The BEST Credit Cards to Use RIGHT NOW (Q 1 2024)

The BEST Credit Cards to Use RIGHT NOW (Q 1 2024)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And in this video I want to share with You some of the best credit cards to be Using right now in quarter one of 2024 And this is all coming from an earning Points and saving money point of view And if you like the sound of that do Subscribe to the channel for more credit Card and financial tips every couple of Days so first up let's look at the Rotating category cards these are credit Cards that earn 5% or five points per Dollar back usually on up to 1,5 $500 Worth of spending each quarter in Rotating categories first up we have the Discover It cashback card which if You're someone who's into cashback is The best card to be using for dining and Drugstore purchases right now it earns 5% back for the whole quarter on those Two categories and that's on $1,500 Worth of spending for the quarter if You're someone who prefers points you May prefer to use the AMX gold for four Points per dollar at restaurants or the City premiere for 3 points per dollar Even if you have to discover it as well You'd probably get more value just Sticking with your points these Transferable points are generally valued At around 2 cents per point if you know How to use them effectively so you'd be Getting 8 cents per dollar on the AMX Gold and 6 cents per dollar spend at

Restaurants on the City premiere that is Unless you are in your first year of Card membership on the Discover It Cashback card because remember in the First year they do a cashback match it's Their kind of welcome bonus and cash Back matching 5% on those categories Turns into 10% beating those two points Cards in value all right let's move on To another rotating category card the Chase Freedom flex and this includes the Older Chase Freedom as well that many People are grandfathered into this is Currently going to be the best card for Grocery stores and a couple of other Categories so the full list of quarter One categories for the freedom flx and The old Freedom cards are grocery Excluding Walmart and Target gyms and Spa services if you value chase points At 2 cents per point then that's 10% Back if you just want to do a more basic Redemption with the card like travel Portal redemptions and you have the Sapphire preferred or the ink preferred That you can transfer the points over to Then you'd be getting 1.25 cents per Point in value so that's 6.25% back on your spending or if you Have the sapphire reserve and transfer Those points over there they're now Worth 1.5 cents per Point through the Travel portal so that's a 7.5% return on Your grocery spending and I emphasize

Grocery just because for me it's so easy To max out that category with the other Two it's more like you know your mileage May vary some people may be very easy Some people may be not that is literally My top two spending categories covered Okay dining and grocery let's now move On to some AMX cards that have credits That have just reset at the beginning of The year and thus it makes them the best Cards to use for certain things since You are getting a refund until you hit That credit amount and as as always many Of these cards are featured in our Credit card guide on my website that's Going to be the top Link in the Description box below if you want to Apply for any of the cards mentioned or Any others you see in the guide do Consider using our links it's a great Way to support our show at no extra cost To you just make sure you're getting a Good bonus offer so on the American Express Platinum Card we have the sax Credit that just reset basically AMX Refunds you $50 every 6 months for your Spending at Sachs now this may be super Useful for some people and not so useful To others I often just buy a pair of Socks from Sachs to use the credit I've Got like a load of pairs of like 50 to $65 socks they are good though they Don't get holes very easily but my wife She buys a lot of her makeup from sax

The Credit Pros

And that's stuff that she was going to Buy anyway so she gets refunded on Genuine spending not spending she did Only because she had the card so anyway If you're going to buy something online From a department store I would suggest Check if sax has it first so you can get That $50 refund secondly the hotel Credit on the AMX Platinum just reset as Well AMX gives you a $200 refund on Spending through their fine hotels and Resorts collection or their slightly More mid-range Hotel Collection just Remember with the Hotel Collection you Have to actually stay two nights to get The refund and any of the other benefits That are offered versus just one night With the fine hotels and resorts Collection or fhr now this is a super Useful benefit if you want early check In late checkout free breakfast a room Upgrade Etc I've used it in Vegas in Washington DC and most recently I used It at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii Where we attended a wedding and on the Last day the bride found us lounging Around at the pool at 11:30 a.m. and Reminded us that we all had to check out At noon but not us we had a 400 p.m. Late checkout because I booked through Fine hotels and resorts collection I Didn't tell her so if you're thinking About staying in a high-end hotel in 2024 you now have that $200 credit if

You want to book through fhr all right The final credit that just reset on the AMX Platinum is the $200 Airline Credit Now don't get too excited you can't get A free flight but this does cover you For things like checked bag fees lounge Access fees I use it for both of those With Delta on our recent flight to Hawaii you can select your airline from Amx's list and if you haven't use the Credit yet you can normally phone up and Change your airline I did this last year Switching from AA to Delta mid year Which you're not really supposed to be Able to do but if you haven't spent any Of the credit they normally will let you Remember you can't get a refund if You've already spent like you spend 50 Bucks on AA and then you want to switch To Delta I don't think they're going to Do that for you all right now let's look At another MX card with a load of Credits that just reset but first if You're into free stuff don't forget that You can actually get 30 free stocks yeah You heard that right 30 free stocks when You open a brokerage account and deposit $500 with Weeble and those stocks are Fractional shares worth between $3 and $3,000 so basically you have 30 chances Of getting a share with a high value and That is for just moving $500 over there That you may have sitting in another Investing account anyway you're not

Giving them any money you're just moving Your own money to a different account if You guys are interested in that do check It out in the description box below it Will be the second link down there all Right so the AMX business Platinum has Several credits as well it also has the $200 Airline credit that just reset we Don't really need to talk more about That then it has the Dell credit this Refunds you $200 every 6 months so $400 A year for purchases at I will Use this credit probably right after I've shot this video actually to buy a New hard drive for archiving my videos And my footage on then there's also the Indeed credit of $90 per quarter that Just reset if that is useful to you Personally I don't find this card and Most of its credits very useful so I'm Going to cancel it when the annual fee Comes due in a couple of months but After I've us use my Dell credit all Right now I want to give you a bonus on Another AMX card that is ending soon and That is the 170,000 point offer on the MX Hilton Honors surpass card for Spending $3,000 in 6 months now this is A card that I really swear by it it Gives you Hilton gold status good point Earning a loot of other stuff and it's Listed in my best credit cards to use in Quarter one of 20124 because if you Spend $155,000 on the card in one year

You get a Hilton free night which is Usable at any Hilton property even the Really high-end ones and I regularly get $700 or more in value from these Hilton Three nights now I will use this card to Pay my taxes in April so technically That's Quarter Two actually but we could Pay them earlier right in late March so Either way the 170,000 Hilton points Bonus ends on January 17th so in like 2 Weeks if you want to learn more about This card you can check it out in our Credit card guide listed down below and If you do want to apply you can click Through from there to apply the link we Have is for the 170,000 point bonus and Lastly if you want to know what cards I Will be using this quarter in my major Spending categories it will be as Follows the Chase Freedom times two uh For five points per dollar back on Grocery and yeah you can have more than One Chase Freedom there's no rule Against that so I have a limit of $3,000 In spending that I can earn five points Per dollar back on in my grocery Spending the AMX gold for restaurants That's four points back per dollar okay I don't actually have the discovery It Card uh and I prefer points anyway the AMX Platinum for Sachs for fhr hotels And for phone bills because of the phone Insurance that MX gives you the business Platinum for the Dell credit and then

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I'm going to cancel it I'm still using The Windom rewards earn a business card For gas because I only stop using that When there is a quarterly category for Gas and this quarter none of those Quarterly category cards have gas on Them so wind them rewards ear a business And then my next probably biggest Category of spending is actually Amazon So I'll be using the Amazon Prime for 5% Back and then everything else is kind of Small categories I just sort of use Whatever if it's business spending I use Some of my business cards all right guys That is the video for today don't forget To get your 30 free stocks from Weeble In the links below and also check out Many of the cards we talked about Including the Hilton suras with the 170,000 point bonus in my credit card Guide link below as well subscribe to The channel if new we'll see you in the Next video bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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