The BEST Way to BUILD Credit in College…

The BEST Way to BUILD Credit in College...

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I just graduated and I got a job in New York I'm going to rent an apartment in the City soon it is so exciting you know the Landlord's probably going to charge you Like six months rent up front since You're fresh out of college you probably Don't have a credit score actually I Built my credit score while I was in College with fizz what's fizz fizz is The debit card that builds credit they Don't let you spend more than is in your Bank account so it's super safe but it Shows up on your credit report and Fizz Reports your on-time payments to all Three U.S credit bureaus to build your Credit history wow they also let you Earn cash back rewards on a load of Merchants on campus and some off-campus Too like Shake Shack well you know where I stand on the whole Shake Shack versus In and out debate hmm Where can I learn more about this car Just search Fizz card to see my full Video review or you can go to join to get started enter promo code Ben 10 for a free 10 bonus when you make Your first purchase

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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