These Two Credit Cards LOSING Free Lounge Access…

These Two Credit Cards LOSING Free Lounge Access...

In this video we look at two Capital One credit cards that are losing their lounge access.
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And I just have a little tip bit of news About two Capital One cards that are Losing lounge access okay now don't Worry this is not the Venture X Card Okay the sort of Flagship card that Everyone has been uh raving about with Capital One now this is the Capital One Venture Card the $95 annual fee one and The spark miles business card now these Cards used to get two complimentary Visits to either the capital 1 lounge or The Plaza premium Lounge each year and Then after that if you wanted to get in Um you could pay $45 to get into the uh Capital One lounge and whatever it cost To get into the plaza premium Lounge I Forget maybe it's $45 as well Unfortunately Capital 1 is changing this Now you will still be able to pay to get Into these lounges but you will no Longer get the two complimentary passes Um each year let me read out the text of This change effective January 1st 2025 Venture and Spark miles card holders Will no longer receive complimentary Lounge access you will have two Complimentary visits to Capital One Lounges or Plaza premium lounges to use By December 31st 2024 Venture and Spark Card holders can access Capital One Lounges for a special rate of $45 for Themselves and their guests so a couple Of things there notice that you still

Get the special rate of $45 okay regular Price is $65 so they're still giving you In the discount but they're taking away The two free passes however this doesn't Happen until the end of 2020 24 Okay so Until 2025 you know they normally do This because they I think to do with the Law they have to tell you like a year Out if they're going to make changes to Benefits uh for cards that have an Annual fee okay cuz people have paid the Annual fee they expect that benefit you Know for the next year so basically you Know that if you apply now for this card You'll have this benefit two free passes All the way through next year but as of 2025 uh you will not get it if you have The Venture maybe it'll be a good time To upgrade to the Venture X right at the End of 24 um but you know for most People I don't think it's really going To make that much of a difference it's Only two free passes I think the article I read in frequent Miler about this said That probably a lot of people who have The Venture don't even know that they Have free passes um but anyway if you Have that card just a heads up that that Benefit is going away however you'll Still be able to get in uh to Capital One lounges at the discounted rate of $45 all right guys just a short video to Talk about that please subscribe to the Channel if you're new for more credit

Card tips and tricks and the latest news Almost every day and we'll see you next Time bye-bye

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