Unlocking Dream Travel: The Ultimate Frequent Flyer Program Revealed! 🌍✈️

Unlocking Dream Travel: The Ultimate Frequent Flyer Program Revealed! 🌍✈️

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“Get ready to soar to new heights with our comprehensive guide to the top airline frequent flyer programs! πŸš€βœˆοΈ Discover how to maximize your travel rewards, unlock exclusive perks, and jet-set like a pro. From earning miles strategically to accessing luxurious airport lounges, we unveil the secrets to making the most of these programs. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just starting your journey, this video has all the insider tips you need to supercharge your miles and embark on unforgettable adventures without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on the ultimate travel hacks – watch now and take the first step towards a world of limitless exploration!

The Most Valuable Airline Points Are… Airline Transfer Partners Explained #capitalone #chase

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The Credit Pros

City chase Capital One and American Express are for credit card issuers that Have transferable points Most of these partners are Airlines However of the four only American Express and Chase have an American Carrier as a Transfer Partner so how is It that people are able to book American Carriers like United or American Airlines on City and Capital One points When all of their Airline Transfer Partners are from International Airlines For those that travel a lot you probably Already know the answer but for those That are new the way this is possible is Through the use of Airline alliances Though this is not directly related to Credit cards it's important to have an Understanding of what airline alliances Are and how you can use them to get the Most out of your free trap however Before we dive in further I would like To ask that you like this video down Below subscribe and turn on Notifications to help with the algorithm If you're already subscribed thank you Very much and welcome back with all of That out of the way an airline alliance Is a partnership between two or more Airlines to cooperate on a substantial Level they share routes and resources And offer a seamless travel experience For international passengers they also Provide guaranteed benefits to

Connecting passengers and to each Other's Elite members there are three Major airline alliances SkyTeam Star Alliance and one world each of the three Major us-based airlines are founding Members of each of these alliances for SkyTeam we have Delta one world has American Airlines and Star Alliance has United Airlines so what does this mean For us besides is a seamless experience When transferring from one Alliance Partner to another to access more Destinations it also allows us to book Awards flights on any Alliance member From our preferred frequent flyer Program Not only that it also allows us to earn Points in our preferred frequent flyer Program when using any other Alliance Member for example I can earn Air Canada Airplane points when flying on United Airlines or I can earn American Airlines Advantage miles on Alaskan Airlines this Gives us the consumer the best weapon we Have when on our quest for free travel Choice to Foster competition contrary to What many may think you are not forced To be loyal to an American Carrier you Are definitely allowed to collect points For a carrier that you never fly with For example I personally have never Flown on Air Canada by collect Aeroplan Miles when I fly United because I prefer Their point values and Redemption

Features let me go over some Considerations when choosing a loyalty Program but keep in mind I will not be Reviewing each and every frequent flyer Program that's not the point of this Channel and that would honestly take too Long I'm only going to give a high level Overview the first consideration to make Is Point valuation and this is the Simplest Factor when determining which Frequent flyer program to use Even within an alliance different Airlines will value their points Differently the points guy has a great Chart that shows how each point is Valued although certain exceptions will Exist for example When comparing American Airlines and British Airways we See that an advantage miles are worth About 1.77 cents per Point while avios Are only worth 1.5 cents per Point does This mean we should abandon obvious for Advantage vials not necessarily and that Leads me into consideration number two Burnability there's no point in Collecting miles if you can't use them Because you will never have enough Let's look at Korean Air and Air France For example both are members of SkyTeam Korean Air Sky pass miles are worth 1.7 Cents per Point while Air France Flying Blue miles are worth 1.2 cents per point However while both programs have a Credit card Air France is a Transfer

Partner of Chase American Express City And Capital One making it the best Sky Team frequent flyer program for people That use multiple Point ecosystems this Means you can get all the major Point Earning cards from all ecosystems to Gain massive amounts of flying blue Points for that aspirational business Class trip Korean Air on the other hand Is not a Transfer Partner for any credit Card rewards program this brings me to The third consideration when choosing a Frequent flyer program flying Preferences and status if you are a Frequent customer of a particular Airline to the point where you may even Earn status with their Airline it is Best that you use that Airlines frequent Flyer program Even though you will earn Miles when Using an alliance partners program it is Likely not going to give you any status Benefits if you fly a lot throughout the Year even if you do get status with the Alliance partner it's also possible you Won't receive any major benefits for Example Air Canada's airplane status Requires status qualifying spend in Addition to status qualifying miles or Segments While you gain miles and segments when Flying United you do not get any status Qualifying spend unless you book a Ticket flown by Air Canada this is also

The Credit Pros

Where credit cards could come into play If you have a credit card for a Particular Airline it may be a good idea That you earn miles for that particular Credit card Of course if you don't care about status And only care about free travel the First two considerations are really the Ones that you should care about what are Your thoughts let me know in the Comments down below if you like this Video I have other videos you can check Out on my channel using the link in the Description down below until next time Let's go out there and get some free Stuff [Music]

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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