THIS Credit Card Adding Transfer Partners VERY Soon (Rumor)

THIS Credit Card Adding Transfer Partners VERY Soon (Rumor)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we have a rumor video for you today I love a good rumor video now there is a Popular credit card that may be getting Transfer Partners and we are going to Find out in about 6 weeks if that is True so you don't have to wait long for This and I'll tell you why that is in a Minute but if you don't know many credit Card points currencies have Transfer Partners for example if I have chase Points I can transfer them to hir at Hotels British Airways United Airlines To name but a few and I get a much Better value than what I would get if I Just use those points to book travel Through Chase's travel portal for Example I was able to get 6 cents per Point in value booking United's Polaris Business class from the UK to New York a Few months ago so now you know what Transfer Partners are let's take a look At this rumor so the card in question is The Wells Fargo autograph card now this Is the card that replaced the Wells Fargo Propel card and that was a pretty Popular credit card and the autograph Card does have a lot of the same Benefits but the points have always just Been worth 1 cent per point which isn't A very good value well that may be Changing so check out this post on the Online Forum flyer talk a new Development in this month's card

Statement for the autograph in the Notice of changes section effective November 15th 2023 points transfer a new Online Redemption option that will be Available for all points-based Wells Fargo credit cards called points Transfer with points transfer you will Be able to redeem your points to Transfer as miles points or credits to Participating partner loyalty transfer Programs the new feature will be Available on the autograph points based But not the active cach dollar based Rewards no word as of yet as to what the Transfer Partners will be so it's Getting Transfer Partners according to This guide now this isn't Insider INF he Said it was printed on his statement Unfortunately since I don't have this Card I can't verify it for you if anyone In the audience does have the card check Your most recent statement and see if You got the message too it'll probably Be on the last page and it depends when Your statement date is too because if if They just started doing this this guy May be one of the first batch of people To receive the message and perhaps it'll Be printed on all statements going Forward so if your statement closing Date was later than his you might next To get it and it seems this applies to Not just the autograph card but all Wells Fargo points based cards and that

Makes me think since the built card is a Wells Fargo credit card and it already Has Transfer Partners perhaps the Logical thing for Wells Fargo to do Would be to just import The Transfer Partners from the built card to their Other points based cards and that would Be awesome because built has a load of Really good Transfer Partners including Them being the only us credit card Company that can transfer points to American Airlines they also have British Airways which is a useful partner world Of Hyatt which in my view is the highest Value hotel partner and a load of other Airlines and in my mind at least that's Totally logical and would make total Sense then if you have the built card And the autograph card you have the Makings of a trifecta the autograph gets You 3x points on a load of cool Categories like travel Transit Restaurants and gas and the built card Gives you one point per dollar on rent And double points on the first of every Month so six points per dollar on dining Once a month next logical step would be For Wells Fargo to make the active cash Earn points and then that would be your Non-category card for 2x back on Everything rivaling the city double cach And you could then transfer to the Autograph and transfer to Partners but What you might not know is that you

Actually already have that ability on Wells Fargo cards like with Capital One It seems you can transfer cash back from A cashback card to a points card and it Becomes points here's a test that Someone on reddits r/ credit card Subreddit did he first explains how to Find the function in your account and Then describes the experience to confirm And pass along the flow info I moved my Active cash balance to the autograph Went right through and rewards balances Updated immediately now I haven't Verified that since I don't have any Wells Fargo cards but that is what this Reddit user said Wells Fargo did say a Year or two ago that they are revamping Their entire credit card lineup and if They want to compete with the big boys Adding Transfer Partners is a must and The ability to pull points from several Cards or convert cash back to points is A good idea too so whether this happens Or not you will find out on November 15th and if more people start receiving The notice on their statements and Especially if they start uploading Photos to the internet of it I guess It'll be considered verified information Now guys if you are interested in the Built credit card I'll put a link Directly to it below where you can learn More about it it is in my opinion one of The best credit cards out there on the

Market right now and if you rent the House or apartment that you live in it Is an absolute no-brainer I'll also put My credit card guide below where you can Find links to many of the cards that we Mention on the show and on that page you Can also search by issuer and find the Wells Fargo autograph card too if you're Interested in that one by using our Links we do earn a commission but it Really helps us out and it's a great way Of supporting our Channel at no Additional cost to yourself so we thank You very much if you do just make sure The welcome bonus you are offered is Competitive with what is publicly Available all right guys please Subscribe and leave your comments below And what you think about all this we'll See you in the next video bye-bye

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