The ULTIMATE Credit Card Setup for 5% Cash Back on EVERYTHING!

The ULTIMATE Credit Card Setup for 5% Cash Back on EVERYTHING!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And cashback everyone loves it unless You're on the points and Miles team Using points of miles for luxury travel But if you're on team cashback everyone Loves cashback and the desirable rate That seems like the go-to rate pretty Much as good as you get is about 5% There are some cards that will give you 6% on certain categories like for Example the MX Blue Cash preferred which Gives you 6% on supermarkets but it is Limited to $6,000 per year in spending So in General 5% is pretty much as good As it gets now in the past I had Dave Hansen on the show who shared his Ultimate cashback setup where he gets 5% Or is close to 5% on everything but I Was browsing the credit card pages on Reddit the other day and I came across This post by a Reddit user who shared His or her ultimate 5% cashback setup Now this is probably the most intricate Cashback setup I've ever seen it's Really cool and the person says that They think it's not possible to get get 5% on any more categories than they have Put in their setup so in this video I Want to go through the whole thing with You and show you how you can recreate it Too and this video is brought to you by Stash but more on that later all right So let's get into it first he Establishes two facts three stars means

That the card is physically in his Wallet and then he notes that all of the Cards are paid in full every month and That's important because then he's not Paying interest cuz if he pays interest Even a penny of Interest it eats into The cash back that he earns and then he Goes goes into a list of cards so first Up he has the city custom cache and with This one he uses it for restaurant Spending so the city custom cach if you Don't know it is a 5% card that it earns 5% back on your top spending category Each month on $500 of spending and the Categories come from this list Restaurants gas stations grocery stores Select travel select Transit select Streaming services drug stores home Improvement stores fitness clubs and Live entertainment so you can earn 5% on Any of those categories up to $500 a Month in spending and then he says once He Max that out he goes over to the US Bank altitude I assume that he's Referring to the US Bank altitude go Which is actually the next card in his List and there we go US Bank altitude go Restaurants after maximizing rewards From the city custom cash one 4% back All right so once he's used his City Custom cash maxed out that $500 in a Month if he spent more than $500 on Restaurants that would then go down to 1% so he then switches to the US Bank

Altitude go for 4% back the next card is Another City Custom cach now notice There's a little two there the first one Was number one this is number two and This is 5% back on groceries so he will Make sure groceries is his biggest Spending category on this card and that Activates the 5% for that category now You may be thinking can you get more Than one City Custom cash per person Well in theory you can't okay check out This from the terms and conditions on City's website City will only issue one City Custom Cash Card account per person But that seems to only apply for new Accounts cuz there are data points from City that show that you actually can Have more than one if you get that card Through product change and in City you Can product change to any card okay so It's not like Chase or AMX where you can Only product change within one series of Cards you can actually product change to Any card issued by city so it seems he Probably got it through product change Or it could be that he's an authorized User on his second card maybe it's his Wife card and they do the spending as a Family I don't know one of those two Possibilities all right next up we have A third City Custom card I know this is Actually blowing my mind he's got three Of them so third City Custom cach he Uses it for travel so he makes sure

Travel is his biggest spending category And he's earning 5% and then he says if He doesn't travel that month he'll use It for pharmacy so yeah somehow he's got Three of them let's now move on to Something that isn't the city custom Cach but first if you're watching this Video I know that you are after amazing Value from credit cards and you probably Have a desire to build your personal Wealth as well well to do all of that The app stash is a great way to to get Started and a big thank you to stash for Sponsoring this portion of the video a Feature of stash which I think a lot of You will be really interested in since This is after all a video about earning Rewards with payment cards is their Stock back card where you can earn the Stock of some of your favorite companies While you shop now this is actually a Debit card that earns rewards which is Pretty rare so there's no credit check And no new line of credit on your credit Report and whereas some cards earn cash Back or points this one earns stock and Can earn up to 3% in the form of stock Of some of your favorite companies and That's actually an amazing rate for a Debit card for example fall is almost Here and you know what that means the Scent of pumpkin spice lattes will be Filling every Starbucks in the country And now with the stock back card I earn

The Credit Pros

Starbucks stock where every pumpkin Spice latte I buy and if I hold my stock And Starbucks stock Rises I will end up Having earned a way higher percentage Than I originally earned when I made the Purchase on the cart in addition Addition to the stock back card you can Also take advantage of Stash's Fractional share feature to get started In investing with very small amounts of Money like $5 a week you can now invest In some of the most popular companies Like Tesla Microsoft or apple without Having to Fork out over $100 for a share A key feature of stash is education Through both stash learn which Highlights Financial events and explains Concepts but also through personalized Investment advice to diversify your Holdings which brings stability Something we really need in these Volatile Financial Times alternatively You can set up a smart portfolio in Which stash will allocate your funds for You between stocks both us and foreign Bonds depending on your risk level so Get started today stash subscription Plans start at just $3 per month and you Can choose the plan that is right for You and when you click my link below to Sign up you can get a $25 bonus when you Deposit just $5 into your personal stash Account thanks again to stash for Sponsoring this portion of the video all

Right next up we have the US Bank Cash Plus card and this is another rotating Category card it actually allows you to Pick two categories where you will earn 5% back on up to $2,000 per quarter so Basically what he's doing he's picked Utilities it seems that he spends $2,000 Per quarter on utilities so he hasn't Maybe he has picked a second category But he's not spending in it so he's Basically just using the first US Bank Cash Plus Card uh for utilities spending And yes you did hear me say the first US Bank Cash Plus card because he does Indeed have more than one of them so his Second one is going to be for internet Streaming and furniture stores all right Those are the two categories he picks so That's earning 5% back in those Categories you can see by the way the Little stars he has this one in his Wallet I don't know is he he didn't have The utilities one in his wallet because Obviously you're not going to go to Stores to buy utilities that's entered Into the account you can forget about it Furniture stores I I guess he frequents Furniture stores I don't know maybe the Guy's into Furniture but anyway so you Can have more than one US Bank Cash Plus Here's a little data point from Reddit You can have two but spread out when You're applying even though I had good Enough credit to get the second RS

The Credit Pros

Rejected because they wanted more History with the card I had with them Some people said wait at least 6 months Others said a year use your best Judgment so yeah it seems you can Actually get more than one card even Just through a you know application not Necessarily through project change but I Guess you could also probably product Change to the card as well then we have A third yes a third US Bank Cash Plus Card and this one is earning 5% back at Clothing and department stores you can See the three stars next to it so he is Keeping it in his wallet now we're going To move on to a load of store cards and Store credit cards if you don't know the Difference a store card is one that you Can only use at a particular store and It does not have the logo of Visa or Mastercard on it and a store credit card Is going to be branded as a particular Store but it will be either typically Visa or Mastercard so you can use use it Outside that store too so first one we Have is the US Bank Kroger Master Card So this is a co-branded card rather than A store card and this offers 5% back on Mobile wallet purchases this possibly is The best card out there right now for Mobile wallet and he doesn't have the Three stars so he doesn't keep it in his Wallet cuz he's only using it for mobile Wallet so it's just entered into his

Apple pay or whatever next we have the Ducks Unlimited card and this is for 5% On gas and sporting goods stores all Right now if you currently go and look At the Ducks Unlimited card online and Ducks Unlimited by the way it's like a Charity that's taking care of ducks I Know it's so Random like why do they Have their own credit card it's very Very strange it's such a niche thing but Anyway so this is the card that a lot of People transferred over to after the NRA Card got cancelled so the NRA card used To be the card that earned 5% on gas it Got discontinued because of Controversiality with the NRA I guess Then after that happened everyone moved Over to the Ducks Unlimited card but Then the Ducks Unlimited card changed The deal so it's now just 1.5% cash back And 2% when you spend money with Ducks Unlimited okay to uh take care of ducks But anyway he's grandfathered into this And that means that he had it when it Was 5% and after they changed the deal They kept honoring the original original Deal with this guy so he's very lucky to Have that all right next we have a load More store credit cards and we'll go With a quick fire round on this one so First of all we have the Capital One Walmart Mastercard 5% back on groceries With Walmart next one we have Sam's Club MasterCard 5% back on Sam's Club

Purchases you have to be a plus member To have this one he obviously is a plus Member because you have to do that to Get the 5% back and he says that he pays His membership fees with this one too Then we have the Amazon Prime Visa Signature card that is 5% back on Amazon This card is such a no-brainer I'd Recommend anyone who shops at Amazon Anyone who's a Prime member to have it I'm a Prime member I have this card and This one he doesn't have the three stars Cuz obviously you know Amazon when I got This card I just put it as a payment Method in Amazon I don't actually know Where the physical card is anymore Because I just use it for Amazon next we Have the Lowe's store card so Lowe's It's a home improvement store 5% off at The time of purchase so this one isn't Cash back it's actually a discount on Lowe's purchases okay slightly different But it's still 5% then we have the Target MasterCard and this one is also 5% off at the time of purchase this is Interesting actually because if you open Up the page and have a look at the Different Target cards available there's A preload card that you can also get 5% On Target from right so let's say you Wanted 5% off Target but you didn't want To actually add another credit line to Your credit report you could just get Their pre- loadable card so that's

Really really cool next we have the Sofi MasterCard for 3% cash back on Everything else all right so this is Like a a non-category card interesting Thing is though right now it's 2% I Could find deals from the past where They were doing 3% for the first year so This guy obviously got this in perhaps April 23 because he says that it's going To drop to 2% after April 24 so I'm Guessing that's what happened he's got Like a 3% for the first year deal on the Sofi MasterCard then we have the PayPal Mastercard for 3% back on PayPal so Anytime he uses PayPal I guess he uses That one then we have 5% back on the Best Buy Rewards card so I guess anytime He goes to Best Buy he'll use that Unless he needs um something like Extended warranty or whatever in that Case he's going to use the American Express business cash and now this gets 2% cash back but he says I use this card When purchasing something I want an Extra year warranty or purchase Protection on and he keeps his in his Wallet cuz there's three stars so Extended warranty basically if you Bought like a Macbook or something the Manufacturer will give you a one-year Warranty in this case Apple they try to Sell you on Apple Care to extend the Warranty like that but if you buy it With American Express card that'll

Normally extend the warranty by one year Okay a lot of credit cards do do Extended warranty but AMX typically Offers I think the best service and the Best terms for that extended warranty so I try to like this guy does I try to use An AMX card anytime I need extended Warranty purchase protection the other Thing he mentioned is basically if you Buy something with an AMX card it's Normally protected against um loss theft Or breakages for the first 90 days I Think this very old AMX commercial um Illustrates it well I'm going to charge It with the American Express card that Way it's automatically Insured don't worry remember I used the American Express card so it's insured Right so they you know they bought the Vase they smashed it it was within the First 90 days so you can get refunded I Think with AMX is up to $10,000 per item So that covers you for a lot of things Right so pretty good you buy a gift for Someone you smash it before giving it to Them it's insured right pretty cool and Then the last card that he talks about Is the Home Depot store card this can Only be used at Home Depot and I don't Think it actually offers any cash back Or discount but it's got some great Benefits on there like it extends the Return time to 12 months now this might Not really be important to most people

The Credit Pros

But maybe this guy he had a lot of Home Home Improvement cards in there so maybe He does some home renovation or Something like that and um having 12 Months to return an item could actually Be quite important let's say you buy for Example a bathroom vanity you then start Refurbishing your bathroom and once You've done your refurbishment and You're ready to install that vanity it Could be a few months from when you Bought it and you then discover oh wait A minute the space isn't actually big Enough I need to return it and get a Different one that's smaller you know You got up to 12 months to return items So that could be really useful and then He can also do financing with no Interest for 6 months on products that Are $299 or more so guys that is this Guy's epic cashback setup what do you Like about it leave your comments below I think it's got to be one of the most Intricate cashback setups I've ever seen The only tricky thing is if you want to Try and recreate this cashback setup Yourself in your wallet the tricky part Would be getting more than one of some Of the cards so the US Bank Cash Plus And the City Custom cash and that might Take some patience because you got to do It in the custom cash through product Change with the US Bank Cash Plus they Were saying wait more than 6 months

Between applications Etc but it can be Done and I'll show you I actually have Two of the Chase Freedom I used to have Three of these cards I did cancel one But you know I did this through product Change and that just shows you really Can't have more than one of the same Credit card especially these lowlevel Cards with no annual fee often you will Be allowed to have more than one of them It just might take some patience to set The whole system up and that is the Video for today guys don't forget you Can get a $25 bonus for depositing just $5 when you set up a new stash account With my link below it'll be the top Link In the description as always thank you Very much for watching please subscribe If you're new and we'll see you next Time bye-bye

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