Why Bank of America Credit Cards Offer Value for Investors…

Why Bank of America Credit Cards Offer Value for Investors…

Let's get started guys alright so Bank Of America what we got Bank of America Where are we gonna put that I think I'm Gonna put that in the some good value Tier I give you the reason for this Bank Of America it doesn't have Transfer Partners okay and Transfer Partners are Normally what we want when we're playing The whole credit card points in Miles Game uh collecting points so we can take Business class flights Etc you get the Best value when you transfer points out To a Transfer Partner and Bank of America doesn't have them but what Bank Of America does have is the preferred Rewards program where if you have a load Of money uh in a Bank of America account Or invested with Merrill Lynch in a Stocks and shares account you can get Extra rewards so I think the basic Benefits if you have like twenty Thousand dollars with them you get Something but if you have a hundred Thousand dollars with them you actually Get 75 extra on your rewards which Actually takes you up to some pretty Decent multipliers you know some people With a bit of money you can get really Good cashback rates Um with Bank of America

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