Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn Credit Card Review 2021 – Is this store credit card worth getting?

Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn Credit Card Review 2021 - Is this store credit card worth getting?

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards where we talk about Strictly credit cards subscribe why Don’t you in this video we are going to Look at the newish credit card from Williams sonoma slash pottery barn slash West elm and the william sonoma family Of stores so the william sonoma pottery Barn credit card used to be with it was With comenity now it is with capital one So with the switch to capital one as the New issuing partner there also is a Whole new rewards program that goes Along with this credit card and with Williams sonoma and pottery barn in General so let’s take a look at what is Happening here so the new program is Called the key rewards program and you Can be part of that program even if you Don’t get the credit card if you don’t Have the card you would get a two Percent reward on your william sonoma And pottery barn and west elm family of Stores purchases you would also get some Special offers discounts that kind of Stuff as a rewards program member However if you wanted to sort of Maximize what the program offers you’d Want to get the credit card because then You get five percent back on those Williams sonoma family of stores Purchases you get four percent back at Restaurants as well four percent back on Grocery store purchases and one percent

Back on any other purchases that you Make with the card now this assumes you Qualify For the visa card because visa could be Used anywhere so you could use it at Williams sonoma as well as at Restaurants and grocery stores etc if You didn’t qualify for that card you Would end up with the store card that Would still give you it five percent at William sonoma but you couldn’t use it Outside of williams sonoma and we’ll get Back to that in a second all right there Are other features to talk about with This card but let’s delve into that Rewards program just a little bit more Because it’s fine to say five percent Here four percent there but what are Those rewards how can you actually use Them so the way it works is you’re going To earn your rewards and they are going To be sort of tallied up and every time You have earned 15 In rewards you are going to get a 15 Rewards certificate that can be used Toward future williams sonoma pottery Barn west elm purchases so you’re not Going to get any cash in hand you’re Only going to get that reward Certificate toward future purchases and When you get that certificate it’s only Going to be good for 90 days before it Expires so you’re going to have like That three month window where you have

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To use this reward certificate so you’re Kind of forced to go to william sonoma Or pottery barn and west or west elm in Order to actually do the redemption now That may be fine with you it might feel Like it’s you know sort of a luxury go And you’re you know have to buy yourself Something from william sonoma that Doesn’t sound so terrible but it’s not Like getting four percent at restaurants Is going to be the same in this case as Getting four percent cash back that you Can use any way you want to it’s only Going to go toward those kinds of Purchases so again that may be fine with You and that’s how a lot of store credit Cards work but you should know that That’s what you’re getting into all Right there are four other main features To talk about with the williams sonoma Credit card number one you are going to Get double rewards for the first 30 days On your william sonoma pottery barn west Elm purchases so that means you’re going To get 10 In rewards on those purses so if you Know you’re going to make a big purchase Maybe that would be the time to actually Get the card to make sure you got that 10 you will get a 25 Birthday reward every year on your Birthday or in your birthday month i’m Not exactly sure how that works it Sounds like you get a code and i don’t

Know if it has the same 90-day Expiration as the regular rewards but 25 Bucks per year for youtube below at Williamson no more pottery barn or west Elm there is a free shipping offer Something you buy online from one of Those stores you are going to get it for Free in terms of shipping and then Finally there is a zero percent interest Rate offer on purchases of 750 or more From william sonoma or pottery barn or West elm and in that case you would not Receive rewards on those particular Purchases but again you’d be able to Finance them at a zero percent interest Rate for essentially a year so let’s Talk about the application process real Quick when you apply for the williams Sonoma credit card you are first going To get considered for the visa version Of the card which means you would be Able to use it at william sonoma and Pottery barn and west elm but also Anywhere else that visa is accepted if Your credit score credit history is not Good enough as far as they are concerned Well then you might get the williams Sonoma store card instead that could Only be used at william sonoma and Pottery barn and the west elm family of Stores there like i said earlier you’d Still get the five percent on those Purchases with that card but you Wouldn’t be able to use it outside of

The william sonoma stores capital one Like i said the new issuer of this card Capital one has a reputation as being One of the easier credit card issuers When it comes to approving customers for Their cards store cards traditionally Are even easier to get than the regular Bank cards so for most people you Probably have a pretty good Chance of being approved here if you Have a lower credit score still probably A good chance of approval though there Is the chance that you would end up with That store card versus the visa so that Is really it it’s not a bad rewards Program and if you qualify for the visa Getting that four percent at restaurants And grocery stores sounds like a good Thing but there is that big limitation In terms of what you are getting and What you are redeeming you’re getting Your rewards automatically when you hit That 15 bucks you only got 90 days to Use the certificate and it’s only at William sonoma family stores so it’s not The same as getting cash back and there Are other store cards that do something Similar one that really comes to mind Here is the verizon visa which has some Of those enhanced uh reward categories For things like grocery stores and Restaurants and gas but the thing that’s Different a little bit is that with the Verizon visa you use it towards verizon

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And if you have a cell phone plan with Verizon we got to pay that every month So you can almost think of that as a Cash back card and so those multipliers Are a little bit different because you Got to pay that bill either way in this Case you’re getting a reward certificate That sort of forces you to go back to William sonoma or pottery barn or west Elm when maybe you would not do that Otherwise so there is sort of a Difference there again this is how most Store cards work they’re going to give You rewards toward future purchases at Those stores you just have to think to Yourself well is that a good deal for me Or is that too much of a restriction to Only get rewards that are good there on Those grocery purchases and restaurant Purchases in particular do i want to put Those on a card where i’m only going to Be able to use them at williams sonoma Or would i rather have a different cash Back or rewards card where i had more Flexibility in terms of the reward Points that i might get from a different Card so it’s not the card for me but it Might be the card for you if you have Different spending patterns different Reward desires then i do questions Comments about the card please put them In that comment section below otherwise Thank you for watching and we’ll talk to You again soon

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