Wells Fargo Autograph Credit Card Review – Move Aside Citi Premier! #wellsfargo #travel

Wells Fargo Autograph Credit Card Review - Move Aside Citi Premier! #wellsfargo #travel

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Wells Fargo isn’t a brand-new player in the credit card space. However, they now have new credit cards that show that they are starting to take this industry more seriously. They have a brand new lineup of credit cards that target everyone from the beginner to the traveler.

The Wells Fargo Autograph is extremely exciting to those who love seeing competition in the industry. This credit card has the potential to take on the big players in the space like Citi, Chase, and American Express. Increased competition can only be good for the customer. In this video, I review the Wells Fargo Autograph

Check out one of the best travel credit cards.

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The Wells Fargo autograph was brought on To replace the discontinued Propel card Personally I like the Propel card for The poetic joining of American Express And Wells Fargo separate companies both Founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo While it’s unfortunate that the Propel Had to be discontinued I’m glad that Wells Fargo quickly came out with a Replacement and honestly I think it can Give a card like the City premiere a run For its money how’s it going everyone And welcome back to the channel before We jump in it would mean a lot to me if You can hit the like button down below Subscribe and turn on notifications all Those things help factor into the YouTube algorithm to get this video in Front of as many people as possible and I really appreciate your support you may Notice that my recording setup looks a Little bit different this is because due To support from viewers like you I have Been able to upgrade my equipment I now Have a green screen and a new Teleprompter and I’m always looking for Ways to improve the quality of my videos And I thank you for all the support you Have given me and I hope hope to do well By all of you when I first started out With credit cards I was incredibly Averse to Annual fees all of my cards Like my city double cash Amex Blue Cash Every day even my travel card the

Capital One Venture one had no annual Fee and these days despite having some Cards with an annual fee like my Chase Sapphire Reserve I will still appreciate And recommend cards without annual fees For many credit card users annual fees Add too much complexity to the Calculations that determine if you are Getting a good return on your credit Card rewards paying nothing and getting Something back is always simpler and This brings me to today’s topic the Wells Fargo autograph card this is a Fantastic travel card that I recommend To anyone looking for a card that Carries a boatload of rewards Multipliers no foreign transaction fees No annual fee not to mention that this Card has a pretty good design art as Well it supports a nice red and purple Color scheme that stands out amongst Other credit card designs which mostly Sport blue or gray color schemes That warmer color palette makes it look More unique this card has a twenty Thousand Point welcome bonus worth two Hundred dollars after spending one Thousand dollars in the first three Months nothing too exciting and it’s Pretty standard for a card with no Annual fee Next up we have an array of benefits for This card this card has no foreign Transaction fees and is a Visa card

Which makes it a great choice to bring With you on your next International Vacation not only will you avoid that Pesky three percent fee you also have The confidence to know that this card Will be widely accepted other cards like The Discover It Card have no foreign Transaction fees but you will be Hard-pressed to find a merchant outside The United States that will accept it When renting a car you will be pleased To know that this card comes with Secondary collision damage waiver as Long as you put the entire rental card Purchased on the card and declined the Rental company’s insurance this card Will cover any loss or damage to the car Up to fifty thousand dollars it’s Important to note though that this Insurance is secondary for reservations In the United States meaning that will Only kick in after you’ve used your own Regular car insurance For international rental car purchases This coverage is primary If you pay your monthly cell phone bill With this card and after we talk about The rewards multipliers later you will Want to you will gain up to six hundred Dollars in cell phone protection it Comes with a 25 deductible covering both Cell phone damage and Theft And last but definitely not least you Will gain access to the Visa signature

Concierge service which can help you do Anything from booking flights to getting Event tickets and dinner reservations You can call 24 hours a day and I cannot Overstate how helpful the Visa concierge Has been in my day-to-day life They’ve helped me plan activities like Horseback riding booked fancy dinners And even helped me plan parts of my Wedding Speaking of the concierge I am trending Towards 2 000 subscribers and I will be Creating a video comparing the concierge Services from visa and MasterCard Including going on whichever Adventure They send me on and if you want to see That be sure to subscribe down below now We get into the true substance of this Card the rewards multipliers this card Has a whopping six categories that are Award three percent back these are Restaurants travel gas Transit select Streaming services and phone plans for Travel that includes hotels flights Rental cars and tolls of course for Everything else you will earn One X back You can redeem the points at a value of One cent per Point as a statement credit For gift cards or to book travel such as Flights rental cars or hotel stays all Through the Wells Fargo travel portal Because this car doesn’t have an annual Fee you will be missing out on many Premium benefits found on those kinds of

Cards this card doesn’t provide any lost Luggage Insurance trip delay or Cancellation reimbursements or credits To TSA pre-check or Global Entry but the Lack of those benefits are kind of to be Expected for a card with no annual fee However the biggest drawback to this Card is the lack of transferable points This means despite earning points you Are essentially earning cash back at a Rate of one cent per point with no Chance of getting any further value Perhaps someday they might get Transfer Partners like with their built MasterCard but for now there’s nothing This is a similar situation to Capital One miles up until a few years ago Capital One miles were little more than Cash back as well then they became worth More when Capital One got Transfer Partners and now even the no annual fee Venture one has transferable points Perhaps one day this card can be another No annual fee card with transferable Points especially if the rumors about a Possible Wells Fargo trillion card are To be believed of course this card looks Pretty good so far but how does it stack Up to the competition When looking at the rewards multipliers This card is really really similar to The City premiere card Both have 3x categories in restaurants Flights hotels and gas stations and the

Autograph wins by including streaming Cell phone plans rental cars and transit To its categories the premiere has a 3X Grocery category which is lacking on the Autograph card however the premiere also Has a 95 annual fee whereas the Autograph has no annual fee Although to counteract that 95 annual Fee it has a 100 Hotel credit for 500 or More hotel stay as well as transferable Points the autograph has neither of Those things overall when comparing the Autograph with the premiere you Essentially trade more rewards Categories for transferable points and I’ll let you value that as you would and Let me know in the comments down below Which one you would get if you like Videos like this be sure to check out my Other videos on my channel using the Link in the description down below until Next time let’s go out there and get Some free stuff [Music] Yeah Foreign

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