Why I’m No Longer Using Credit…

Why I’m No Longer Using Credit…

Why I am no longer using credit so in Response to the Sky High inflation that We've seen over the past two years which Peaked at nine percent in 2022 the Federal Reserve have raised interest Rates so the FED funds rate now sits at 5.12 raising interest rates encourages People to invest their money in Government bonds and Bank savings Accounts since they can now get a kind Of decent cash flow from those products This means they pump less money into Stocks and also spend less money Consuming products in addition the Average mortgage rate now for a 30-year Fixed mortgage is around seven percent Average car loan rates are above seven Percent too a seven percent mortgage on A home loan amount of three hundred Thousand dollars will cost you five Hundred dollars more per month than a Four percent rate would have so this is The reason that I am out of the credit Game too the cost of borrowing is just Too damn high it's too damn High

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