WWE Credit Card Review (A Strange Partnership with Credit One Bank)

WWE Credit Card Review (A Strange Partnership with Credit One Bank)

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Hey i’m adam jusko and this is strictly Credit cards where we talk about Strictly Credit cards subscribe why don’t you in This video i am going to review the new Wwe Credit cards there is the champion Credit card that is sort of the main one And then there’s also The superstar credit card now i Deliberated a little bit as to whether I even wanted to do a video About these cards because i don’t really Know how much interest There is maybe you are going to be the Only person that watches this other than Me but anyway the wwe has teamed up with Credit one of all banks to Launch two new credit cards of dubious Quality now i don’t know all the Financials behind these sorts of Deals but credit one is a company that Is known for dealing With people with low credit scores for The most part here and there they May go after a few higher credit score People especially on Co-brand credit cards when they team up With someone like the wwe but their Bread and butter is people with Lower credit scores on our proud money Channel a little while back i showed how My high credit score by any other Methodology was actually considered a

Low credit score By credit one because they have their Own Sort of credit scoring model where up is Down and down is up and if you have a Low credit score from fico or advantage Score that is good As far as credit one seems to be Concerned and if your credit score is High from those other ones It is low with credit one so anyway they Are sort of an interesting partner here Because you kind of look at it and you Look you know to the wwe and you say Well is this Make sense as a partner for you when They are really targeting people with These Lower credit scores could the wwe not Tag team so to speak with you know chase Or Barclays or bank of america or anybody Else is there nobody else Interested in this business because it Seems like maybe this would be cutting Out Part of your potential customer base for Your new credit card now i don’t know Maybe credit one just gave them A ton of money or maybe they think that You know the bread and butter wwe Uh customer is a lower credit score Customer i have no idea and i’m Certainly not saying that that is the

Case I’m just wondering how it is that the Wwe And credit one ended up in a partnership When credit one’s Main customer base is a lower credit Score customer So let’s look at exactly what the card Offers the wwe Champion credit card has a 49 annual fee Which should set off some alarm bells Right there in terms of rewards you get Three percent cash back on internet Cable satellite tv services as well as Three percent back On mobile phone services you get two Percent back on dining one percent back On everything else there also is the Sort of promise a vague promise of some Wwe Discounts and experiences that you would Get that are unique To card holders but really no details on What those are So you look at those features and if This was a no annual fee credit card you Would say it is not bad you’re getting Three percent on some categories that Are sort of everyday categories here two Percent on dining If you’re a wwe fan you Maybe are going to get something that Will be of value to you it’s a little Vague as to what that is but hopefully

Something down the line would Materialize you have a card that has the Wwe Logo on it so maybe that would be okay However for me with that 49 Annual fee what credit one and the wwe Are sort of doing Are saying we don’t want you higher Credit score people to Get this card we only want people that Have lower credit scores so we believe We’re going to make a profit off of and Who we can charge a 49 Annual fee too and from credit one’s Perspective that totally makes sense That is their business this is the Customer That they go after but for me i’m Looking at it from the wwe Side and i’m a little curious why they Chose credit one Because you would think they would want The whole spectrum Of credit scores instead of sort of Shutting out people with higher credit Scores Who aren’t going to be willing to pay a 49 annual fee for What this card offers when there are so Many other credit cards on the market That are going to give you more In rewards and with the vague promises Of what you’re going to get In terms of wwe specific you know

Discounts Or experiences there’s nothing there That is going to make you jump on the Card if you are someone with a higher Credit score you’re just not going to Pay that annual fee based on a promise So The wwe maybe i don’t know maybe they Don’t even care maybe they just you know Credit one said we’ll give you x amount Of money and they are willing to just License out their logo left and right And it doesn’t make a difference to them I would think maybe some of their Customer base would look at this and say Hey this feels like a little bit of a Rip off wwe what are you doing but They may not care they may be like you Know like kiss Kiss will license out their image on Every single thing that you can think of It’s all about Making money and no one really cares Because they’re kind of a cartoony Band and this is kind of their thing so If they sell out left and right Then no one really cares about it and Maybe the wwe Feels the same way in terms of who their Customer base Sort of is you know the wwe is sort of a Cartoonish Entertainment so maybe they don’t care If they alienate some of their customer

Base Over a credit card if credit one is Willing to give them a lot of money To slap their logo on a credit card they Will go for it so you know they are sort Of like Kiss and you know maybe the other credit Cards are more like I don’t know who’s a respected artist John legend or alicia keys or something Like that so The wwe may not care that they are Alienating some of their customer base But if you are part of their customer Base and you have good credit this isn’t Really All that good of a card now despite what I just said i could see some people Deciding to get that wwe Champion card even if they have good Credit and you know ponying up that 49 Bucks just on the off chance that There’s going to be some Good goodies from the wwe As a card holder however there also is a Second wwe Credit card that i really could not Recommend to anyone or can’t imagine That anyone Should really get and that is called the Wwe Superstar card and is for people that Have very Bad credit it is going to have an annual

Fee of 75 In the first year that annual fee Actually is going to go up every year After that to 99 in terms of rewards you’re gonna get One percent cash back In those same categories where you get Three percent back With the other card and as far as i can Tell you won’t get rewards at all on any Other purchases That you make with the card and you also Still will have the wwe Discounts and you know vague promises of Maybe some exclusives from The wwe so this is a card that not only Is going to charge you a higher annual Fee But they basically tell you that you are Probably going to get a Credit line that is very small 300 For many people so even if you have bad Credit that’s a very small credit line And if you’re paying 75 Right up front that means they’re gonna Charge that to the card you’re gonna Come in With not a 300 credit line or at least Not 300 An available credit you’re only gonna Have 225 dollars in available credit When you get the card because that Annual fees Already gonna be on your bill so this is

Not a card i would recommend To anyone even if you are trying to Build credit you would be better off Going after a secured card from A bigger bank where maybe it would be a Stepping stone To a better card like maybe the bank of America secured card where you would you Know Come up with 300 bucks or more put it Out as a security deposit with bank of America or another bank And then they would give you a credit Card that you could use that didn’t have These big Annual fees and if you could build up Your credit score over time with that Kind of card You eventually could perhaps be Graduated to a better card from bank of America or Another bank that has a secured card and Get that security deposit back without Having to pay All these annual fees that a card like This wwe Superstar card would charge you so those Are my thoughts a little bit of a head Scratcher here as to why The wwe went with credit one as a Partner perhaps credit one just Approached them and said hey if we can Slap your name on a card We’ll give you x amount of money in wwe

Said hey sounds good And that was the end of that whole Conversation but Neither of these cards are ones that i Would highly recommend the Champion card i could at least Understand why someone might get it that Superstar card i definitely would say You should avoid questions comments put Them in that comment section below Otherwise i thank you for watching And we’ll talk to you again soon

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