You Are Missing Out! Discover It Cash Back #fomo #creditcards #discover

You Are Missing Out! Discover It Cash Back #fomo #creditcards #discover

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Discover It Cash Back is a credit card that offers a rotating 5% cash back bonus in categories that change every quarter, up to a quarterly maximum of $1,500 in purchases. The categories usually include things like grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and

In addition, Discover It Cash Back offers 1% cash back on all other purchases. Discover will also match all of the cash back earned during the first year for new cardmembers. There is no annual fee for this card, and it also comes with a range of additional benefits such as free FICO credit score monitoring and fraud protection.

Overall, Discover It Cash Back is a great option for those looking to earn cash back rewards on their everyday purchases, especially those who are willing to keep track of the rotating bonus categories and maximize their earnings.

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Credit cards are a popular and Convenient way to make purchases and Many credit cards offer rewards programs That provide incentives for using them The Discover It cash back credit card is One such card that offers cash back Rewards for purchases and in this video We will take a closer look at the Discover It cashback credit card and its Benefits hopefully we'll show you Something you hadn't known about it Before how's it going everyone and Welcome back to the channel if you Haven't done so already I'd really Appreciate it if you could hit the like Button down below subscribe and turn on Notifications to help with the algorithm I come out with videos periodically Where I offer unique perspectives on Cards that are typically overlooked so Make sure you hit the Bell icon if you Don't want to miss any of that usually This card is everyone's first credit Card right out of the gate I on the Other hand ignored this card because I Scoffed at the idea of a Discover Card Mainly because it wasn't Visa Mastercard Or American Express Last October I finally succumbed to the Peer pressure and applied for one and I Certainly don't regret it despite my Previous apprehensions it is now one of My most used cards in my wallet this Card has a rotating set of bonus

Categories that change every quarter These categories include things like gas Stations grocery stores restaurants and Even mobile wallets like Apple pay card Holders can earn five percent back on Purchases in those bonus categories on Up to fifteen hundred dollars in Purchases per quarter and one percent Cash back after that and on all other Purchases the Discover It cashback has No annual fee and this is particularly Appealing to credit card collectors like Me who don't want to pay an annual fee For a credit card if I don't have to Additionally this card has an Introductory offer for new card holders Discover will match all cashback earned At the end of the first year effectively Doubling the rewards earned in the first 12 months This makes this card a baseline two Percent cash back card with 10 back Categories this introductory offer can Be appealing for applicants who may be Starting out with limited credit Histories by using this card responsibly And earning Cash Back Rewards you can Demonstrate to lenders that you are Responsible borrowers and may be Eligible for other credit products in The future additionally though it may Not be advertised this card also has a 50 to 100 sign-on bonus after your first Purchase no matter how small

If you sign up through a referral link If you have friends with this card I Recommend you sign up with them if you Have no friends I have a referral link Down below for you to use cashback can Be redeemed for any amount and at any Time in the form of a statement credit Or electronic deposit cashback can also Be redeemed directly at online retailers Like Amazon or PayPal though I don't Recommend you do that redeeming cashback At retailers usually results in less Value and even if it doesn't it still Prevents you from earning cash back on Your purchases Therefore I always recommend redeeming Cashback for a direct deposit first and A statement credit second one potential Downside of this card is that it's Quarterly categories are capped at Fifteen hundred dollars per quarter this May be too low for some people Particularly those who spend more than Fifteen hundred dollars per quarter However this limit is the industry Standard for a card with no annual fee Another potential downside of this card Is that though it has no foreign Transaction fees you will be Hard-pressed to find Merchants that Accept Discover outside of the United States and this is because discover is An American Bank and the only issuer of Credit cards that use discover as a

Payment processor Even throughout the United States there Will still be Merchants that do not Accept Discover though most of these are Small businesses the Discover its Primary competitors are the Chase Freedom Flex City Custom cash and the U.S Bank Cash Plus unfortunately I find This card lacking in comparison to all Of these however when it comes to five Percent rotating category cards you will Probably want to collect all of these Anyway starting with the Chase Freedom Flex this card matches the five percent Rotating category of the Chase Freedom Flex but lacks the three percent back Fixed categories for dining and drug Stores plus the Chase Freedom Flex earns Chase Ultimate Rewards points which can Be worth more than one cent per point When combined with a travel card like The Chase Sapphire preferred or Chase Sapphire reserve the city custom cash And the U.S Bank Cash Plus allow you to Pick the five percent category you want For the month and this is advantageous Because sometimes the five percent Category for discover is useless such as When it has wholesale clubs as a Category and you shop at Costco go or it Matches with another rotating category Card that you have such as last quarter When both the Discover it and the Chase Freedom Flex had groceries as a category

Plus the city custom cash earns city Thank you points which can be Transferred to Partners through the city Premier Card however despite these Drawbacks I still recommend the Discover It more often than not the categories Complement the other cards and allow you To form a setup where you can earn close To five percent back on everything what Do you think let me know in the comments Down below if you like videos like this Be sure to check out my other videos in My channel using the link in the Description down below until next time Let's go out there and get some free Stuff [Music]

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