Top Credit Card BONUSES For September 2023

Top Credit Card BONUSES For September 2023

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show It is that time again we're almost at Four the scent of pumpkin spice lattes Is filling every Starbucks and we have a New set of credit card bonuses to talk About and if you like the sound of that Do subscribe to this channel where I Cover credit cards or personal finance And luxury travel in addition to being On YouTube I'm also on all of the other Social media like Instagram Tick Tock Etc my username and handles are on Screen now First up let's talk about some welcome Bonuses on credit cards now if you don't Know a welcome bonus is when a certain Credit card will give you a certain Amount of points or cashback for Spending a certain amount of money in Your first typically three months when You open the card for example 50 000 Points for spending three thousand Dollars something like that first up we Have increased welcome bonuses on to Capital One Small Business Cards the Spark cash select and the spark mile Select now these are quite special Because neither of these cards have an Annual fee yet they are offering some Pretty big bonuses so the spark cash Select now has a welcome bonus of 750 in Cashback for spending six thousand Dollars on your card in the first three Months now that one is a public bonus

But it does require you to have the Direct link to the offer which we will Paste down in a pin comment below then The spark miles select is offering 50 000 miles for spending 4500 dollars in Your first three months now that's Pretty unheard of to get a bonus of 50 000 miles on a no annual fee card that Would normally be a reserved for the Mid-tier cards that have like a 95 Annual fee and don't forget Capital One Miles can be transferred to Transfer Partners such as British Airways Singapore Airlines Emirates and hotels Like Windham and this one is actually Publicly showing on Capital one's Website so you don't need the direct Link for it now although one of these Bonuses is cashback and the other is Miles there's a little secret that you Might not know that Capital One actually Lets you transfer cash back from Cashback cards over two miles so you Could actually even transfer this if you Had a miles earning card you could Transfer the cashback from the cash Select over to Miles and then you'd have Like 75 000 miles from the bonus the Only downside of Capital One is that They do pull all three credit bureaus When you sign up and these cards report To your personal Credit in addition to Your business credit while in the year 2020 they did make some changes in that

The spark Cash Plus card no longer Reports too personal the spark cash Select and the miles select card do both Apparently still report to personal Credit reports according to the latest Data points now this might be Advantageous to some people who are Newer to the game who are still building Credit but it's going to be Disadvantageous to people who are later On the game or people who want to rack Up higher balances alright let's move on Next up we have the advantage executive World Elite MasterCard this is the top American Airlines credit card from City And it is currently the only way to get Full Admirals Club lounge access through A credit card the card is offering a Welcome bonus of a hundred thousand American Airlines miles for spending ten Thousand dollars in your first three Months now the spending requirement is Kind of high so it only works out at 10 Miles per dollar but still a hundred Thousand miles is a hundred thousand Miles if we use a points guys valuation Of 1.77 cents per mile for American Airlines miles we end up at a valuation Of one thousand seven hundred and Seventy dollars for this bonus and you Might get even more value because the Points guys valuations are skewed Towards coach bookings now this is Listed on City's website as a limited

Time offer and the blogs and websites That have affiliate links for this card Are now saying that it is ending soon I Don't know how soon but if you want it I Wouldn't wait all right let's now get Into some American Express offers but First if you are into credit cards and Welcome offers you need to protect Yourself from identity theft so that no One can open up fraudulent accounts in Your name and trash your credit score if That happens no bank will approve you For a credit card and you'll never get Any of these juicy bonuses you may not Know that your personal information is Easily available on many data broker Websites such as true people search look There are 52 Ben Hedges on there but not One of them is me and that's because of The sponsor of today's video Aura Aura Is a complete identity theft credit Monitoring VPN and anti-virus service All rolled into one they call constantly Submit removal requests to data Brokers To get your personal information off the Open internet and they even monitor the Dark web for your info and passwords That may have been stolen in data Breaches they found three instances of My information on the dark web then Their credit monitoring feature will Send you an alert when there's Suspicious activity on your credit Report like someone applying for an

Account in your name their VPN service Protects your data when surfing the Internet particularly useful when using Public Wi-Fi and their antivirus service Protects your computer and devices at Home it's like seven things that all Complement each other all rolled into One and thus it provides way better Value than if you sign up for all of These Services individually so let Aura Do the hard work of keeping you safe Online and if you sign up now with my Link below you can get a two-week free Trial of the service you'll be shocked At how much of your personal information Aura fines exposed in those two weeks so Go to forward slash Ben Hedges To start your two week free trial of the Service it's also linked below or you Can scan the QR code on screen now now Sadly the public welcome bonus on the American Express Platinum Card has gone Down to 80 000 points okay as of a few Months ago but there are still some Increased bonuses that you can get on The platinum and the gold card floating Around out there now you can try Referral links from a friend or you can Try incognito mode on your browser to See if you're targeted for anything Special but there is an increased offer On both of these cards that everyone can Easily get and that is the Offer basically you go to this website and you click up here in the Corner exclusive us offers from Amex and You will get some special bonus offers On the platinum and the gold card Platinum is a hundred thousand Membership rewards points after you Spend eight thousand dollars on Purchases on your new card in your first Six months and 10 points per dollar on Restaurants worldwide on up to twenty Five thousand dollars of spending during The first six months the deal on the Gold card is 75 000 membership rewards Points after you spend four thousand Dollars on purchases on your new card in Your first six months and twenty percent Back as a statement credit on Purchase Made at restaurants worldwide within the First 12 months of card membership up to Two hundred and fifty dollars back I did A dedicated video on this last week it Looks like this so if you want a more Dedicated analysis of these bonuses you Can check that out I'll link to it on The end screen of this video in addition To the personal platinum and gold there Is also on the business Platinum a 150 000 points targeted mail offer okay I Received this uh through the mail even Though I've already got the card I don't Know why okay maybe it's a different LLC That they targeted for but get this when I received that I was curious so went Online to see if there was any better

Offer online and I immediately Encountered a 170 000 Point offer for The business Platinum so yeah there are Still those really high offers on the Business Platinum still out there all Right let's now move on to the Marriott Bonvoy boundless card and the Re-emergence of an amazing offer that Was around a few years ago and I knew That it would be back I'll be back And it is and this is the incredible Offer for five free night certificates Each worth 50 000 points so that's Equivalent to 250 000 Marriott points And that is for spending five thousand Dollars in your first three months of Card membership now if you Max this out And you use all five certificates at Hotels that really do cost fifty Thousand points per night then the total Value for your five nights using a point Sky valuation for Marriott points of 0.84 cents per point would be two Thousand one hundred dollars and Remember if you already have some Marriott points or you get the card and You earn some before you want to use These certificates you can actually top Up each certificate up to 15 000 points If you want to stay at a Marriott hotel That's a little bit more classy than Fifty thousand points will get you you Do need a direct link for this one so I Will put it in a pin comment below

All right let's now end the video Talking about a few limited time Transfer bonuses now transfer bonuses Are When a credit card will give you a Bonus when you transfer points to a Certain Airline or hotel so say you Transfer points to this Airline you get A bonus for 20 or 30 Etc now first there are a few transfer Bonuses from American Express that are Ending on August 31st so that's Literally in one or two days depending On when I upload this video there's Currently a 30 transfer bonus to British Airways so 1 000 Amex points becomes 1 300 British Airways avios I did take Advantage of this one a couple of weeks Ago transferring over a few tens of Thousands of Amex points to British Airways Um just in advance because I know I will Eventually use them to fly either to the UK or on American Airlines flights Domestically then we have a Hilton bonus Too so Hilton normally transfers from America Express at a rate of one to two So one thousand Amex points become 2 000 Hilton points but right now there is a 25 bonus so it means that 1000 Amex Points become 2 500 Hilton points and I Did actually take advantage of this one Transferring 60 000 Amex points over to Hilton which then became 150 000 Amex Points and I use those points to book

Two nights at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the big island of Hawaii for Late September in addition there is a 15 Bonus when you transfer over to Avianca I don't know much about this one but Some of you in the audience may find it Useful all of these end on August 31st So if you want to take advantage of them Do be quick however just make sure that You do have a plan for using the points Because you don't want to end up with Wasted points trapped in one of your Loyalty accounts remember once you've Transferred over you can't transfer back All right let's now look at transfer Bonuses from two more credit card Issuers there is currently a 50 bonus When you transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards over to Marriott this one ends September 30th so you you do have time To take advantage of it just remember That Marriott isn't the highest value Transfer Partner remember that Points Guy valuation 0.84 cents per point for The points so you might get more value Out of your chase points transferring Them to an airline and booking a Business class flight then transferring To Marriott even with this bonus but Your mileage may vary if you've got a Redemption in mind that you're getting Good value for that you really want to Do you could use this transfer bonus for That and then the last one is a bonus

From City for transferring over to Wyndham currently you get 20 extra when You transfer city thank you points over To Wyndham Hotels and that deal runs Until September 16th just be aware that You need to be a city Prestige Premiere Or at T access more card member to get That rate some of the other cards get a Lower rate Windham of course is known For its low end hotels like Super 8 but They do actually have some really nice Resorts particularly outside the US that You can use Windham points for and these Often cost between 15 thousand and Thirty thousand Windham points per night All right guys that is the video a big Thank you to Aura for sponsoring this One and don't forget you can get a Two-week trial of their service with my Link below we'll also put links to some Of the direct offers that you need in a Ping comment please subscribe to the Channel if you're new and we'll see you Next time bye

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