What YouTube Pays For 1 MILLION Views

What YouTube Pays For 1 MILLION Views

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Hey Financial Warriors welcome to the Show now I have been on YouTube for a Long time you may have seen me talking About credit cards on this channel this Is how to climb the credit card ladder In 2023 talking about Star Trek on Generation films now in this episode we Are going to be talking about every Version of the Enterprise in Star Trek Skiing on generation Snow or talking about Chinese myths and Legends on my learn chin now Channel dragons phoenixes lions and Weird furballs with wings and no face Chinese history had some really Interesting mythical animals and there Are a few more secret channels that I'm On that I challenge you to find you can Paste them in the comments down below Anyway that video on learn Chinese now About mythical animals just surpassed 1 Million views actually it's at 1.2 Million now so I thought it would be Cool to look at that video and a load of Other videos from from my different Channels with a million views and look At how much income you actually get Since this does change depending on the Topic of the channel the countries where You get views from and the number of ads That you're able to put in your video if Your video is over 8 minutes long YouTube lets you put mid roll ads in it I.E ad breaks in the middle of the video

That can increase even double or triple Your revenue from that certain video all Right let's look at the Chinese mythical Animals video first here are the stats It's got 1 .2 million views so far and It's still getting about 5,000 views Every 2 days that's the best kind of Video since it's an evergreen topic it's Always there in the background just Driving views to the channel from those 1.2 million views it has made $2,947 so let's divide that by 12 and Then times it by 10 to get the actual Rate for 1 million views on this channel And that is $2,455 now in my opinion that is on the Low side for 1 million views you can can See that we've done three mid roll ads In the video which are helping to Increase the revenue somewhat but only 25% of the viewers of the video were From the United States with less Economically developed countries like The Philippines India Malaysia Indonesia Etc making up a large proportion of the Views that's what really drives the Income down since the ad rates in those Countries are way lower than in the US Or other English-speaking countries all Right let's now look at my ski Channel And we are kind of Loosely going in Order of how much you can earn from a Million views in this video from low to High so on my ski Channel generation

Snow I uploaded a video about Le tunnel The famous ski run in Alp Duz in France Where you have to first ski through a Tunnel to get to the other side of the Mountain and then you are faced with a Pretty extreme slope I think it's the Steepest Mogul field in France or Something like that anyway this video Got 1.2 million views so far as well and Let's look at how much it made $3,018 if we again do some math to get The number for 1 million views not 1.2 It's 2515 now we have less mid roll ads in This one just two and one of those is Right at the end and most people Probably click off before that one plays So I'm going to say just one so that is Pulling down the revenue but to make up For it we do have more viewers from Western countries like the US and the UK Those are the highest but then we have France Germany the Netherlands so you Can see the top five are dominated by Western Nations which should be getting Pretty decent ad rates so that gives us A slightly higher rate for 1 million Views than for the Chinese mythical Creatures video Even though there were Less midr ads all right let's now move On to my Sci-fi channel or my former Sci-fi channel I used to be part of this Channel generation films but we did Actually pass this channel on to our

The Credit Pros

Friend American Ben when me and my Former business partner Allan split our Old company back in 2022 but the channel Still brings back warm memories so I Made this video on all four 14 Enterprises in Star Trek actually there Were 15 and Simpsons comic book store Guys all over the place were attacking Me in the comments you got it wrong You're stupid how can someone with such A big head be so stupid but the one I Missed was an aircraft carrier called Enterprise cages with the same name when They went back in time in one episode so It wasn't actually a spaceship or a Starship does that really count I don't Know but let's actually look at the Income from this video so for the 1.1 Million views that this video has got so Far we made $5,185 60 per million views why is this one so High well we have mid roll ads one in The middle and one at the end so pretty Similar to the ski video actually so It's not really because of that but if We look at where the views are coming From we see that it's 51% in the United States with the UK as the next biggest Country and other Western countries After that the ad rates in the US are Just higher than anywhere else and that Really makes a difference all right Let's now look at my highest earning

Million view videos but first if you are Interested in making money and you Probably are since you're watching this Video about making money you can Currently get up to 75 free stocks when You open and fund an account with the Investing platform Weeble fund with any Amount and you get three free stocks Valued between $3 and $3,000 luck of the Draw what you get fund with $500 and you Get three times 10 of the same share so 30 fractional shares worth again between $3 and $3,000 each and then if you Deposit $225,000 you get 3 * 25 which is 75 free stocks obviously the bottom two Tiers will be the most doable for the Average person and if you do deposit $500 which is your money okay it's just Money you could move from another Investing account you can buy stocks With it all the same you get the best Value in my opinion 30 free shares Weeble of course is the Fantastic zero Commission investing app where you can Buy stocks and cryptos and it offers Superior tools and charts to the Competition Robin Hood anyway a link for That deal is below if you're interested All right so let's look at some videos On this channel that you are watching Now first up we have the original how to Climb the credit card ladder video at 1.2 million views and it earned $881 so for 1 million not 1.2 million

That would be $734 and that is the highest rate we Have seen so far in this video why is That well it does have two mid roll ads That isn't a huge number but it helps And if you want to see proof of just What a difference mid roll ads make just Look at this video on the AMX black card That also got over a million views on This same channel but it wasn't 8 Minutes long so we couldn't have mid Roll ads and thus the revenue was just $3,475 for 1.1 million views about half The rate I got on the other video but Why did the credit card ladder video do So much better than the other videos That we looked at that did have mid roll Ads like the Chinese mythical animals The SK video Etc well it is the topic And it is the geography of the viewers So Financial topics get higher rates Than any other Niche on YouTube then on Top of that 73% of views came from the United States which gets higher ad rates Than any other country but this isn't The best rate I've ever got on a video Let's now have a look at my 2022 update To the credit card ladder video now it Only has 47,000 views but it made around the same Amount of money that the one with 1.2 Million views got 8,222 if we divide that by four and then Times it by 10 to get roughly the rate

For 1 million views it is $2,555 per million the reason for this Largely comes down to the number of mid Roll ads it has four midrolls then if You add the pre-roll and the post roll That's potentially six ads that people Could see then on top of that 85% of the Audience was us-based man I wish that One had a million views too anyway that Is how to make the highest rate of Return on YouTube pick a topic such as Finance that gets high rates make your Video cater to a us-based audience which Gets you even higher rates and make long Videos with loads of midr ads but guys This isn't the only way that's just the Way I found that I personally make most Money but many other channels have way More views than my finance channel gets And it may be easier for you to get a Massive number of views making videos on A topic that has broader appeal and make More money that way from the sheer Number of views but with a lower ad rate Per million however you do it it's about A balance between the number of views The topic the audience geography and the Number of ads that you can put in the Video which depends on the length you Can't cram five ads into an 8 minute Video people would hate that and click Off and watch something else you would Need that video to be about 20 minutes Long I recommend no more than one ad

The Credit Pros

Break every 4 to 5 minutes all right Guys I hope that was helpful to aspiring YouTubers or just those curious about How the finances of being a YouTuber Work if you like what we do and want to Support our Channel by supporting our Sponsor Weeble you can get up to 75 free Stocks with the link below please Subscribe to the channel if you're new And we'll see you in the next video Bye-bye

The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros

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