Why SO MANY Huge Credit Card BONUSES In 2024? (full list)

Why SO MANY Huge Credit Card BONUSES In 2024? (full list)

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show Now we already did a best credit card Bonuses video for February but every Time I think there are no more to talk About we get a new bonus coming out you Know I used to think 100,000 points was A lot but now we have 200,000 even $300,000 $33,000 in cash back plus two Hotel credit cards that give five free Nights as a bonus how can this be real That mother back there is not real oh But it is Tiffany and in this video we Are going to go through it all and this Video is brought to you by Aura but more On that later now since we're going to Talk about credit card welcome bonuses If you are new and you don't know what That is it is when a certain card lets You get a bonus amount of points or cash Back for spending a certain amount of Money in your first few months after you Open the card for example 50,000 points That's normally going to be worth at Least $500 for spending $4,000 on Purchases on the card in 3 months and Those purchases are purchases you would Have made anyway you're not giving giv Them the money it's you know things that You're buying in stores it's basically An incentive to get you to open the card But if you're disciplined and you always Pay the card back in full every month so You don't pay any interest then these Bonuses can make you a lot of money so I

Want to start with a free night offer That just launched and this now means That there are now two marott credit Cards offering five free nights each Worth 50,000 marott points that gets you A sort of mid to high tier Marriott as a Welcome bonus we talked about the marott Bon by card from Chase week or two ago But now there is another marott credit Card that's just launched a similar Offer and that is the marott bonvoy Business American Express card now this One requires you to spend $88,000 on Purchases on the card in 6 months to get The bonus that's just over $1,333 a month this is actually less per Month than the marott Bourn voy Boundless card from Chase which has the Same five free night bonus but it Requires $5,000 in spending in 3 months So that would be $1,666 $6 per month because it's 3 Months instead of 6 months another Advantage of a business card is that it Doesn't show on your personal credit Report and that may be important to some People or you could just be a person Who'd already had a load of bonuses on Many personal cards and doesn't have That many options left with bonus rules As they are so you may want to look at Business cards with American Express Business cards you can apply as a sole Proprietor so anyone who gets paid on a

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$199 form not a W2 would be eligible I'll put a link to my review of that Card in a pin comment if you want to Check it out and this bonus on the AMX Marit Bon boy business card ends on March 20th next let's look at another Limited time offer the Southwest Companion Pass now right now three Southwest personal Airlines credit cards From Chase are offering a free Companion Pass valid through 228 2025 okay February 28th 2025 plus 30,000 points When you sign up and spend $4,000 in Your first 3 months this is an insanely Good deal normally these cards will give You 75,000 points maybe 100,000 points But you would have to actually Accumulate 135,000 points so you'd have to get some Points from different sources maybe from Flying or spending on the card under Normal circumstances to qualify for the Companion Pass with this you are getting A Companion Pass valid for a year and 30,000 points in one shot just by Spending $4,000 on your card Companion Pass if you don't know lets you get an Extra seat for one companion that you Choose must always be the same in person When you are paying cash or redeeming Points for Southwest flights this deal Is only going to be around until March 11th so get it while you can and as Always I'll put links to all of these

Cards Below in the description section You may have to click show more to open It up and find them all right now let's Move on to a card with a 200,000 Point Bonus but before we look at that I know You're watching this video because You're interested in getting huge Welcome bonuses on credit cards thus you Really need to protect your credit score So that you can can actually get Approved for them you don't want Scammers getting your information Opening accounts in your name and Trashing that credit score and that is Why I have partnered with aura the Sponsor of today's video they are an All-in-one identity protection and Credit monitoring service they Constantly reach out to data Brokers on Your behalf to get your information off The internet for example there are 61 Different people called Ben Hedges on The site true people search you can see Their whole address find their house I Used to always pick on Ben hedges in Illinois and show you his trampoline but Let's check out Ben hedges in Texas Instead look there's an empty lot next To him maybe I should build a house and Move in anyway not one of those 61 is me Because I have Aura and my data has been Removed actually last time I checked There were 61 Ben Hedges maybe that Person got Aura too it's the same with

Robo calls I used to not answer the Phone when I saw a number with the same Area code as mine and I've missed a load Of important calls because of it but now Because of Aura I've noticed a decrease In Annoying rooc calls Aura actually Does like six things in one identity and Credit monitoring warning you of Suspicious activity on your credit Report there's a password manager Antivirus protection it's a VPN which Keeps your data safe online there's home Title monitoring and like we said data Broker removal and since you get all Those things together it's way cheaper Than if you signed up to all those Services individually you can either let People continue to exploit and profit Off your private information or you can Go to aura.com sben Hedges and start Your 2E free trial it's also linked in The description below so I promised you A $200,000 bonus well here it is the AMX Business Plum is offering a targeted $200,000 bonus this is the highest bonus We've ever seen on this card and it is For spending $15,000 in 3 months Obviously that's quite a lot but you Know it is a business card and it will Be doable for many people with business Businesses I actually did this spending Requirement last year to get 150,000 Points but guys the bonus is targeted Now you may see it in your account

Doctor of credit also have a direct link Where you can click through to apply but You do have to sign into your account And it will thus prefill your Application if you are targeted for the Offer if you are not targeted it'll just Take you to your account homepage as if There was never a 200,000 Point offer Nothing to see here since I already have The business Platinum I got the nothing To see here treatment but anyway I'll Put the link to the doctor of credit Article where you can take a look and You can click through and see if you're Targeted but when you're already at the Max where do you go most BL going to be Playing at 10 you're on 10 on your Guitar where can you go from there you Know what we do put it up to 11 11 Exactly right so if you're already at 200,000 where can you go 300,000 and That is exactly what the capital 1 Venture X business card is offering 300,000 Capital 1 miles for spending get This1 ,000 in 6 months now this is split Into two halves so the first half is Spend $20,000 in 3 months and get 150,000 mil which is already pretty good That could be worth up to around $3,000 Depending on how good you are at getting Value out of Miles actually it could be Worth a lot more than that if you're Redeeming it for really high value Business class or first class flights

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Then if you spend a total of $100,000 so Including the original 20,000 in 6 Months you get another 150,000 mil for Total of 300,000 if you prefer cash back Then the Spark 2% Cash Plus card also From Capital 1 is actually offering the Same deal but with cash back $1,500 in Cash back for spending $20,000 in 3 Months and then another $1,500 when you spend a total of$ 100,000 in 6 months so that's a total of $3,000 as a welcome bonus both of these Are limited time offers but we do not Know the exact end date yet I know the Spending requirements are high so while The majority of people will pass them by Those of you with capital intensive Businesses may find them useful all Right let's now move on to some Airline Cards the credit cards from all three Us Legacy carriers American Delta and United are doing some form of elevated Bonuses let's start with American you Can now earn 15,000 miles with their Basic mile up card which has no annual Fee it's not that much but hey it's a no Annual fee card and you can earn 70,000 Mil on their executive platinum card That's their top tier card that gets you Into Admiral's club and gets you all the Cool stuff so for American Airlines Loyalists it could be a good time to get One of those cards then for Delta the Delta Gold platinum and Reserve from

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American Express are offering limited Time 70,000 90,000 and 100,000 M bonuses These bonuses will all end on March 27th And finally we get to the United cards From Chase we have offers of 30,000 Mi On their no annual fee getaway card then We have 60,000 and then 70,000 as we Move up through the personal cards those Ones are limited time offers and then we Finally get to the United business card Where we have 100,000 United miles that Could get you a business class flight to Europe like I took with Polaris and I'll Put a link to those cards and my article On the business card below all right Guys that is the video thank you so much For watching as always links to most of The stuff we've talked about will be in The description and don't forget that You can protect your personal data and Credit score with Aura use my link below To get a two we free trial of their Service Please Subscribe if you're new We'll see you next time bye-bye

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