Watch This BEFORE Black Friday Shopping (ACTUALLY URGENT)

Watch This BEFORE Black Friday Shopping (ACTUALLY URGENT)

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We look at some of the best black Friday deals that you can shop right now!
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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And a Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday I'm now officially an American citizen As of last Wednesday so I'm celebrating Too but today we have Black Friday where We celebrate capitalism a black and blue Friday people slugging it out right in The middle of the aisle fighting to get Their hands on some of the best deals And every year on Black Friday I try to Stack as many deals as possible so we're Talking Black Friday discounts credit Card points AMX offers and cash back or Credit card Point portals so if you're Thinking of doing shopping online or in Store in many cases cuz some of these Work in store as well from today through Cyber Monday okaye both the day whole Weekend and Cyber Monday I have some Websites to recommend to you to get some Extra value on top of the points that You're already earning on your credit Card and on top of the Black Friday Discounts that you're getting so there Are many shopping portals that are Basically websites that do marketing for Various stores and they share their Marketing Revenue with you in the form Of extra cash back or points the Favorite one of mine and the one I talk About most is reton that one enables you To earn extra cash back on some of your Favorite stores and that cash back can Be redeemed instead as AMX points okay

Every one cent you would earn in cash Back will be one MX point we're going to Talk about that one a little bit later In the video but first of all I want to Give you a website that gives you sort Of a list of all the different cashback Portals and the rates that they're Offering and that would be cashback Monitor so here you can see all the Stores with the best cash back rates and Let's just click into one okay the Number one store sacks you can see reton Is offering 15% cash back the best of Any shopping portal but you do have some Other ones like top cash back offering 10% Etc now let's look at another store Nike here you have top cashback at 14% Be Frugal at 14% And rakon at 12% now You may still want to use rakon because That 12% cash back could be redeemed as 12 AMX points per dollar so it's a lot More versatile that could potentially be Double the value depending on how you Redeem them also if you have the Charles Schwab AMX Platinum like I do you can Actually redeem the points into your Charles Schwab brokerage account at 1.1 Cents per point so that 12% actually Becomes 13.2% cash back if you decide to get Points from rakon and then redeem them As cash back anyway so you have some Options but anyway cashback monitor is a Really good site to see all of the

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Different rates that different cashback Portals are offering Ron top cash back Be Frugal Etc but let's now get into Talking about rutin so we're on rakon's Site and let's have a look at the rates They are offering this Black Friday you Have Samsung up to 15% note that when it Says up to a certain percentage this is The rate in certain departments other Departments may be lower we then have Walmart up to 12% Sachs 15% storewide It's also great to combine a sax Purchase with the $50 buy annual Sach Credit on the MX platinum and right now Sax is offering a $75 gift card if you Spend over $150 at the store as long as You use this code hello BF SF so you Could be getting $50 back for the MX Platinum sax credit then a $75 in the Form of a gift card then you're getting One MX Point per dollar for using the MX Platinum and then on top of that you're Getting 15% cash back so in total on $150 purchase um you could end up with $147.50 back plus 150 MX points Alternatively if you redeemed the rackon Cash back as MX points you would end up With $125 back and 2,400 AMX points Let's keep going you have Dell at 15% Cash back great time to use the $200 buy Annual Dell credit on the AMX business Platinum you have Macy's at 12% Bloomingdale's 15% Northface at 12% you Can even search for whatever store you

Like so for example let's search for one A bit more obscure I'm going to search For Evo it's a store I often buy ski Equipment from and look three 3% online So I thoroughly recommend this site if You're going to be doing online shopping Today you can also enter your credit Card into their site and at some stores You can earn extra cash back or MX Points in store as well and it's not Just today to be honest um you can use It throughout the year okay to earn an Extra 1 2 3% cash back on your shopping Around all of the sales like President Day Labor Day and stuff they jack up the Cash back rates as well so there's some Other good opportunities too but right Now is the best time for this site okay So today all through the week to Cyber Monday it's going to be like 12 15% at a Load of stores so if you want to sign up For rakon today you can get an extra $40 Using my link below when you sign up and You make your first purchase but Alternatively don't use my link if You've got a friend who uses raketen you Can actually help them out they get a Little commission for referring you to The site as well so if you want go and Help a friend out but my link is there Below if you need it the only thing that Could be seen as a drawback with rettin Is they pay out once per quarter okay so The cash back or AMX points you earn now

You're going to have to wait a couple of Months to get them in your account um But you know in the past I used to see That as a drawback but then I realized It takes quite a while to build up you Know a large amount of cash back and Points anyway so it kind of stops you Spending it so you know you could look At it both ways now guys if you're Wondering what I already bought this Year through reton I got a new washer And dryer I spent $11,000 on a new Washer and dryer it was discounted by Like 800 bucks so it was like $2,000 Washer and dryer for 1,200 or something From Lowe's at 6% through reton so I Ended up with about 6,700 AMX points in My account I also bought something else Yesterday for $217 from Walmart you can See that shopping trip there the points Are pending I think that was just 1% cuz It was Electronics even though Walmart's Up to 10% in other departments so but That'll be 217 points probably once it Posts I also did another shopping trip To Sachs a couple of days ago to buy a Coffee machine from a Airbnb that one Hasn't showed up in my account yet and You know sometimes they're a bit delayed Or there could have been an issue with It so I'll have to figure out what's Going on with that but in theory I have One more shopping trip on rton as well That should post to my account soon and

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Guys if you want me to do a video about All of my Black Friday purchases my Entire Black Friday haul okay hit the Like button and you know if we get to 500 likes maybe we'll go through it all And show you you know all the points and Deals and cash back and everything that I used AMX offers and uh sax credit Etc Um to kind of Stack all those deals Together so 500 likes and I guess we'll Do it all right guys don't forget you Can get $40 bonus cash back in your Account using my link to sign up for R And make your first purchase that is Below we'll also put the link to Cashback monitor so you can check that Out as well please subscribe to the Channel if you're new Happy Thanksgiving Have fun Black Friday shopping we'll see You next time

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