United Devaluation Getting Worse, But New HUGE Bonuses on THESE Cards

United Devaluation Getting Worse, But New HUGE Bonuses on THESE Cards

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Hey everyone welcome to the show and About a week ago United Airlines Increased its award ticket prices from The US to Europe by about 30 so for Example we were looking at flights that Would have cost about 60 000 United Miles if you had booked them in mid-may They now cost 80 000 United miles well It seems that the devaluation just got Worse with more markets affected in Addition to just between us and Europe You've now got a load of other areas of The world that are affected by this Devaluation however there are some sweet Spots it seems that for now there is one Market where United has kept the mileage Rates unchanged we'll tell you all about That later and also Chase has increased The welcome bonuses on all of its United Credit cards maybe it's to fight off the Effects of this devaluation I don't know But we'll go through these increased Welcome bonuses they are limited time Offers all right we'll tell you all About that later in the video but first Let's give you the bad news so that 122 Increase that we put in the title of This video that is on a flight between Hawaii and Japan the points guys Reporters did some testing on this and They found that there was a flight Between Honolulu Hawaii which is in the USA and Nagoya Japan that would have Been 45 000 United miles if you booked

It a few weeks ago it now costs 100 000 United miles okay and that is the save Affair the cheapest rate that is offered So that's the 122 increase but it's not 122 on every route in fact the points Guys researchers said that they found That the increase was very volatile so In some cases a huge amount like 100 and In some cases not too much and they said The range was between 21 and 122 across Different markets and this is just on Award flights okay so flights booked With United miles uh not with cash so Another example would be flights from The US to Australia they've gone up from 40 000 miles to 55 1000 miles in economy And from 80 000 miles up to a hundred Thousand miles in business class that is An increase of thirty seven percent and Twenty five percent respectively award Flights to South America have also Increased in price too in fact the only Destination internationally that seems That it hasn't been affected are flights Between the US and the Middle East Flights from the US to both Dubai and Israel are unchanged at a saver award Rate of 40 000 miles in economy and Eighty thousand in business and that now Brings us finally to the U.S domestic Market and the fact that award prices on U.S domestic flights seem unchanged you Can still go transcontinental for Example LAX to IAD in Washington DC for

15 000 miles in economy and I even found Tickets from LAX to New York for 18 000 Miles in economy and just over 60 000 in Business although eighty thousand in Business is a more common rate for this Route especially with a Polaris seat so The U.S domestic Market seems to be Unchanged for now but who knows what Will happen in the future now curiously Around the same time as this devaluation Chase came out with a load of new Welcome bonuses on the United cards that They issue I'm guessing it could be to Counteract the effects of this Devaluation or maybe it's just a Coincidence we'll give them the benefit Of the doubt so here are the cards and Their bonuses on the United Gateway card That is their no annual fee card the Bonus is now 30 000 miles for spending a Thousand dollars in the first three Months this bonus used to be only twenty Thousand and you can see here thirty Thousand is a limited time offer I'll Tell you the date when all these offers End at the end of the video so do keep Watching then we have the united Explorer car this is their tier three Rewards card with a 95 annual fee Although it is waived for the first year The car just increased its bonus from 50 000 miles up to sixty Thousand Miles and That's for spending three thousand Dollars in three months and this one

Doesn't actually say limited time off on It so I'm guessing that this is the new Standard bonus that would be a 20 Increase in what it had before so They've increased the price in miles by A minimum of 21 And uh bonus on credit card has Increased by 20 because yeah we kind of Not quite catching up with it but Whatever next we have the United Quest Card which is actually the one on the Screen there this is their tier 3.5 card Okay what I call tier 3.5 cards with a 250 annual fee although that is cut in Half by a 125 United travel credit and This card is offering a welcome bonus of 70 000 miles and 500 Premier qualifying Points to help you climb up the United Tier levels you need to spend four Thousand dollars in three months to get The bonus and the previous bonus that This has increased from was 60 000 miles Plus 500 Premier qualifying points and You can actually earn 500 more Premier Qualifying points for every twelve Thousand dollars a year you spend on This card so this could be a good way of Moving status ladder with United for the United Quest Card though there was Recently a 90 000 points direct offer Through a Chase direct link when I Checked it today though it was no longer Available and that offer was just 90 000 Points for spending five thousand

Dollars so a thousand more in three Months but no Premier qualifying points But anyway whatever it's not available Anymore so it doesn't really matter you Don't need to think about it then lastly We have the United Club Card which is Their premium travel card I like to call These cards a tier 4 card it has a 525 Annual fee but it does give you United Club membership IHG hotels Platinum Elite status a 75 IHG hotel credit all These things help to offset that annual Fee let's have a look at the bonus so The bonus on this one is 80 000 United Miles enough for a one-way business Class trip to Europe under the new Pricing and also 1 000 Premier Qualifying points and that's for Spending five thousand dollars in three Months and guys I'll put the links to All of these cards below if you're Interested if you do you use them make Sure the offers are competitive with What you find on Chase and United's Websites but it's really helps to Support our show by using our links so We thank you very much if you do and Click below to learn more about those Cuts and I did say that most of these Are limited time offers okay so the Gateway card the United QUEST card and The United Club Card those are all Limited time offers those three and they Will be ending on August 9th so you've

Got like two months to apply for these If you want them so be quick and also Guys let me know what you think about These crazy devaluations in the comments Below okay I'd love to know what you Think I know what I think I'll give it To you here I think that you know it's Sad to see this happening but Devaluations is actually kind of just a Fact of the credit card points and Miles Game throughout the pandemic we saw some Sky High bonuses particularly in the Tail end you know coming out of the Pandemic and when travel was you know Surging back we saw like a hundred and Fifty thousand points 170 000 points you Know especially on you know some of the AmEx cards like we saw huge huge bonuses Um and I there's been some great bonuses On Chase cards too I just got 90 000 on The ink unlimited business card a while Back I think the ink preferred still has A hundred thousand bonus points uh Welcome bonus and obviously we've got Some great bonuses on these cards I mean There was a 90 000 on the uh United QUEST card so we're seeing a lot more Bonuses that are close to a hundred Thousand points that would cover a uh Business class ticket from the US to Europe anyway so it kind of was was Probably gonna happen I'm disappointed That United has devalued to the extent That it has I mean that 122 increase on

That flight to Japan is just ridiculous Okay so I would like to see less Volatility and more actual like method To their Madness more of a you know kind Of observable pattern but yeah this is Just what happens guys I think people Have probably got used to the decent you Know award Redemption rates whilst Earning sky-high bonuses on on credit Cards that's the time when you get the Most value right when you know you've Had some huge bonuses and higher earning Rates on cars for a period of time but That hasn't been reflected in Devaluation of the miles yet or Increased prices on award tickets so Towards the tail end of that if just Before they devalue is where you're Getting the best deal right so we've Kind of got used to that and now they're Devaluing but um still you know it's It's annoying to see and I'm I'm very Upset about it but I am pleased I Managed to get a United ticket uh for Next week coming back from the UK Because I'm going there at the weekend In Polaris for 60 000 points so this Will be one of the last United tickets Booked at 60 000 points we'll have the Flight review for you next week so uh do Stay tuned to the channel as always guys A big thank you for watching do Subscribe here on YouTube and I'm also On all of the other micro content

Platforms like Tick Tock Instagram reels And of course uh Facebook as well all of My handles are on screen below uh do Check them out if you're on any of those Platforms we'll see you next time bye

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