This Credit Card Just Added 10x Points For the Holidays!

This Credit Card Just Added 10x Points For the Holidays!

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now you may have heard of the built card It is the only credit card that lets you Pay rent to any landlord with the card And earn points the card also has other Bonus categories such as dining and Travel now built normally have their So-called rent day on the 1 of every Month where they double the rewards on Every category except for rent so you Can earn six points per dollar on dining On the first of every month for example And they normally have some other Promotion or deal in addition to that For example in the past we saw a way for You to get high at hotel status on their Rent day okay but this month because of Thanksgiving and Black Friday Etc they Are starting the deals early and they Have two offers for built card holders And if you don't have the built card yet Do stick around because this may give You a reason to think about getting it So first up we have a 10x built dining Offer now built dining is their dining Program it's a collection of restaurants Come similar to the MX fine hotels Collection is a collection of hotels Many credit cards have dining programs Too and they're normally really really Good okay really high-end great Restaurants obviously guys there's going To be more of them if you live in a big City so for people you know this your

Mileage may vary okay if you're way out In the countryside but if you're in a Big city there should be some pretty Cool restaurants for you to check out From this collection and now you can Earn 10 points per dollar um on all of These restaurants in addition to the Three points per dollar you normally Earn on dining with the card then on Rent day okay the 1st of December that 3x will be doubled to 6X so you'll Actually be earning 16 points per dollar Okay it gets added to that 10 so 16 16 Points per dollar on your spending at Those restaurants the promotion runs From Black Friday to December 1st uh so You've got just about a week for this One and you can earn additional 20,000 Points with this promotion all right Let's now move on to the next one the Built card has also added double points On shopping for the whole of Thanksgiving Black Friday and Cyber Monday so when they say double points on Shopping basically all of the spending Categories that would otherwise just Earn one point per dollar now earn two Points per dollar this is valid for up To $20,000 in spending it starts at 1200 A.m. eastern time on the 23rd okay so That's just after midnight tonight okay Um which is you know the early in the Morning on Thanksgiving uh and then it Ends at 11:59 p.m. on the 27th so that's

The end of Cyber Monday it's a great Deal obviously there may other cards That earn more but depending on what you Have in your wallet this could be good For you built points are amongst some of The most valuable credit card points With some great Transfer Partners like American Airlines and high hotels this Will also work great if you can use the Built card combined with a shopping Portal like rakon where you can click Through to some of your favorite stores And get up to 15% cash back or 16 AMX Points per dollar on your purchase on Top of any Black Friday deal and on top Of what you're earning with your credit Card it's really stacking the deals now If you're interested in reton it's such An no-brain at this time of year guys to Be honest I'll leave a link to their Site Down Below guys you can get a $40 Bonus when you sign up and make your First purchase if you're interested in Learning more about the built card I Will also put a link to that down below To this is just a short video to tell You about that deal we got a press Release about it yesterday but it was Embargoed until today which means we Weren't allowed to speak about it until Today let me know what Amazing Black Friday deals you guys are getting how Many layers of discounts offers rewards You are managing to stack I'd love to

Know all about it please subscribe to The channel if you're new we'll see you Next time bye-bye

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