Wells Fargo’s Choice Privilege Credit Cards – Review

Wells Fargo's Choice Privilege Credit Cards - Review

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Unlock Extraordinary Benefits: Explore the Choice Privilege Credit Cards by Wells Fargo. Discover how these exclusive cards enhance your travel experiences with incredible rewards and perks. Dive into a world of unparalleled privileges. Find out more!

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I don't talk much about hotel cards on This channel mainly because of my Limited work schedule and having so many Other things to talk about however I am Going to dedicate an entire video to two New cards from Choice Privileges and Wells Fargo despite the scandals from Wells Fargo they are a bank that I am Genuinely rooting for they seem to be Pushing as hard as they can to break Into the credit card industry as one of The Giants I spoke about the Wells Fargo Autograph card in a previous video and It looks ready to Dethrone the City Premiere card let alone other no annual Fee cards more competition is always a Good thing and it keeps Banks like Chase And American Express on their toes and Gives us the consumers more value with The Choice Privilege cards I think Wells Fargo have finally broken into the land Of co-branded travel cards which is Usually a step in the right direction of Having transferable points something the Wells Fargo autograph needs for game set And match to beat out the competition But I'm not here to talk about that I'm Here to talk about both Choice Privilege Cards and why they make excellent cards For anyone looking to get their feet wet With Hotel co-branded cards and of Course people who use Choice Hotels How's it going everyone and welcome back To the channel if you haven't done so

The Credit Pros

Already I'd be grateful if you can hit The like button down below and subscribe To help with the algorithm I come out With videos periodically where I offer Unique perspectives on cards that are Typically overlooked so make sure you Hit that Bell icon if you don't want to Miss any of that let's start off with The no annual fee version First the Current bonus is 60 000 points after Spending one thousand dollars in the First three months The bonus is worth three hundred and Sixty dollars since choice hotel points Are worth about 0.6 cents per Point Keeping that point valuation in mind the Rewards aren't too great on this card 5x On Choice Hotels 3x on gas groceries Home improvement stores and cell phone Plans and 1X on everything else and that Translates to roughly three percent one Point eight percent and 0.6 percent in Cash back equivalents in comparison the Wells Fargo autograph earns three Percent back on travel gas and cell Phone plans and the Wells Fargo active Cash earns two percent back on Everything the real reason you want this Card is for the benefits you get at Choice Hotels you get automatic gold Status which gets you things like early Check-in late checkout and an elite Welcome gift at check-in This card also has no foreign

Transaction fees and typical Wells Fargo Cell phone protection benefits next up Let's look at the card with an annual Fee The Choice Privileges select MasterCard this card has a 95 annual fee And pays for itself and then more as you Will see this is the card I'm truly Excited for the bonus is 90 000 points After three thousand dollars in spend And is worth about five hundred forty Dollars plus for a limited time new Applicants will actually get this card's 95 annual fee waived for the first year Next with rewards you get a boost on the No annual fee version by giving you 10x Back on Choice Hotels 5x on gas Groceries home improvement stores and Cell phone plans and One X on everything Else and this translates to about six Percent three percent and zero point six Percent respectively this card gets the Same benefits of the cell phone Protection and those foreign transaction Fees as the no annual fee version and Additionally you will get a 100 credit To Global Entry or TSA pre-checked every Four years you will also get 20 Automatic Elite night credits each year And these Elite credits are enough for An automatic Platinum Elite status but Could also help you earn diamond Elite Status which requires 40 nights per year And here's the best part you will get 30 000 points at each account anniversary

And those points are worth about a Hundred and eighty dollars more than Enough to justify the card's 95 annual Fee after the first year essentially you Are buying 30 000 Choice points each Year for ninety five dollars effectively At 31 cents per point and this is well Under the valuation of Choice points at 0.6 cents each representing fantastic Value Plus you basically get all the Other benefits for free I'm a huge fan Of Hotel cards giving points instead of A free night because first of all it Doesn't force you to spend money to make Back your renewable fee secondly you Aren't forced to use this hotel brand Every year since you can Bank the points And use them when you want to use them In terms of competition these cards are Similar to the Wyndham lineup from Barclays Bank both lineups give you Points to make up the annual fee however The Wyndham cards in my opinion have the Better rewards categories with Restaurants and groceries earning Forex Back and gas earning 6X back window Points are worth about 1.1 cents per Point in my experience and you are Getting 4.4 and 6.6 percent back in cash Back equivalents and honestly that's Just what's disappointing about the new Choice cards they just don't seem to Stack up to the competition with Windham In terms of points multipliers and

The Credit Pros

That's not to say I don't welcome their Presence the Wyndham cards are just so Far ahead that they have very little Pressure to keep or improve their Benefits now another competitor has just Risen and is now putting pressure on Them and that's always a good thing for Us to get free stuff if you like this Video I have other videos you can check Out using the link in the description Down below thanks for watching I'll see You next time [Music] Foreign

The Credit Pros

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