The 15/3 Credit Hack Debunked… #personalfinance

The 15/3 Credit Hack Debunked… #personalfinance

Take a listen to what this guy says what Is the 153 credit card payment hack you Make one payment 15 days before your Statement date and a second one 3 days Before it this is the video that Automatically played on Tik Tok Immediately after I watched it there's a 153 method really work I keep seeing it On Tik Tok girl I wish that thing will Just crawl in a hole and die as long as You pay as much as you are going to pay On your card just before the statement Date it will have a positive effect on Your credit score because that is when The C reports to the credit bureaus so If someone tells you this yeah when You're paying your credit card every Single month you should be paying it Multiple times it actually helps super Weird but it helps with your credit Scores it is super weird because it's Not true it will not show as an extra Payment there is one exception and that Is for Chase cards if you pay them down Completely to zero mid billing cycle They will do a one-off report showing a Zero balance

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