We Stayed at the BEST Hotel in Hawaii – Fairmont Orchid FHR Booking

We Stayed at the BEST Hotel in Hawaii - Fairmont Orchid FHR Booking

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I can feel it Somewhere inside hauntings like a drug There's a reason I can feel my heart Stop bleeding and the air gets tough Just breathing I'm alone but I'm still Feeling like someone's with me It's strange I know but I feel like You're here with me I know you're out there Well guys we just stayed at the Fairmont Orchid on the big island of Hawaii which If you search best hotels in Hawaii on Google does show up as the top result And don't let that price fool you when You add in taxes and Resort fees Etc It's over 700 per night of course when You get to this level it's a lot about Preference so best is Up For Debate but It's definitely one of the best now we Booked through the American Express fine Hotels and resorts collection so we did Get a load of extra benefits like late Checkout free breakfast Etc how's your breakfast very good and We'll go through all of that at the end Of this video but first let's have the Room tour well hey guys we are at the Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii and I want to Give you a little bit of a room tour so Come with me so this is a two queen bed Or two double bed room and This is actually the ocean view although Technically I feel it's like partial Ocean View since it's not right on the

Front looking at the ocean but you can See the ocean you do get a pretty good View of the ocean anyway you got a Lovely nice TV over here pretty good Size Um you got a little desk for doing some Work I've already got it all messed up With all my stuff Um like we said two really nice Comfortable beds someone just relaxing Here on one of the beds but the thing I Really like is every room in this hotel Seems to have a balcony Let's open it up and have a look outside And this is your Ocean View and we can Take a look over there you really do get A really nice view of the ocean And uh you can actually even see the uh The little beach which is really cool so I like to come out here the sunrise the Sun sort of Rises just over the back Over there and you get these beautiful Shades of like orange and stuff in the Sky and then I like also going down There just by the Sea at Sunrise and you Can like do meditation down there and Stuff and have the wind just blowing on You and as the sun rises it just gets a Little bit warm on your back as the sun Comes up it's really nice really special Just show you one more thing we'll show You the bathroom in this room and then We'll show you a few of the other things At the hotel like the pool you got the

Little beach and then there's also some Other beaches around this area that are Really cool you can see loads of fish It's pretty awesome anyway check out the Bathroom first so this is the bathroom It's pretty nice Um you've got both a bath over here And you've got a shower a shower behind Me which is really nice as well so if You've got kids you can bath your kids In the bath and you can use the shower Also a separate toilet so you know if Someone is a bit stinky they don't uh They don't mess with the whole bathroom Right we can keep that closed and then We've got the Dual vanity this is real Marble really nice got some pretty good Products here as well so yeah very Satisfied with this bathroom and the Rest of the room but you don't want to Just see the room let's go and check out The pools and the beach but first Americans haven't leaned on credit like This in ages not only has national Credit card debt crossed one trillion Dollars for the first time ever Unsecured balances have hit an all-time High according to a JD Power survey over Half of credit card borrowers cannot pay Their month-to-month balances nobody Knows if inflation is up or down or if Interest rates will be lowered and worst Of all even though the stock market has Improved from last year the median stock

Is only up five percent in 2023. many Financial analysts expect stagnancy to Continue for the next few years if not Something much worse but today's sponsor Masterworks is offering you an asset With a track record of resiliency in Financial downturns so you'll be better Prepared for whatever happens in the Economy it's no wonder 95 to Billionaires allocate five percent of Their portfolio go to museum grade Fine Art Masterworks has delivered 16 Straight profitable sales for their Investors including net returns of 17 35 And even 77 over 800 000 people have Joined the platform and offerings have Sold out within minutes so there is a Wait list but my subscribers can skip The line and get started today with the Link in the description So this is a hot tub at the Fairmont Orchid and it's actually really cool Because you're in like this little area Of little waterfalls and Clay ponds and You almost feel that you're kind of like Like the hot tub is an extension of The Clay Pot you know like you you just look Over there and you've got actual fish The toys swimming around uh in there so Anyway it's an awesome hot tub and I'm Gonna sit back and relax Well guys we are in the pool here at the Fairmont Orchid Resort it's a pretty Awesome pool

Um there's a lot of fun little rocks and Stuff around it's kind of built into the Bank of the pool so it almost feels like You're in somewhere natural even though You're not Um but you know the pool is fun but Personally I actually prefer the beach Which is just down there and uh we're Gonna give you a little bit of a tour Off We're at the beach at the Fairmont Orchid and uh I got my snorkeling stuff And you really can see a load of fish Here on the roof out there so uh let's Go and check it out But if you think that's impressive you Haven't seen anything yet so we are at Beach 69 part of Hapuna Beach Park Cool thing about this beach is the whole Beach is in the shade like if you look Over there like it's just basically the Whole Beach Is in the shade and uh if you want to go In the sun you go into the water and if You want to access other parts of the Beach you actually have to go out into The water and go round and then go back Up onto the beach again so it's a pretty Cool beach pretty unique I thoroughly Recommend coming here and if you go in The water with a snorkel you can see Loads of fish I can feel Hard stop speeding and the air gets

Tough just breathing I'm alone but I'm Still feeling like someone's with me I know but I feel like you're You're like Chase We saw some fish pretty good right All right guys now I did mention that we Booked through the American Express fine Hotels and resorts collection which is a Benefit of the AmEx platinum and Centurion cards it gets you a load of Extra benefits and I want to go through These now the benefits are different at Each Hotel so we're going to go through The ones for the Fairmont Orchid that we Received when we stay there so we got a 12 noon check-in when available we Didn't use this because we actually Arrived at night so there was no way for Us to use it we got free breakfast for Two which was awesome breakfast is at The Orchid court it's a great breakfast Buffet with really high quality food and While you're eating you'll be Entertained by cheeky little birds that Try to steal food off your plate it's Pretty great that the hotel arranged Entertainment look they think you can't See them but the shadows of their feet Give them away next we have premium Internet access now I didn't figure out How to use this but I don't often sign On to Hotel Wi-Fi anyway due to the fact That I've got a global high-speed data Plan so I'm sure if I wanted to use it I

Would have been able to figure it out Next we have a room upgrade which we did Receive I originally booked a garden View room but we were upgraded to Ocean View then we have 4 pm late checkout Which is guaranteed and we did use this And lastly there is a 100 food and Beverage credit that we used for our Kids breakfast how's the breakfast do You love it Love it huh what's your favorite Since free breakfast is only for two People and one final thing is that when You check in you receive this special American Express plate of chocolates and We actually got this twice because we Had two bookings since the platinum card Gives you a 200 annual credit for fine Hotels and resorts bookings it made Sense for me to book our first two Nights on my card and my wife to book Our third night on her card so we got The 200 statement credit once on each Card so that's twice so that was four Hundred dollars off our booking and thus We got this chocolate plate twice Because technically in their computer System it looked like we checked in Twice in total I had a great time at the Fairmont Orchid I loved how beautifully Maintained the grounds were the staff Were super friendly the room was Beautiful and they had Good Housekeeping Taking care of it every single day after

Leaving the Fairmont I went to the Hilton Waikoloa Village which should Have been really cool all right if I got There as my first hotel on my trip I Think it would have been cool but after Leaving the Fairmont I actually felt Quite depressed that so if you're going To the big island of Hawaii and you want A Ritz Carlton type experience Do check out the Fairmont Orchid and if You have the AmEx Platinum definitely Book through the fine hotels and resorts Collection for those extra benefits a Big thank you to Masterworks for Sponsoring this video skip the wait list And access their service with my link Below please subscribe to the channel if You're new leave your comments about This hotel below we'll see you in the Next video bye-bye And the air gets tough just breathing I'm alone but I'm still feeling like Someone's with me

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