Which Credit Cards I’m KEEPING in 2024

Which Credit Cards I’m KEEPING in 2024

My credit card strategy for 2024 which Cards I'm going to keep and which I am Going to cancel the Hilton Honors Surpass card I can use the $50 codly Credits to offset the annual fee it Earns a Hilton free night if you spend More than $155,000 per year on the card The AMX gold I earned 37,000 points at Restaurants and 19,000 points at Supermarkets the AMX Platinum Charles Schwab Edition it is the card I use for Things like priority pass lounge access Centurion lounges the set the Marriott Bonbo AMX the card offers a free night Every year it's always good to have that Free night Chase Freedom the Chase Freedom will be earning five points per Dollar on groceries in the quarter one Rotating categories the Windom rewards Earn a business it gets you a really High status at Windam and Caesars it Also earns eight Windam points per Dollar on gas the chase Inc preferred so I earn points on the two Chase Freedom Cards and I then transfer them over to a Chasing preferred

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