This Credit Card Now Gives 30% off Flights + Sapphire 80k ENDS Tonight

This Credit Card Now Gives 30% off Flights + Sapphire 80k ENDS Tonight

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In this video we are going to talk about A series of credit cards that is now Offering a 30 discount on flights Yes You heard that correctly 30 off also we Have the last chance for the 80 000 Point welcome bonus on The Chase Sapphire preferred it's one of the best Mid-tier travel credit cards on the Credit card Market hi I'm Ben Hedges aka The credit Shifu and on this channel I Give out credit card finance and luxury Travel tips so you can accumulate credit Card points and potentially travel the World for free like I do if you like the Sound of that why not consider Subscribing on YouTube and you can also Follow me on Facebook Instagram and Tick Tock all my social media handles are Below before we get into this video a Big thank you to today's sponsor the Zero commission investing app Weeble Where you can currently get up to 12 Free stocks for opening a new account And depositing any amount of money Absolute minimum value for this deal is Thirty four dollars if you're unlucky And you get the worst stocks at low Values if you luck out you get all the Best stocks it could be worth up to Thirty thousand dollars weibo will also Pay you 5.8 apy on your uninvested cash For the first month as a promotion as Well and that drops down afterwards to 4.1 percent which is still an amazing

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Rate guys if you want to take advantage Of that deal do click the link below Alright let's start with the 80 000 Point bonus on The Chase Sapphire Preferred that is ending today by the End of the day okay May 24th in case You're watching this tomorrow the bonus Is worth at least one thousand dollars When used to book travel through Chase's Travel portal and that is because the Points on the sapphire preferred are Worth 1.25 cents per point when used in This way obviously if you're more of a Credit card Pro and you transfer the Points out to Airlines and book business And first class you can potentially get A lot more value for them this card has A 95 annual fee so if you want to look At it from the perspective of the bonus Offsetting the annual fee the bonus is The annual fee for 10 years but the card Does have a load of other benefits as Well like a 50 Hotel credit every year It earns points on your spending like Five points per dollar on travel through Chase two points per dollar on other Travel three points per dollar on dining Three points per dollar on online Grocery Etc but anyway if you are interested in This bonus It Ends Tonight so you do Need to apply today I'll put a link to The card in the description below so That you can learn more about it now

Let's talk about some credit cards that Are offering a 30 discount on flights And this would be the Southwest Airlines Credit cards also from Chase now if you Don't know this is a series of three Personal cards and one business card and The new limited time sign up bonus on The three personal cards is 30 off Flights plus a load of points previously These cards were offering a companion Pass as part of the bonus that's now Finished and just a few days ago they Came out with this new 30 offer so Here's how the deal works you need to Spend three thousand dollars on Purchases in the first three months from Account opening and you will then get Sixty thousand points which in and of Itself is a pretty valuable bonus it's Worth nine hundred dollars if you use The points guys valuations of 1.5 cents Per point for Southwest points but then In addition you get a coupon code that Gives you 30 off Southwest flights until October 31st 2024 so you basically get This for a whole year or even a year and A few months if you manage to do all the Spending for the bonus in the first Month of card membership if you applied Today and so that bonus like we said is Available on the three personal Southwest cards in case you're curious The current bonus on the business card Is 80 000 Southwest points for five

Thousand dollars worth of spending in The first three months that might be a Better option for some people who want To you know not use a 524 slot because Business cards don't show up on your Personal credit report Um but you know your mileage may vary Now these offers end on June 26 2023 Three and you can see they've actually Got a countdown on the landing page Telling you how many days are left so Southwest is really trying to sell this So what do I think about this deal well I think it's going to be a great deal For someone who flies Southwest a lot Especially if you're planning like a big Family trip because actually the Discount is valid for up to eight Passengers on the same booking so if You've got a plan to Fly Southwest Somewhere and you're going to take a Load of people with you and buy their Tickets then actually it's an amazing Deal all right that could really add up To like several hundred dollars also it Is valid on points bookings as well Apparently so that means that the 60 000 Points you get could potentially go like 30 percent longer all right you could Use it on your points bookings instead Of on your cash bookings but for other People especially people who are more Interested in flying premium cabins Um I wouldn't just jump on this because

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It's available because you know Southwest if you didn't know it doesn't Have any premium cabins it's kind of Like a low-cost Airline although they do Have some pretty sweet deals like you Get checked bags for free and stuff but Uh you know I would say it's a it's it's Much nicer than Spirit airways but it Still is uh essentially and no frills no Cost Airlines so for someone looking for The premium stuff this isn't for you but Hey for someone who wants to go on a Southwest trip especially if you're Thinking of doing a large booking and That kind of stuff um I think it could Be a really great deal so for those that Are interested I will put the links to The three personal Southwest Airline Credit cards below you've just got about A month left to take advantage of that Offer if you are interested click below To learn more and also I'll put the link To the Chase Sapphire preferred with the 80 000 Point bonus below as well you can Click in there to learn more about that Card too don't forget to get your 12 Free stocks and one month of 5.8 apy on Uninvested cash from Weeble in the links Below as well and guys please subscribe To the channel we'll see you next time Bye-bye

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