These TWO Credit Cards Now Have 90k Bonuses ACT FAST

These TWO Credit Cards Now Have 90k Bonuses ACT FAST

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we are at the Fairmont Orchid the Best hotel in Hawaii and it's not just Me saying that look it's on the front Page of Google and everything on Google Is true so yeah anyway we will have a Review video on this hotel coming for You in just a few days so look out for That but first we have a 90 000 Point Bonus on two credit cards that has just Returned now this bonus was actually Around earlier this year I did actually Get it myself but then it went away and Then it came back as kind of a secret Bonus that you needed the direct link For you had to get that from Doctor of Credit or Reddit or some other blog but Now it is actually back as a public Offer and I'm not sure how long this is Going to last guys so I would suggest to Act fast with this one and the cards That this bonus is on it's the two no Annual fee business credit cards from Chase the Chase Ink unlimited and the Chase Inc cash and it's 90 000 points For spending six thousand dollars in Your first three months of card Membership now that's worth at least Nine hundred dollars but if you have Other Chase credit cards particularly The sapphire cards like the sapphire Reserve you can transfer those points Over and they take on higher value for Example on the sapphire Reserve it's 1.5

Points per dollar booking travel through The travel portal so that will give you A value of 1 350 and obviously if you Transfer the points even further on to Airlines and hotels like Hyatt or British Airways or whatever you tend to Get even higher value now these cards The chase income limited is kind of Similar to the Chase Freedom Unlimited In that it gets 1.5 points per dollar on Or spending the Chase Ink cash is more Like a business version of the Chase Freedom flex and then it has five Percent categories limited to a certain Amount of spending although they don't Rotate like on the freedom Flex so it's Five percent back on 25 000 spent per Year at office supplies stores and cable Phone and internet now both the cards Call the rewards that they earn cash Back but it is actually tracked as Points and you can then transfer those Points over to other Chase cards notably The sapphire cards and like we said it Takes some more value and you can then Transfer them on from there to Airline And hotel Partners now these are Business cards but you may not know that You can actually apply just with your Own personal SSN social security number You don't actually have to have an LLC Set up so basically anyone who works as A freelancer would be eligible for one Of these cards basically anyone who gets

Paid on a 1099 form instead of a W-2 Like that of a full-time employee Another final cool thing about these Cards is that they both have a zero Percent APR offer for the first 12 Months which means that you pay no Interest on your balance for the first 12 months and since their business cards That loan does not show up on your Personal credit report so you can Max Them out and it will not affect your Personal credit now I am not telling you To go spend irresponsibly but I'll give You a scenario where it could be useful For example my own case I got the Chase Ink unlimited and I have maxed it out Buying furniture for my Airbnb I'm Spending about ten thousand dollars on Furniture now once that business starts Up in about a month or so okay since We're always about a month away from Starting but anyway I think we really Are pretty much a month now but once That business starts up it will Significantly increase my monthly cash Flow and then I'll pay back that card at A rate about a thousand dollars or a Thousand five hundred dollars per month And it'll all be paid back by the time The zero percent intro APR period Finishes so you can use it as a tool and It is a very effective tool indeed Anyway guys that is the video for today If you're interested in either of these

Two cards I will put the links to both Of them in the description section below Obviously if you do use our links it Helps us out tremendously so we thank You very much if you do if you want to See our Advertiser disclosure it is Right at the bottom of the description Section of this video as always please Subscribe if you're new I'll see you Next time bye

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