These are the BEST Credit Card BONUSES in April (Chase Only)

These are the BEST Credit Card BONUSES in April (Chase Only)

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In this video we look at the best credit card bonuses for April 2024 from Chase.

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In this video I want to talk about the Best credit card bonuses out there in April 2024 and this video will actually Focus on Chase cards only since they Just launched several new bonuses I'll Talk not only about the traditional Welcome bonuses but also how you can Earn some great points multipliers on a Couple of different cards from Chase I'm Going to give you one card where you can Get points multipliers of up to 9 points Per dollar even if you are a current Card member and then we have another one Where they are offering 75,000 points And 5 points per dollar on a load of Really useful categories for your first Year and then finally we have a new Bonus on a certain IHG hotel credit card That we're going to talk about hey Credit Warriors welcome to the show I'm Ben Hedges aka the credit shuu I upload Several videos a week on Personal Finance credit cards and luxury travel If you like the sound of that do Subscribe but otherwise let's get Started all right so the first card I Want to talk about in this video is the Chase Freedom Flex now I am sure you Know that the freedom flex and the older Chase Freedom Card that's no longer Available to new applicants but you can Get through product change have five Point per dollar rotating categories Where you can earn five points per

Dollar and up to $1,500 in spending per quarter now the Categories for this quarter that started On April 1 are Amazon hotels and Restaurants pretty cool categories but If you have the freedom Flex okay not The regular freedom but the freedom flax You will actually be earning more on two Of those categories so the the way the 5x is worked out is that they take the Base spend of one point per dollar and Then they go and add four points per Dollar to that to get five okay but the Freedom Flex already earns three points Per dollar on restaurants so they're Actually going to be adding four points Per dollar to that 3 + 4 gives you a Total of seven points per dollar now That's not all the freedom Flex also Earns five points per dollar on Chase Travel so since hotels is one of the Categories if you book a Hotel through Chase travel you'll get an additional Four points per dollar added to that so It's 5 + 4 which is n now personally I Don't really like to book hotels through Chase travel I like to book direct since When you book through a travel portal With many Hotel Brands notably Marriott You don't get any benefits from your Hotel status if you have status like if You have Marriott Gold you won't get a Room upgrade because of it if you book Through a portal but hey maybe you don't

Have Hotel status anyway so this is Going to vary for each person but Definitely it's worth using the card for All of your restaurants spending this Quarter if you Max it out spending $1,500 at restaurants that's 10,500 Points that you will earn or $105 in Cash back I would even say it's worth Converting your old Freedom Card to a Freedom Flex to take advantage of this And that is exactly what I did since I Only had the old Freedom Card not the Flex which doesn't have the bonus for Restaurants or hotels so I called up the Number on the back of my card and I ask For a product change to the freedom Flex So I can earn 7 points of Dollar on Restaurants I tried to record my call so That I could show you guys but the core Recorder app I downloaded actually Didn't work but anyway it's very easy Just be aware that your card number will Change since you are changing from a Visa card to a Master Card so if you Have the card enrolled as a payment Method with any bills or Services you Will need to update it with the new card Number when you receive your card in the Mail so if you have the old freedom I Would say it is well worth the product Change and the freedom Flex also offers $800 worth of sell prone protection too So that's another bonus all right let's Now move on to a welcome bonus on three

Chase cards that features both a bonus Amount and five points per dollar on a Few useful spending categories for the First year these would be the three avos Earning Airline cards from Chase the Most well-known of which is probably the British Airways Visa signature a card That I also have but there's also one For Iberia which is Spain's national Airline and Air Lingus which is Ireland's national airline and all three Airlines use avos as their points Currencies and these points can actually Also be transferred to Qatar Airways too So that gives you even more options but Anyway these cards are all offering 75,000 points for spending $5,000 in 3 Months that is the regular bonus that's Been around for a while but in addition To that the cars now offer five avos per Dollar on $10,000 worth of spending on Gas grocery stores and dining in your First year if you Max that out that is An extra 50,000 avos taking you to a Total of 125,000 Now using British Airways as an Example you could do a round trip Transatlantic business class flight for 100,000 avos so the bonus gives you that And then maybe another us domestic Flight on American Airlines as well on Top of that all three of these cards Have a $95 annual fee I have the British Airways one because I used to be from

The UK I still like to go back there Sometimes especially at Christmas so it Makes sense for me because of the 10% Off British Airways flights originating In the US you also get $600 off of the Taxes and fees per year which can be Pretty high with ba when you book an Award ticket all right those taxes and Fees but if you are not a ba flyer you Can also use the avos on any airline in One world Alliance and I've done that Too I've used them on American Airlines And Japan Airlines for business class Pretty good best food I've ever had on a Plane I'll put the link to the British Airways Visa signature card and also I Guess the other two cards down below if You want to check them out all right so We have one more bonus for you but first Credit cards are getting more and more Complicated with some cards AMX uh Justifying High annual fees with loads Of credits that are hard to keep track Of plus Chase cards have rotating Quarterly categories and keeping track Of which card to use where for which Purchase in general can be a pain well You are going to love the sponsor of Today's video max rewards it's an app That keeps info on all your cards in one Place it links to your Banks and it Tracks how much you have used of all Your credits and warns you when they are About to expire since if you don't use

Them you lose them it tracks which cards From your wallet are giving you the best Points multiplier on every category of Spending and you could set the points Value yourself with what these points Are worth to you you can also view card Value which shows you how much value you Get out of a card versus the annual fee So you can make an informed decision Whether to keep it or not and with AMX Cards it's especially useful since the Pro version of Max rewards Max rewards Gold activates all of your MX offers for You so you never miss a deal when you Activate all of your offers you can get New offers you never knew existed Appearing in your account and Max Rewards activates them too saving you Even more money you can get a free month Of Max rewards gold with my link down Below or just download the app and check Out the free features all right so last But not least we have the IHG Rewards Premier business card and this has just Increased its welcome bonus from 140,000 Points all the way up to 175,000 points Now this is one of those two-part Bonuses so you get 140,000 points when You spend $44,000 in your first 3 months And then another 35,000 points when you Spend a total of $7,000 in 6 months so That includes the original $4,000 that You spent to be honest that is still a Pretty friendly spending requirement

Normally these two-part things are like Spend 4,000 in 3 months and then spend a Total of 20,000 in 6 months to get the Second half of the bonus but no this one Is doable for most people IHG of course Owns the Intercontinental which I stayed At in London I had a great time there And also hotels like the Regent that I Also stayed at in Taipei Taiwan these were both amazing hotels And doing a quick search I found the Intercontinental in London Park Lane Going for 86,000 points a night so two Nights there would be 172,000 points and the bonus that you Now get from the card would cover that And I'm sure there are a load more High-end IHG hotels that you would be Able to get two nights at or if you Wanted to go for something more budget Like holiday in you could definitely get Three to five nights with this bonus Depending on the location now this one Is a business card but anyone who is Self-employed would be eligible or even If you're employed as a W2 employee but You do something on the side like a side Hustle that could qualify as a business Uh you should be able to apply for this Too and the best thing about business Cards is typically they don't show up on Your personal credit report this is a Limited time offer I'm not sure when it Is going to end but get it while you can

If you want it I'll put the link to this One and I guess also the IHG personal Cards if you really feel you can't get a Business card you could check out those Too and then the other Airline cards That we talked about in this video all Those links will be at the bottom Remember they are affiliate links they Do help us out a lot if you use them so We thank you very much if you do however Do not feel obliged to also a big thank You to Max rewards the sponsor of Today's video get a three Monon of Max Rewards gold with my link below please Subscribe to the channel if you're new And we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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