Which Credit Cards I’m CANCELLING in 2024

Which Credit Cards I’m CANCELLING in 2024

My credit card strategy for 2024 the Business Platinum I mainly got the Business Platinum for the welcome bonus I haven't really been using the card at All month to month so I will be Canceling this card the British Airways Visa signature now this card I got Partly for the welcome bonus but also For the discount on British Airways Flights 10% so on a $4,000 business Class ticket that's $400 however this Year I flew to London on JetBlue mint And I flew back on United Polaris and I Have to say I like them both better so I May not be as loyal to British Airways In this coming year and thus I might Cancel this card the Capital One Quicksilver and I've put off canceling It because I thought cancelling an old Card would hurt your credit but it Really isn't as big of a deal as many People think

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