Wyndham Status Match BACK! Hotel Status Merry Go Round Alive?

Wyndham Status Match BACK! Hotel Status Merry Go Round Alive?

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Hey credit Warriors welcome to the show And yes it seems that the Wyndham Hotel's status match is back now this Used to be uh the old on-ramp for the Whole Las Vegas Atlantic City status Match Merry-Go-Round okay so what you Would do Um you would match first to Windham okay And you could match from many statuses Like Hilton gold Etc you would get Windham diamond and then from Wyndham You'd match to Caesars from Caesar's You'd match to MGM from MGM you could Then match to Hyatt and hard rock and Then once you had MJ man hired you can Match back and forth between them Um you know year after year and actually Match back and forth through all the Statuses year after year even if you Didn't have your original say Hilton Status that you match from in the first Place okay so status match Merry-Go-Round this is something I'm Really passionate about one of my Favorite topics to talk about because I Love the whole hotel status match game So I'm going no script on this one uh We're just gonna basically talk about How it's come back and because it's not You know an unconditional status match There are some conditions for it and Then we'll talk about how you can Actually use this Wyndham status can you Use it to match to the other statuses

Okay there's a still a little bit Uncertainty about that but we'll talk About what we know so far and guys if You like the sound of all this do Consider subscribing to the YouTube Channel I am of course Ben Hedges aka The credit shifter you can subscribe Here you can also follow me on all the Other social media sites Instagram Tick Tock Facebook Etc my handles are below So Windham had stopped doing status Matches at the beginning of the pandemic So it's been like three years since Wyndham Hotels was offering a status Match now you might not really be that Familiar with Windham Hotels because It's not one of like the big three okay Like Hilton Marriott or Hyatt I guess You could say is that a big three I Guess you could say those are the big Three Um but it's actually a very powerful Status to have because of the reason That you could match it to a lot of Other things okay like Caesars Etc but Recently I think it was actually on Monday or just like literally like two Days ago two or three days ago or Something Windham's status match website came Alive again all right it's alive and I'm Going to show you the conditions of the Status match so let's check it out so if You match and you get Windham gold that

Will be valid for 90 days and you have To say one night at a Windham property In that period to keep the gold level Then if you match and get Windham Platinum that's also valued for 90 days You have to say four nights to keep that Level and then if you match and you get Windham Diamond that is valid also for 90 days but you have to stay 10 nights In that period to keep your diamond Level now diamond is really what we're Interested in so you can match to Wyndham diamond from the following Statuses Okay Marriott Gold Hilton gold And also IHG Platinum Elite now I've Mentioned those three because those Three are very easy to get so for Example the AmEx Platinum a credit card That a lot of people have that gets you Both Marriott and Hilton gold okay so if You have the MX Platinum you can do this Status with Windham then also if you Have the AmEx home surpass card that's Only 95 a year that gets you Hilton gold As well so you could do it if you had That card then for IHG to get Platinum Elite all you need to do is get the IHG Rewards Premiere Card and that card Gives you IHG Platinum Elite which can Then be matched to a Windham Diamond as Well now wind and Diamond itself offers Some great benefits at Wyndham Hotels Like you actually get sweet upgrades at Some hotels and you also get welcome

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Amenities you get late checkout there's A whole load of benefits you get with Diamond it is their top level I'll put The benefits on screen now and some of The Windham resorts are really really Good okay you might not think you know Windham has a lot of the lower end Properties like uh Holiday Inn and stuff I think Motel what's it called Super 8 Is one of their brands as well so I Don't have much interest in staying at Those low end properties but there are Some higher end Wyndham Resorts which Are pretty interesting I've actually got A lot of Windham points stashed away as Well I think like 50 000 or something Which I might end up using and their Rewards you know their redemptions tend To be pretty good but anyway let's now Look at whether you can status match Whether you can move further on in the Status match chain uh from Windham so Last year Caesars which was the one you Would normally status match to from Windham actually came out with some new Regulations here's what they said please Note you must have earned tier status With your current loyalty program in Order for your status to be matched Caesar's rewards will not Grant status To Wyndham Rewards members who came into The Windham program from a tier match Promotion with other programs or who Previously had recent Caesar's reward

Status that was about to expire and vice Versa so what they're saying is that Only earned Windham status okay through Staying at Windham properties and from The Wyndham earner business rewards Credit card because we've tested that Okay even though it's from a credit card And you're just paying for it it counts As earned status under their system Apparently and we've tested it it does Work so only those statuses would count To status match with Caesars now what is Not clear so far because this is so new It just started this week is that you Know in the first 90 days when you get The status match maybe that wouldn't Count for Caesars but after you've Stayed 10 nights in that 90 days and you Get to keep the status What does that count as technically That's a status challenge not a status Match so would that count as earned Status I am guessing it might now I'm Not suggesting you stay 10 nights just For the sole purpose of trying to match It to Caesar's okay because if it Doesn't work you know you're going to be Disappointed and you've stayed 10 nights But hey if you are planning on going on Vacation and you are realistic you're Going to stay 10 nights at a Windham Property well then try it I mean hell You could even try it if you didn't even Get the status match tried in the first

90 days but I'm suspicious probably in The first 90 days it won't work but if You have done the status challenge I'd Be interested to see if it works and There are even still people who've just Been status matching back and forth Between Caesars and Wyndham uh in the Way that they say that you're not Supposed to who are still getting the Status match just because of weaknesses In the system I guess so it's worth Trying but we do know that once you get To Caesars that's probably kind of the End of the road like Caesars to MGM gold Is dead currently okay you can't match From Caesar's Diamond to MGM gold you Have to have Diamond plus if you want MGM gold so you have to you know maybe You get diamond and then you stay some Nights at Caesars and you build up to Diamond Plus Um but yeah they'll actually match you To MGM pull if you have uh Caesar's Diamond which you know it does get you Free parking but MGM gold is the one you Want to be able to go further on and Status match to Hard Rock and to Hyatt And then from Hard Rock to Ocean in Atlantic City if you want to do that Status match too but hey there's still Hope that they may bring back these Status match promotions in the future Because actually they do come and go so You know if they see member numbers kind

Of stagnant or dwindling sometimes They'll bring back the status match Promotion to encourage more people to Sign up for MGM because you're getting a Stats match Etc so there's definitely Hope and if you already have MGM and Hyatt from a previous status match you Can currently keep status matching back And forth between those two Um you know potentially forever or until They cancel that deal as well so Whichever of those gums first so if you Have Hyatt and MGM status MGM gold and I Think it's Hyatt Um not globalist but explorist status Height explorers it comes in the spring I think it's like February and March you Have to match back and forth between Them so do not forget okay there's a lot Of articles online about it I'll Probably paste some below Um just so you guys remember and also Another thing you shouldn't forget is That you can get up to 12 free stocks From our sponsor Weeble with the link Below okay guys Weeble it is a zero Commission investing app kind of like Robin Hood but with better charts I like To call it Robin Hood for grown-ups and These 12 free stocks or up to 12 free Stocks minimum six 12 of your lucky Minimum value for six stocks is thirty Four dollars that's the absolute Guaranteed minimum value it's free money

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But it could be worth a lot more if you Really luck out and get the best stocks And get all 12 of them okay so luck of The draw what you get link for that is Below guys leave your comments Below Guys about the status match Merry-Go-Round because it is something That really interests me how you can get One hotel status you know from one Credit card whatever or one you know Stays at a hotel and then match that to Like five six seven other Hotel statuses And basically get like upgrades and free Stuff wherever you go so let me know What you think the future of the status Match Merry-Go-Round is in the comments Below please subscribe to the channel if You're new you can follow us on all the Other social media handles are below as Well and we'll see you next time bye

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