Unlock the BEST Credit Card Bonuses of July 2023 (New cards + existing members)

Unlock the BEST Credit Card Bonuses of July 2023 (New cards + existing members)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And we are now in July it is a new month And you know what that means a new set Of credit card welcome bonuses for us to Talk about on the channel now in the Past I normally just covered welcome Bonuses in this series of videos but More recently I've included some other Sorts of spending bonuses for current Card members of certain credit cards as Well and that is what I'm gonna do in This video I'm going to give you both Welcome bonuses and different kinds of Bonuses that current Card members of Many of these cards can take advantage Of as well there's also one bonus that Was going to end at the end of June it Has been extended to July 10th it's a Pretty good deal so wait around to the End of video to find out what that is About too and if you like this kind of Content my name is Ben Hedges do Consider subscribing here on YouTube you Can also follow me on Tick Tock Instagram and Facebook where I post more Up-to-date timely credit card tips and Tricks as well alright so up first we Have the new Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Flex categories for quarter Three of 2023 so if you don't know so The Chase Freedom that is the older Version of the Freedom Card that you Can't get anymore many people still have It and then the Chase Freedom Flex that

Is the current version if you were to Apply now that is what you get these Credit cards from Chase have rotating Quarterly categories where you can earn Five percent back which is also Convertible to 5x points per dollar back On fifteen hundred dollars worth of Spending in the categories that are Active for that quarter and the new Categories for quarter three so they Just changed the new categories are gas EV charging and select entertainment so Those categories are live as of July 1st They're live now gas is always a great Category for me and you got EV charging Not sure how much people spend on that Because people with EVS are always Telling me how cheap they are to run so They're probably not spending that much In the category but if you do you get Five percent back or five x points per Dollar back and then you also got select Entertainment so if you are thinking of Buying a concert ticket or a sporting Event ticket this month this quarter you Could you know Max it out with that Because those tickets tend to be pretty Expensive anyway so if you're into you Know going and seeing live entertainment Events that could be a good way of Maxing out personally I will be focusing On gas now don't forget you do have to Activate these so go into your account And activate the categories okay if you

Don't activate them you're just earning One percent cash back so uh you're kind Of screwing yourself over so don't Forget to activate them and also if You're using other apps for gas for Example I use the Walmart Plus app on my Phone because I got free Walmart Plus Membership from my AmEx Platinum which Gets me 10 cents off per gallon you Don't need to use the Amex platinum as Your payment method so I use whatever Card has a gas bonus so just make sure You change Um the card that you're using as your Default payment method to the Chase Freedom of Freedom Flex or whatever You've got so that you can take Advantage of the gas uh five percent on Gas when you pay through the app at Walmart or Exxon and mobile gas stations And also if you haven't got the card and You want to sign up for it now it does Have a 200 bonus when you sign up which Is it's not the highest bonus this card Has ever had but it's still respectable All right let's now move on to the IHG Hotel cards also from Chase now IHG Hotels this includes Brands such as the InterContinental The Crown Plaza those Are on the high end and then on the Lower end you have Brands like Holiday Inn which is a really common convenient Place to stay here in the US in Canada Etc now the two personal IHG credit

Cards from Chase are currently offering A limited time offer welcome bonus so The offer on the ihg-1 rewards Premiere Card is and they just added an extra Word in there one it used to be the IHG Rewards Premiere now it's the I actually Won rewards Premiere I don't what are They doing anyway so the ihg-1 rewards Premiere Card the bonus is 140 000 Points plus a 100 statement credit for Use at IHG hotels now you have to spend Three thousand dollars in the first Three months to get the 140 000 points And then the 100 statement credit that Is just for any IHG spending in the First 12 months so the value of this we Value IHG points they're pretty similar In value to Hilton points about half a Cent a piece so the 140 000 points would Be valued at 700 then plus the 100 Statement credit that would be 800 in Value for this bonus obviously the value Depends how you use it if you stay at Really high-end hotels you may get Higher value now that card does have a 99 annual fee but there is another card Another IHG card that has no annual fee And that is the ihg-1 Rewards travel Card can't forget about that one in There okay one I actually won this one Has an 80 000 Point welcome bonus for Spending two thousand dollars in the First three months plus a fifty dollar Uh statement credit so the total value

For that would be 400 value for the Bonus plus fifty dollars so it's four Hundred and fifty dollars in value That's pretty good value on a welcome Bonus for a no annual fee card and then The IHG business card this just has the 140 000 points but without the statement Credits so nothing really to write home About there now for the personal cards Especially the ihg-1 rewards Premiere This bonus is not quite as good as the Previous all-time high bonus of 175 000 Points but it is close okay just you Know maybe 52 hundred dollars Less in Value but you know it's a pretty good Bonus nonetheless and for some people it Might be better because let's say you Get 140 000 points you book a high class IHG hotel but then the hotel doesn't Provide free breakfast well now you've Got a statement credit to pay for Breakfast or pay for room service Etc so Depending on who you are and how you Book Etc could actually be better than The previous all-time high bonus now This bonus is a limited time offer There's 80 something days left and it Actually ends on September 27th 2023 so You've got quite a while if you want This one I will put the links to both of The personal IHG cards below so that you Can check them out and learn more about Them and as always using our links does Help out our show story thank you very

Much if you do all right next we have a Bonus for anyone with a membership Rewards earning American Express card Okay so membership rewards that is Amex's own points currency so if you Have the gold card the Platinum Card the Everyday card the green card and the Business versions of those those cards All earn Amex membership towards points You can currently transfer from American Express to British Airways and Iberia at A 30 bonus so you transfer a thousand Points you get a thousand three hundred Now that is really really good and both These Airlines they're not US Airlines But you can use them for U.S flights Okay I'll talk about that in a second Both of these Airlines do have their Strong points and that kind of Determines which one you'd want to use So British Airways for example if you Travel to London on British Airways you Get hit with big taxes and fees so Normally don't do that all right unless You're a sucker like me I do sometimes Just pay the taxes and fees but it's Kind of crazy to do that British Airways Though their points they're avios it's Called you can use them on American Airlines flights to fly U.S domestic Routes and normally it costs less avios Than if you used American Airlines own Miles so that's really good so Transferring to British Airways use it

On U.S domestic flights with American Airlines I use them to go to Las Vegas For example and then Iberia if you want To go to Europe for a pretty cheap price In points in business class you can Actually fly to Spain okay so from U.S East Coast New York for example to Madrid for around 35 000 or is it 38 000 Avios it's 30 something thousand aveos Anyway okay really really cheap normally It'll cost you 50 to 60 000 abios one Way in business class so with this 30 Bonus you'd only have to transfer 30 000 NR points to Iberia and you'd be able to Book business class one way to Europe That is actually a really good deal 60 000 you get a round trip so very very Good deal that's obviously also is Limited time not sure how long that's Going on for but anyway 30 bonus when You transfer from American Express to Those two Airlines and this is for Current Card members of any of those Membership rewards earning cards and Speaking of American Express if you have An AMEX card or actually really any Other credit card for that matter you May be interested in the sponsor of Today's video which is Max rewards it is The really useful smartphone app that Keeps information on all your credit Cards in one easy to use dashboard so You will be able to see your Transactions your balances your points

And rewards balances it will warn you of Upcoming bills it'll even tell you which Card to use where for the maximum rate Of rewards it tracks things like Rotating quarterly categories and Updates its rewards recommendations Accordingly also if you have American Express cards and you have the Gold Version of Max rewards Max rewards will Activate your Amex offers automatically So you never miss a deal Amex offers Those offers on your card that you can Activate and add to your card where you Save you know certain amount of money at Certain Merchants okay it'll add all of Those to your cards sometimes you use One automatically and you come home and You get an email and say that you save Money without even realizing it so you Can get a free month of the Gold version Of Max rewards that's the one that Activates all your offers for you with My link below you can also click through My link and just download the free Version and check out the free features Of which there are many alright let's Now talk about a credit card that is Offering a welcome bonus for new card Members and a few little perks for Current Card members but the important Thing is this welcome bonus has no spend Requirement okay so it's really easy to To get and that would be the Amazon Prime rewards Visa signature card okay

So this is the card that's available to Amazon Prime members so the annual fee Is your Prime Membership so yeah it's Free for Prime members and currently the Card is offering a 200 Amazon gift card When you're approved okay so you sign up And get approved you can get a decision In as little as 15 seconds apparently And there's no spend requirements so It's not like you sign up you don't even Have to make your first purchase it's Just you sign up bang 200 gift card in Your Amazon account so pretty awesome Now this offer ends July 26th but you'll Probably want to apply before that Because Prime Day is coming up on July 11th and 12th now this card normally Earns five percent back at Amazon and Whole Foods but they're adding an extra Percentage point for those two days so You'll actually earn six percent back at Amazon or Whole Foods on Prime day so if You want this card uh you could get it Before then so that you can take Advantage probably they'll send it to You before I don't you might have to get Expedited or something so don't count on That but at least the 200 gift card I Think you get it immediately you're Applied so 200 to spend on Prime day and Obviously if you are a current card Member of this card um then you will be Able to take advantage of that six Percent on Prime day all right let's now

Look at one final bonus and this is a Bonus offer that was extended it was Meant to end at the end of June but they Have extended it for July 10th recording This there's five days left by the time You're watching probably four days left But that would be on the personal Southwest Airlines credit cards from Chase okay these cards are all offering Sixty thousand points for spending three Thousand dollars in the first three Months plus a 30 promo code for Southwest flights now when I did a full Video on this earlier Um I think last month I did mistakenly Say that you could use the promo code Multiple times I've looked through the Terms and conditions buried in there it Does reveal that it is a single use Promo code however it's not valid just For one person so it's for one booking So if you have multiple people on a Booking you booked for your whole family You can get 30 off okay so it is pretty Pretty good it is still a great deal it Could be valued up to you know several Hundred dollars this 30 off and in Addition to that the sixty thousand Points that you get Um that would be valued for the Southwest Companion Pass as well okay if You want to see more about this I will Put a video on screen about the at the End that talks more about the Southwest

Um you know this whole promo code thing But uh yeah 60 000 points that's valid If you want to get the Companion Pass I Think it's like 125 000 or something for That uh and then a 30 off promo code and That deal is extended until July 10th so If you want these ones do hurry up and Apply I'll put the link to all three of The Southwest personal cards below you Can check them out learn more about them Obviously as we said before using our Links it does really help out our show So we thank you if you do also a big Thank you to today's sponsor Max rewards You can get a free month of Max rewards Gold with my link below as always please Subscribe to the channel you can follow Me on Facebook Instagram and Tick Tock For more up-to-date timely credit card Tips and tricks all my social media Handles on screen now I'll see you next Time bye-bye

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