigerator the cooker stove Dishwasher Etc all going to go in and Then up here we got two of these pendant Lights now this was originally going to Be three I thought I could save money With two but I actually didn't really Like how it looked in the end so I'm Going to leave them like that for the Launch but probably in like 6 months Time or so we're going to bring these Lights down and we're going going to Install another one so it's more like Directly Over the Bar and this is a

Breakfast bar by the way so we're going To have three seats there and you'll be Able to eat your breakfast here and you Got a little view out of that window of The forest first thing in the morning as You're eating your breakfast really nice All right let's have a look at the wood Burning stove so over Here this is our wood burning stove now This is also another one of those things That you can charge more for on Airbnb So we definitely wanted to put this in Um you know the house has very good Heating so it's not really needed but It's more of just a fun thing to do sort Of interactive right burning your own Wood and uh Oh check that out they even gave us some Wood to get started With yeah so yeah in the winter it's Going to be really nice just um you know Burning wood in the wood burning stove And a cool fact about this this thing Here is actually triple insulated so Even when this is on with a fire burning Inside you should actually be able to Touch this and you won't get burned I Don't see the point actually cuz if you Touch this you get burned anyway and Like why differentiate but I guess it Can't it's not supposed to burn the roof As it goes to I don't know I don't know I don't know the reason this also has a Blower in it so it blows air warm air

Out to circulate it around the house uh A bit better and this whole thing as Well uh this cost about $8,000 so you Had the stove I think itself was like 2,500 but then it can't sit on the floor So you got to buy this uh fireproof like Tile thing for it to go on then you've Obviously got the chimney in inside the Chimney outside and then you got the Labor to install it and uh the builder Takes a commission too so anyway the Whole thing set us back about 8,000 but I think it's definitely worth it all Right guys let's just have a quick look In the bathroom we got people working Here today so I won't take too long but Uh check this out we just installed this Beautiful bathroom mirror here I'll turn It off and turn it on again so you can See the effect look woo and it it is lit At the front so it shines the light on You but it also is back lit so it gives You that beautiful like SC skirt of Light around on the wall I think it's Actually heated how do we do that what's That okay I don't know it's got Different brightness settings I I have To read the manual figure out how it Works but anyway um yeah it's uh it is Heated so it uh it will not get steamed Up when you're in the shower which is a Really cool thing they have in high Class hotels at the Ritz Colton and Stuff the mirror is always heated so I'm

Very pleased to have a heated mirror Let's have a look at the bedrooms now so Um we'll show you this is the this is The master bedroom it just cover a peak Um so that's basically the room and You'll have that really cool view uh out Of the patio door then this is the Secondary bedroom which is a bit smaller Uh so this one will just have a queen Bed in whereas the master bedroom that Will have our king bed and that's Something you can charge more for on Airbnb as well and then this is the Utility room so you can see we got the Water heater in there we're going to Have a washer and dryer here and a Little sink it's going to be a little Bit tight in here but um hey it's just a Utility room anyway now the reason we've Spent a bit more on things that Otherwise might not make sense if you Were just going to buy a house and then Sell it as a flip is because these are All things that you can charge more for On Airbnb so Airbnb themselves say that Typically if you have a hot tub you can Charge an average of $39 more per night Compared to other properties and so hot Tubs uh wood burning stove a king bed Washer and dryer and also a sauna I know We don't have a sauna yet but a sauna Are all things that you can charge more For on Airbnb now you're probably Wondering how much this all cost so like

We said we spent $28,000 on the land Then we spent $360,000 on the build and that includes An extra $10,000 for the 30 truck loads Of soil that we had to dump outside the House to increase the height um of that Lawn on the South Side so that takes us To $388,000 then we add another Approximately 10,000 to the hot tub that Takes us up to 398,000 then we add6 6,100 for the patio And that takes us to $44,100 now the house appraised for $400,000 based on comparable sales in The area before it was built okay so With the appraiser just looking at the Land and imagining a house there but I Didn't tell the appraiser about the Patio or the hot tub so I'm guessing That probably adds another 10 to 15,000 To what the appraisal would come out at However property prices in the area have Dropped a little bit since that Appraisal was done last summer so you Know I think we're going to be hovering Around 400,000 which means that we Haven't overspent it's basically worth What we paid to build it and when we Rent it out on Airbnb we should be Making around $10,000 per month based on Comparable properties in the area that I Have personally talk to the owners of And I know their numbers and that

Totally justifies what I consider is Quite a high price to pay to build a Two-bedroom home now at the end of next Week we're going to have another two Coats of varnish on the floor which Apart from the little things that you See are being done today that's kind of The last thing to do to finish off the Whole house and then we're going to Start bringing in curtains beds a sofa All of the furnishings and we're going To fully furnish the house now you may Be thinking when will this be ready when Can I stay here how can I book it and What is the exact location of it how far Away is it from where you live well Let's address the location first so we Are in the catvills mountains north of New York City pretty much right next to Minaska State Park which is a popular Tourist attraction there's a lot of cool Waterfalls there and hiking trails if You live in Manhattan we're pretty much Exactly 2 hours from the center of Manhattan if you live in the towns and There a west side of Connecticut we're Probably about an hour and a half maybe Hour and 45 minutes from there if you Live in northern New Jersey we're about An hour away if you live in Scranton Pennsylvania yeah it's about an hour Hour and 10 minutes from there too we're Looking to launch this in about mid December and there will be discounts and

Special perks for you guys who follow on YouTube the best way to find out about Information about the launch and when You can book it is to follow us on Instagram at minasa cabin okay we named It after minaska State Park which is Right next to and we will be putting Updates in our Instagram stories and Photos and stuff Um of you know all of the basically Preparations for launch and we will have A big announcement on there when it is Ready for you to book I want to say a Big thank you to Mumu for sponsoring This video don't forget you can get up To 15 free stocks with my link in the Description thank you so much for Watching guys please subscribe if you're New and we'll see you next time [Music] Byebye [Music] Oh

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