The BEST Business Class of ANY US Airline? JetBlue Mint Studio…

The BEST Business Class of ANY US Airline? JetBlue Mint Studio...

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[Music] Open things [Music] [Music] Well we are taking the air train to JFK Today to try a very special business Class product you see a while back Jeff Blue introduced their new business class On transatlantic routes JetBlue mint Suites and for a 299 upgrade you can get One of the seats right at the front of The plane which are larger than all the Others and are called the JetBlue mint Studio there are only two of these seats On the whole plane and I was very lucky To have one in this video we are going To review the whole experience from the Airport to the seat itself to the food And how good a night's sleep you can get In a very spacious fully flat bed and we Will answer the question is it worth 300 More and is it the best business class On any US Airline Jeffrey flights leave from Terminal 5 at JFK when I got to the airport I actually Went to the regular ticket kiosk and Checked my bag then I went to the bag Drop I only realized afterwards there Was actually a special mint section that I could have used but there was no line Anyway so it wasn't really a problem After clearing security this is where we Need to discuss the elephant in the room This is where you get a major shock in

That JetBlue doesn't have its own lounge And they don't give you access to any Other third-party Lounge either then if You think that hey that doesn't matter I Can go to a priority pass Lounge instead Think again there are no priority pass Lounges at Terminal 5. but there are Some decent dining options and there is One JetBlue area that you can visit [Music] So guys this is the JetBlue rooftop and I actually thought it would be a bit Better than this I thought you better See more planes and stuff you can't Really watch planes take off you can see The air train over there that's about The most exciting thing the little train That takes you between the terminals and Yeah so you know it's not a lounge it's Really not a substitute for a lounge It's just a place where you can get some Fresh air uh kill a little bit of time It is what it is Um but you know definitely worth Checking out if you're here because Obviously like we said JetBlue does not Provide a lounge but the kind of flip Side of that is that they are very Reasonably priced probably the reason Why they don't provide lounges because They figure that most people who are Paying for business class will have Cards like Amex platinum and things like That and that will give you lounge

Access but uh like we've seen there is a Problem uh with Terminal 5 in that there Are no priority pass lounges or even Like Plaza premium or anything you could Access with a credit card Um in this terminal it is what it is Guys but anyway Let's get on the plane JetBlue flies an Airbus three two one on This route which unusually for a Transatlantic flight is a single aisle Plane and as soon as I saw my seat I was Saying wow let's give you a tour [Music] Foreign [Music] I also noticed there were way more Amenities than other airlines you had This little bag of lotions then you had This package for sleeping and this Envelope that had a load of things that Help you get to sleep like sleeping Gummies and also things for freshening You up the next day like this whole body Wipe which I use and also this caffeine Gum which helped to wake me up The mint studio seats are also the only Two seats on the plane that get pajamas And in this shot you can also see the Additional side sofa you get that has Its own seat belt so if you have a Travel companion they can come and dine With you there's even an additional tray Table for them this is one of the major

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Selling points of this seat it also Gives you more space when you sleep Before takeoff the very attentive flight Attendant Keith serve me a drink and Everyone on board and even at check-in Referred to it as the mint experience Not the mint cabin or the mint seat but The mint experience and I was starting To see why anyway let's show you the Takeoff Today [Music] You're now free to use the NC power Outlets located between the seats in Front of you there's also a high power USB port at the bottom of GC back screen Please stay safe outside Shortly after takeoff Keith who was so Attentive it felt like he was my Personal flight attendant asked me to Choose dishes from the menu you get to Choose three out of four dishes which Were Exquisite but before we get into Looking at the food if you use credit Cards to build up cashback or points and Miles for free travel which if you're Watching this you're obviously Interested in luxury travel so you Probably do because credit card points And miles are a great way of getting Luxury travel for free all very cheap so If you do have several credit cards you Will love the sponsor of today's video Kudos Kudos is a free shopping extension

For your computer and your iPhone that Will help you pick the best credit card Possible from your wallet for every Purchase like when I booked the JetBlue Flight it recommended my AmEx Platinum Since it earns 5 Amex points per dollar When I book directly with Airlines and It has a load of travel insurances too Not only does Kudos help you pick the Best credit card at checkout but it also Will double your points on many websites With Kudos boost like here on Kudos automatically pops up Recommending my Chase Ink preferred for Three points per dollar on travel but Then it adds another three Kudos points Because of Kudos boost and that's Available on over 15 1000 sites Kudos Stores your card information with the Same encryption that Nasa uses and will Autofill your card numbers at checkout Making your shopping experience smooth And rewarding so use the code shufu to Double your points and get kudos for Free when you click the link below you Can also go to join shufu That's join So this was my dinner English split pea Soup some kind of salad and chicken I Opted for the cheese selection to finish Which was really good too the flavor of The whole dinner was great but if I'm Very critical I would say that the Portion sizes were a bit small remember

You haven't stuffed yourself full of Food in a lounge because there wasn't One so this really should be enough to Fill you up but it wasn't maybe you Could have asked for more if you really Needed it however I was ready to go to Sleep by now and I was curious to see How the seat performed as a fully flat Bed after finishing off the night with a Green tea I grabbed my Jet Blue slippers And went and put on the complimentary Pajamas cleaned my teeth and started to Set up the bed I was a little Disappointed that this thing here didn't Quite want to pull up into place but the Little side sofa still made the bed feel Super spacious and I closed my door to My studio and was ready for a good Night's sleep I decided to do my Meditation test and the bed was flat Enough and spacious enough that I was Able to meditate comfortably for a whole Hour and I slept soundly the seat was Very comfortable in bed mode [Music] [Applause] When I woke up we were already Approaching the UK the sun was fully up So no chance to shoot cool Sunrise shots As I'd hoped now let's take a look at The breakfast like the dinner with the Breakfast you choose two out of three Dishes I went for the egg frittata and The yogurt which were really good you

Also get a croissant and obviously a Drink then I went and wiped myself down With the full body wipe and grabbed a Piece of caffeine gum to wake me up and Before we knew it we were landing at London Heathrow So in terms of the seat itself I would Say that this is the best business class Seat I've tried and the price is very Reasonable you can get this for about 1 500 each way so a round trip could be as Low as three thousand dollars which is Way cheaper than other transatlantic Tickets I also love the amenities the Pajamas the slippers the massive TV Although I didn't actually watch Anything the only cons I can see would Be the lack of a lounge which gear does Really suck And the seat because it's right at the Front of the cabin is close to the Bathroom and also close to the area Where the crew hang out so you had a Tendency to have Crews sitting there Chatting all night and it wouldn't be The best if you were a light sleeper for Me though it wasn't that bad I woke up a Few times and overheard some Conversations but it wasn't a big deal But if you want more of a comparison I Will be flying back to the US on United's Polaris business class tomorrow So I will have a video out for you about That in a few days until then if you

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Want to follow me on Instagram you'll be Able to see photos and stories of my United experience in advance so do Follow me my handle is on screen now if You're watching this in the future I'll Have the United video linked on screen For you to check out thanks for watching Guys please subscribe to the channel if You're new and we'll see you next time Bye [Music]

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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