The SECRET Amex Bonuses You NEED To Know About…

The SECRET Amex Bonuses You NEED To Know About…

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And recently American Express made some Changes to their Platinum Card some Pretty negative changes they increased The authorized user fee to $195 and also increased the minimum Spend requirement for the welcome bonus To $8,000 among other things and that Was on top of them already lowering the Public offer from $100,000 or so points Down to 880,000 a few months ago so if You've been thinking of applying for the Platinum but also the gold or some other MX cards you need some good news right Now well that's exactly what I'm going To give you in this video don't tell Anyone but in this video I am going to Give you a secret way that you can still Get a 100,000 Point bonus and a 10x Multiplier on a certain spending Category for the first 6 months which Takes the value of your bonus from Between $3,500 all the way up to $7,000 there's also an additional secret Bonus on the gold card and one other AMX Card that we'll talk about as well so Stay tuned all right so the first thing You need to do is open up a web browser And go to this website you Click on this thing on the top right Which says exclusive us offers from AMX And you will get a landing page where it Offers you three cards and we'll start With the Platinum so this website in case you don't know it's a Website that was bought by American Express a few years back and it's Basically a dining uh booking platform For restaurants there's really good Restaurants on there it's not like you Can just book any restaurant it's Curated with only the best restaurants I Found some really good ones so do check It out if you're interested um it's a Great place to book great restaurants But in this video we are just looking at The card offers that you can get through The resi site so let's look at the Platinum first take a look at the public Offer which is available on American Express's own website it's 80,000 points For spending $8,000 in your first 6 Months but just by simply applying Through the resi landing page that we Showed you a moment ago you can get 100,000 points for spending $88,000 in The first 6 months and on top of that 10 Points per dollar on restaurants Worldwide on $25,000 worth of spending In the first 6 months if you max out That restaurant deal okay spending $25,000 you will get $250,000 AMX points and at a value of 2 Cents per Point that's actually going to Be worth $5,000 then if you add in the 100,000 Points from the main part of the bonus At 2 cents per point that adds another

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$2,000 giving you a value of $7,000 even If you value AMX points at just 1 cent Per point which is a terrible value That's still $3,500 in value now I know What you're going to say perhaps not Everyone spends that much at restaurants Okay so you might not max out the bonus And that is true your mileage may vary But at a minimum this is an opportunity To potentially get a welcome offer that Is way way better than the public offer Okay public offer is 80,000 by default With this offer you get 100,000 and then You have the chance to earn 10x at Restaurants and potentially get a lot More I spent $7,600 in the dining category on my gold Card in the year 2022 so if we have that For a six-month period That's $3,800 at 10x that would be 38,000 extra Points and then add that to the1 ,000 That you're already getting that's 138,000 points that's still amazing and Way better than the public offer it also Beats any other card that you could use For dining as well so there's really no Opportunity cost of doing this and for People who dine a lot it's going to be Way better value all right let's now Move on to the gold card the current Welcome offer on the US AMX gold is 60,000 points for spending $4,000 in the First 6 months but on the resi landing Page they are offering 75,000 points for

Spending $4,000 in 6 months and in Addition to that you get 20% back as a Statement credit for restaurant Purchases in the first 12 months up to $250 now this is easy to get since at 20% to Max it out you only have to spend $1,250 so I'm going to assume that Everyone who gets this offer is going to Max this out so to give a total value For the bonus I'm going to say 75,000 Points at 2 per point is $1,500 then we Add onto that that additional $250 for The 20% back on dining and that takes us To $1,750 in value and again your mileage May vary with this one unlike the Platinum okay with the Platinum it was Can you spend enough to get the points With this one it's more like I know You're going to get the points and the Cash back but do you redeem the points For maximum value are you going to get At least two cents in value out of them If you know what you're doing it's easy To get two three four or more cents per AMX point in value when you redeem the Right way and if you want to see a video On how to redeem your AMX points for Maximum value I have one on my channel It looks like this you can go check it Out I'll also put it on the end screen Of this video all right now we have one More AMX offer through resi that I want To talk about in this video but since

We're looking at the resi site in this Video I'm not sending you guys to any Affiliate link that I could possibly Make money off and that's okay I want to Give you guys the best deal but we do Have to run our Channel somehow and so I Want to tell you about the sponsor of This video and this is a good one Because if you have AMX cars this Particular sponsor actually works really Well with your American Express cards And can unlock some extra features and Stuff that will save you money so max Rewards is a complete credit card Manager app it does a soft link with all Of your different banks so it will show You your transactions your balances and Your points and miles and cashback Balances of all your different credit Cards from different issuers in one Easyto use app it also has features such As welcome bonus trackers and it tracks Bonus categories even the ones that Change every quarter so it'll even show You the best credit card in your wallet To use in every different category of Spending but if you have American Express cards the pro version of Max Rewards Max rewards gold is especially Useful it activates all of your MX Offers adding them to your card so that You never miss a deal you may even come Home and get an email and discover that You used an AMX offer saving money

Without even knowing it that has Literally happened to me several times The even cooler thing is that when you Activate every single MX offer new Offers that you never even knew existed Will get activated and added to your Card saving you even more money the Average user saves around $750 a year Through AMX offers and guys you can get A free month of Max rewards gold with my Link below or you can just use my link To download the app and check out the Free features all right let's now look At the final card that offers a Bonus on and that would be the Blue Cash Everyday card this card has had a Significant makeover in the last year or So it earns 3% cash back on online Shopping which makes it actually Probably the best card for General Online shopping okay not as good as some Of the co-branded cards like the Amazon Card but that's only for a specific Website if you just do doing General Online shopping across lots of different Online Merchants this is probably the Best card for that now the public bonus On this card directly from American Express is $200 cash back for spending $2,000 in the first 6 months but the Resi offer is that same $200 back for Spending 2,000 in 6 months plus 10% back On restaurant spending worldwide in the First 6 months up to $150 back to get

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$150 back at 10% you'd have to spend $1,500 in 6 months so I'm going to say That's very doable for most people and These two parts of the bonus together 200 + 150 would be $350 in value now Obviously that's a lot less than the Potential value of the bonuses on the Other two cards but those are kind of High level travel cards this is a credit Card with no annual fee that people with Average credit scores of around the mid To Upper 600s can apply for so it's Still a great deal and if you interested In this card anyway you might as well Apply through resi rather than through AMX directly to get an extra $150 in Value all right guys that is the video For today and if you want to access Those offers just go to click The thing in the top right and it'll Take you to the landing page where You'll be able to see those three cards And they're welcome bonuses a big thank You to Max rewards for sponsoring this Video you can get a free month of Max Rewards gold with my link below and also You can check out my video on how to Redeem MX points for maximum value which Is on screen now as always Please Subscribe if you're new and we'll see You next time bye-bye

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