Sapphire Preferred 80K BONUS, BILT Transfer Bonus + SW Companion pass

Sapphire Preferred 80K BONUS, BILT Transfer Bonus + SW Companion pass

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a load of different stories From the US credit card world today all Of which can help you get a load of Extra value out of spending that you are Already doing anyway and if you like the Sound of that why not subscribe to the Channel for new videos on credit cards Personal finance awesome deals almost Every day we're going to have a load of Cool deals in the leadup to Black Friday As well so do look out for that okay so In this episode we have an 880,000 Point Welcome bonus on The Chase Sapphire Prof Word we'll tell you how to get it a very Generous transfer burners to a top Airline from built rewards the only Credit card that lets you pay rent to Any landlord and new bonuses on the Southwest Airlines credit cards that can Help you qualify for their famed Companion Pass all right let's start With the Chase Sapphire preferred and This is one of the classic credit cards Out there for travel enthusiasts Although there are new options on the Market these days it remains a strong Competitor particularly for the fact That tra has some great Transfer Partners and the fact that you can book Travel through Chase's travel portal at 1.25 cents per point right that's a Major selling point now the public bonus On this card is currently 60,000 points

But there is a way to get 8,000 points According to a post on the r/ subreddit If you're not familiar with that it's One of the best subreddits to look at For credit card related stuff and here's What the guy says looks like more 880,000 Point mailers for the CSP chasea I preferred are going out P2 received One today by P2 he means player two so The person he is playing the credit card Game with probably his wife now when we See mailers go out then we often later See secret direct links go out and then Finally a public link a few weeks later So Chase could be gearing up for a big Push with the sapphire preferred with an 80,000 Point bonus maybe towards the end Of the year so look out in your mailbox To see if you get one of those mailers And keep an eye out on our Channel cuz We'll be the first to tell you when that Offer actually comes back publicly Meanwhile if you really want the card We'll put our link to the current Welcome bonus below which is 60,000 Points it's still a good bonus that you Could consider getting but otherwise if You want the 80,000 look out for a Mailer or wait for a new link later in The year all right let's now talk about The built rewards rent day which is the 1 of every month so that will be next Wednesday November 1st now now apart From earning double points on the first

So six points per dollar on dining four Points per dollar on travel 2x on Everything else they typically do a Special promotion on the first well this Year is no different built for one day And one day only is offering some Generous transfer bonuses to Emirates And how much of a bonus you get depends On what level of built status you have So built blue members get a 75 5% bonus So that's 1,000 built points transfers To 1,750 Emirates skywards miles built Silver members get a 100% bonus so that Would be 1,000 built points to 2,000 Emirates points built Gold members get a 125% bonus so that's 1,000 built points To 2,250 Emirates points or Emirates miles And built Platinum members get a 150% Bonus so that's 1,000 built points Becomes 2,000 500 Emirates miles blue Members are just regular members in the Built program so basically anyone can Get this 75% bonus and that's huge Normally bonuses from other issuers are Like 25% or 30% up to maximum I've seen Is probably 40% but this is a minimum of 75% even for the lowest status level in The program and 150% for the highest the Way you move up through built status is By simply earning points from either Using the built system system to pay Rent or using the built card on regular

The Credit Pros

Spending you only have to earn 25,000 Points in a calendar year to get silver Here's their chart that shows you all The other levels there's a little bit of A weird rule about how long status lasts Though here's what they say status Earned between January 1st and June 30th Each year will expire January 31st the Following year status earned between July 1st and December 31st will remain Active the rest of the year in which it Was earned and the entire following year So if you earn your status in the second Half of the year it lasts longer that's A pro tip for you anyway let's go back To talking about this particular Promotion Emirates first class is Amazing it's got awesome seats depending On which type of plane you fly on you Got the 777 you also got the A380 on the A380 they even have a shower Suite I Remember Logan Paul turned it into a Merch shop to sell his uh Maverick Hoodies but anyway it's really cool that You'll be a able to get it for around Half price or even less than half price In points depending on your status level Now normally we say don't transfer over Points to an airline until you have Found award availability and you want to Book now obviously that isn't going to Be possible in this case unless you Coincidentally were planning a trip to Dubai or somewhere else via Dubai at

That exact time but actually there's More to it than that since you can also Use Emirates miles on a load of other Airlines even including JetBlue in the US for us domestic flights so it might Make sense to transfer on Wednesday just Since it is such a good deal what do you Think if you a built card holder or you Are a built card holder would you Transfer even if you hadn't figured out How to use the points yet let me know in A comment below I'll also put a link to A guide from upgraded points on the best Uses for emra miles in a pin comment Below so you can familiarize yourself With it before Wednesday just in case You want to take the plunge and transfer The built card of course is a fantastic Card with no annual fee and a load of Good Transfer Partners besides Emirates Including AA and high hotels is the only Car that lets you pay rent to any Landlord up to $100,000 in rent payments Per year and rent for many people is Their single biggest expense per month That you normally can't pay with a Credit card and can't earn any points on I'll put a link to the built card below If you want to learn more about it all Right now for our last story of the day And that is the new welcome bonus on The Chase Southwest Airline cards that could Potentially help you get the Southwest Companion Pass now the companion pass is

Basically a buy one get one free deal Where you get to pick one companion who Always gets to fly with you for free Apart from taxes and fees which are Usually I think 560 per one-way us Domestic flight the pass could Potentially save you hundreds or even Thousands of dollars depending on how Often you fly you need to accumulate 135,000 Southwest miles in your account In a calendar year and you will get the Pass for the whole of the following year And whatever remains of the year you are In the points earned on the Southwest Credit cards do count for the Companion Pass so if I earned 135,000 points in The first month of 2024 I would get the Pass for pretty much 2 years now Recently the bonus on the Southwest Credit cards from Chase has been 50,000 Points but they literally today just Raised the bonus to 75,000 points for Spending $3,000 on purchases in your First 3 months now the bonus gets you 55.56% of the way to getting the Companion Pass if you have some other Spending or qualifying activities you May be able to earn enough points to get The pass you can also earn points from Flying on Southwest flights partner Hotel stays and car rentals just FYI if You transfer say Chase point over to Southwest that does not count now I Would recommend a strategy of holding

Off on too much spending on the card now Just so that you get that welcome bonus Of 75,000 points in January 2024 rather Than November or December of 2023 since You probably won't have enough time to Accumulate the rest of the points needed For the Companion Pass remember all Points have to be accumulated in the Same calendar year but if you get 75,000 Points in January 20124 then you have 12 Months to accumulate the remaining 60,000 points needed to hit 135,000 Points and get the pass for the rest of That year and the whole of 2025 you guys Think that's a good strategy or could You accumulate all the points needed in 23 I don't think you can but let me know What you think in the comments below now There are three different Southwest Personal cards to choose from with Varying levels of benefits and different Annual fees there's also a Southwest Business card that is actually offering 80,000 points for spending $5,000 in Your first 3 months so that gets you a Little bit closer uh to your Target and In addition all these cards give between 3,000 and 9,000 points as a bonus on Your card member anniversary which would Fall in 2024 if you get the card now so That gets you a little bit closer as Well I'll put the links to all three Personal cards and the business cards Below in the description section if you

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Want to learn more about them as always These links and the links to other cards In this video are all affiliate links They do help out our show so we do thank You very much if you use them however do Not feel obliged to please subscribe to Our Channel if you're new for more Credit card tips and tricks almost every Day and some great deals in the leadup To Black Friday and we'll see you next Time bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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