The Shocking Truth about Different Credit Card Users!

The Shocking Truth about Different Credit Card Users!

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Discover the fascinating world of credit card users in this eye-opening video! From money-savvy individuals who leverage credit cards to their advantage, to risk-takers spiraling into debt, we delve into the different types of credit card users and their secrets. Explore the shocking truth behind each type, gain insights into responsible credit card usage, and learn how to make the most of your own plastic. Don’t miss out on this must-watch video that will transform the way you think about credit cards!

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A few months ago I was browsing through Reddit and I came across a humorous Thread describing the types of credit Card users some categories people came Up with are absolutely silly but there Are some that really made me chuckle About how accurate they were to people That I know for those that are familiar With this channel I know I spend a lot Of time talking about credit cards such As what credit cards they use in any Sort of situation but this video is Going to be a little bit different Because we're going to be talking about The people that use them so let's go Through this Reddit thread and see some Of the things that the community has Thought of and I'll give you my thoughts On them how's it going everyone and Welcome back to the channel if you Haven't done so already I'd really Appreciate if you could hit the like Button down below and subscribe to help With the algorithm I come out with Videos periodically where I offer unique Perspectives on cards that are typically Overlooked so make sure you hit the Bell Icon if you don't want to miss out on Any of that the first category we have Are the Simplicity focusers these people Use no more than two credit cards total P people that fall into this category Might care about credit card rewards and So they'll use cards like the city

Double cash for all of their purchases Perhaps they don't care about credit Card rewards and just use whatever car They can get their hands on to spend all Of their money a possible subgroup I can Think of for this group is the luxurious Show-off who doesn't care about credit Card rewards but instead cares about Getting the most prestigious card Usually in American Express Platinum and Uses it for all purchases a few common Reasons people end up in this group is Firstly that they don't want to think About which card to use at any given Time and secondly they are probably Stigmatized from having too many credit Cards by famous people like Dave Ramsey Moving on to the next category we have The points players I would imagine a Large chunk of viewers of this channel Fall into this category people in this Category use credit cards to gather Points for travel they also try to run Setups that maximize points in a Particular brand be it airline miles Hotel points or transferable points they Like to run Trifecta setup like this Chase City or Amex trifectas it is easy To see why this group is so enticing Travel Awards offer better Cent per Point earnings than simple cash back Which feels a bit like a bonus on top of What you've already earned related to This group is the other side of the

Rewards coin the cashback Chasers people In this group have no loyalty to any Particular bank and all that matters is The payout for particular spend it's Also easy to see why being in this group Is appealing cashback rewards are easy To have and explicit value they require No additional effort to redeem and you Can spend your cash back however you Want I made a full comparison between Cash back and travel in a previous video Check that out in the link in the Description below the next category we Have is the churner people in this Category are constantly signing up for Credit cards to Chase sign-on bonuses Sign on bonuses are the most lucrative Way to get free money and free travel I'm not a Serial Turner but from what I've seen there is a whole flow chart Floating around the internet that Strategizes which bonuses to Chase and When to chase them The second to last category is the debt Consolidator as the name suggests these People are looking for balance transfer Cards to get out of credit card debt a Noble goal if I do say so myself the Last category is the design Aficionado Or collector people in this category Collect cards for the designs or Materials such as the Delta 747 metal Credit card short video today I know but Which category do you fall into I think

The credit card Community is a fun time And I'm glad I got into it and I hope You do too If you like videos like this I have Other videos you can check out using the Link in the description down below until Next time let's go out there and get Some free stuff [Music] [Music] Tomorrow

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